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  1. Hi friends, I'm finally getting around to selling off the odds and ends of old tanks. Lighting: - 24" Current Nova Extreme 2 bulb fixture- $30 - 30" two bulb Nova Extreme (bulbs are 24")- $30 - BRAND NEW IN BOX 165watt marsaqua dimmable full spectrum 165watt with hanging kit- $80 Misc equipment: - 1 Octopus HOB 100F (with filter chamber) skimmer- loved this thing, works great- $130 - whole bunch of koralia powerheads- lets say 15-20 each - BRAND NEW IN BOX spectrapure RO/DI (bought for a tank I didn't end up setting up)- $140 24X12" and 30X12" black stands, some scratched but usable, can go for free Filters: whole bunch of marineland biowheel filters of various sizes, great for QT tanks- lets say $10-15 a filter Heaters: 3 7watt mini heaters- free 75watt marineland heater- 50 watt marineland- 25watt theo mini heater- free ROCK! this is dry marshalls base rock, pukani and fiji; most of it has just gone through a muriatic acid bath so you can skip that step (thought I was going to use it, not setting up another reef anymore), there's some really nice pieces- will let it all go for $80 also have a 16lb bag of caribsea sand which you can have for free SALT! 165gallon reef crystals bucket, pretty much unused- $30 prices on everything but the RO/DI and LED fixture are pretty flexible, those two things I got for a tank I didnt setup and they're new (literally delivered earlier today) so I'd like to get (around) what I bought them for.
  2. to trust chipped tank?

    I'm setting up a nano reef in my room from my old equipment and am jumping around with what tank size I want to setup. really I'd like to setup my old 29g. I have 2X 2 bulb T5 Nova Extremes that I can use for lighting, I'll probably get a glass top to cut down on evap. I have an Octopus HOB 100F skimmer that I'm going to use and should have an ATO sitting around somewhere. my dilemma is that the 29g I have has an imperfection on the glass. I've had it setup before with this, but it was a planted tank then and there was less money at stake if it did break (plus I was less worried about what happens it the tank cracks/water get everywhere). its a chip that is inside the glass- the crack doesnt show up on the outside; its about two inches above the bottom seam, you can't feel it if you run your fingers along corner seam, its smooth. here's some pics: how concerned should I be? I can see the area from across the room, which is the only thing that makes me worry about it. I have a 40g breeder that I could use but that's kind of a big tank (really not much bigger than the 29, I know, but its a bigger footprint); also if I go with the 40g I have to get a new light which I'm not thrilled about.
  3. Starting a freshwater pico tank...? Help.

    personally I wouldnt use the PAR bulb in a freshwater tank. part of that is my hating blue lighting in a FW tank, I thik actinics over freshwater just look wrong, and par of that is that you will likely run into terrible algae problems with so much light, and so much blue light that is on a spectrum that plants wont be able to use. for the back chambers I'd use biomedia like sponges or fluval ceramic rings and the like. I've been using sponge filters/biofilters only for the past few years on the two FW tanks I have so I'm somewhat out of the loop on what mechanical filtration is used in FW tanks for those who use them. I never recommend keeping plant friendly fish without plants. IMO they look so much better than fake, a lot of species take very little planning to have thrive, and they help immensely with water quality. if you dont want to spend the money for a pico reef, I'm guessing you wont want to spend the money for a high tech planted tank, which IMO is a hassle anyways unless you are looking to dedicate real time to the tank, because pruning plants in such fast growing systems and dosing and such means more hands-on care than in a reef of similar size. I'd do a lower/medium tech tank, personally. I'd get one of these for the light: http://www.amazon.com/Lights-of-America-1127-LIGHT/dp/B0012RVX88/ref=sr_1_11?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1371178282&sr=1-11 or alternatively use 1 or 2 13watt CF screw in bulbs in desk lamps or something, though I do really like the color of the CF lamp and its pretty nice looking IMO. hook up a simple DIY 2L soda bottle CO2 setup changed every week or two, diffuse it through a small powerhead. google DIY CO2 to see what to do for that. in terms of how I diffused it: I fed a small tube through the intake grate of a small maxijet powerhead and rigged it so that the gas that came out through the airline tubing got sucked in by the impeller and broken up into small bubble and then spit out through the outtake to diffuse with the tank water. it was placed low in the tank so that bubble had contact with the tank water for as long as possible. it was sort of loud but was cheap, easy to do, and not hard to change CO2. alternatively pay a lot for a professional CO2 system with canisters that need to be regularly changed and a profesional diffusor like something from ADA. for fish there are infinite possibilities. there are a lot of small gourami species- honey gouramis could be kept in a m/f pair of m/2f trio, or you could do sparkling gouramis or a dwarf gourami. bettas would work, though in such a small cube tank the success of a sorority of females would be IMO somewhat questionable. you could get like four of those tiny babies the big chain petstores has been selling as of late and grow them out together, I suppose. Just make sure they're all females. you could do endlers or guppies, though I'd do only males. dont mix males and females of the two species as they will crossbreed and there had been issues with guppies dirtying endler bloodlines with the eventual feaar being that there will no longer be access to any true endlers in captivity. smaller tetras and rasboras would also work. cherry barbs would be a fun fish in there as well. in a densely planted tank you could probably get away with three dwarf puffers on their own. with shrimp safe fish you could keep basically any of the freshwater shrimp species. cherries, ghosts, crystal blacks and red, bumblebees, etc. anything but ghosts will likely start breeding at some point and form a self sustaining colony. if you forgo plants you could do a small colony of smaller shell dwelling cichlid species, which can be saltwater-like in appearance but is much cheaper. remember 7g is not a pico for freshwater, but its still pretty small, so most common fish will get too big and a lot will need more swimming room than it provides. I'd do a centerpiece like a betta or dwarf gourami and like five neons or is its a short finned betta or a gourami 2m and 3f cherry barbs as they sometimes nip longer finned fish. or I'd do dwarf puffers if you'd rather focus on plants. or if you dont want to deal with plants do shell dwelling cichlids and maybe just have some java fern and anubias in there.
  4. Anybody out there doing a dorm room reef?

    I've become complely set on bringing a tank with me to school. for now it will just be a minibow 2.5 with a betta and some plants to see what its like having a tank there. the tank wont be cycled, it will be bare except for some kind of decoration and some java fern and pennywort/guppy grass and that way I'll only have to worry about the fish itself. I have considerable family there so I can probably cajole one of my relatives to feed it every day and dumping out the water and refilling the tank again with dechlorinator every week. Worst case scenario I ship it home. I have an established 29g planted at home and can just tell my parents to put it in there when it arrives, and it can stay there until the end of the holiday break. If I do that and realize I can't get it back with me to school, I can just leave it behind in the 29g for the remainder of its life. having a tank with me (even a barren, uncycled freshwater one) can give me some idea of how to work out having a reef there, and maybe I will find one of my relatives is reliable enough to be able to babysit a reef for me, since they all live in cleveland only two hours away from me. if I decide the fish is too much trouble then it shouldnt be too hard to find someone to take it, or ship it home to live in the 29g, and I'll know I dont want a reef with me the next year.
  5. So i used to have several reefs and had great sucess for some time, but tore them down earlier this year as I prepared to go to college. I do really miss them, they were a great source of entertainment and a really exciting challenge. I know that as soon as I am reasonably settled I want to start up something like a 29g, though I dont know if I'll want to do that in the next six years, because I dont plan to be hugely settled during that time. Looking through reef forums I'm really starting to want to set something up, and I'm now starting to toss around the idea of a college dorm room tank. I'm definitely not bringing anything to start out with, but I might consider over winter break of this year or maybe start of term next year maybe making something to bring. I think I'm allowed to have a tank up to ten gallons, though I'm thinking more along the lines of a pico (a 5.5 gallon, probably, but maybe something like a 3g kit). It would have a sealed glass lid and very little in terms of inhabitants (no fish, obviously, maybe some sexy shrimp or other small anemone shrimp and soft coral/zoas/maybe a euphylia of some sort since they are my favorite coral). I want to use a tank small enough that bottled water could be bought for water changes, hence the small size. Hypothetically I would find someone staying through holidays to watch it and set it up so that they would really only need to top off. Holiday break is the only break we're not allowed to stay on campus, and I'm sure I could find someone to agree to watch it for me on the other holidays. Unfortunately I couldnt bring it home since and I'm going to Oberlin in Ohio and live in New York City, nine hours away, but I do have family in Cleveland that might agree to babysit it for me, or perhaps a professor or something that lives near there. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone has/has had dorm room reefs and how they worked out and the details of the setup. Feel free to share pictures as well!
  6. 40g to a 10g

    my parents have decided they no longer want two 40g tanks in the living room, so I have to decide between downsizing or getting rid of one of the two. I'd originally decided to get rid of my reef, but I'm starting to consider just downsizing it to a 10g. I'm thinking that I would use the following equipment, all of which I have already: aquaclear 50 filter Ocotpus BH-100F skimmer 18", 36watt T5HO possibly a koralia 1 if I need it currently, the only fish I still have in the 40g is a falco hawk. I'm probably going to try keeping him in the 10g, and will see if it feels too small. he'd be the only fish, and if he turns out to be too much for the tank to handle I can always rehome him. does this sound like it would work? I'd be doing weekly small water changes of a few gallons, and I'd probably get an ATO to deal with evap.
  7. *Pictures!* Pong's 40B Tank

    aww, sorry about your fuzzy I cant imagine losing my boy, he's the life of my reef! your volitans is STUNNING, though. he's a black, right? one of the best looking lion species for sure; if only I had a tank large enough for one!
  8. add another fish or two?

    ideas so far: fang blenny larger royal gramma or blackcap basslet sixline wrasse? maybe a few cardinals? (worried they will be too peaceful, though...) less aggressive dottyback (orchids are at the top of the list; springers are as well) dwarf zebra lion??? (I understand I'd need to wean it to eat prepared food, of course)
  9. add another fish or two?

    no suggestions? I was thinking maybe a larger wrasse, like a melanarus or christmas or yellow or yellow and pink? or perhaps some kind of less aggressive damsel like talbots or tuxedos?
  10. add another fish or two?

    right now my 40 breeder has: 1 fuzzy dwarf lion 1 large yellowtail damsel 1 falco hawk 1 YWG and tiger pistol I'm thinking I might like to add another fish or two and was looking for suggestions of fish who could hold their own. the lion is fairly laid back, he hasn't eaten any tankmates since he's been in the tank and doesnt really hunt at all, just waits for me to feed him his silversides. also, I have coral, so NO dwarf angels. no shrimp, though. one feather duster that I'd like to keep, as well, so nothing that will bother it.
  11. who will I eat?

    well he's been in the tank for a few days and Puppy (the lion) has yet to eat anyone. he even comes out at feeding time with the rest of the fish and ignores all of them darting right past him. hopefully he'll keep up the good behavior, but I think so long as i keep him well fed he should leave the other fish alone; they all stay to the right of the tank, and his cave is one the left.
  12. who will I eat?

    yeah looking at him compared to the other fish, I think the only one with a chance is the hawk and maybe the goby if it stays in its burrow 99% percent of the time. I'll try a few bottle traps, and try to remove them if I can, but I doubt I'll be able to get all of them out. so it wont hurt him if he eats a few, right?
  13. who will I eat?

    I think I'm going to move my fuzzy dwarf lion ("Puppy") into my big tank (40 breeder), but I'm not sure who has any chance of surviving him in there... the current inhabitants: ~2-2.5" (maybe more) Falco Hawk (thinking he'll be fine because of his taller body shape) ~1.75-2" Yellowtail Damsel (he too has a rather deep body, so I'm thinking he may be alright) 2-2.5" Sixline Wrasse 2-3" Yellow Watchman Goby and tiger pistol now, this tank is a pretty well established reef filled with coral, so tearing it down to get fish out isnt really an option. I will try a baited fish trap (inverted bottle) for a week or so. the only fish I can realistically see myself being able to remove is the hawk, and maybe the damsel. from what I've observed from my lion, he tends not to hunt unless I havnt fed him enough. if I gave him large meals every other day, I think he'd probably be lazy enough not to bother the other fish. is it really worth tearing my tank apart to get them all out? will it hurt my lion if he does eat any of them?
  14. fuzzy lion and metal halide

    I'm considering moving my fuzzy lion into my 40 breeder and getting rid of some of the fish in there- will the lion be okay with a 250watt MH mounted ~16-18" above the tank, though? I've heard bright lights can blind them? also- they're okay with LPS, right?
  15. CUC for lionfish tank...

    the tank will be primarily a planted macro display, and I beleive that urchins will eat most macro algaes, if not all. if not, then an urchin will likely make it in there. I'm thinking maybe 5 nassarius, 5 ceriths, 5 nerites, and a serpent star. bulk up over time if I need to.