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  1. I was checking out these guys they are in STL
  2. Where do you buy your corals? Saltyunderground?
  3. I guess I'm moving to slow. Prolly add a paly pak in the next week or two.
  4. Nice! I'm liking that style of IM. hmmmmmm...💡
  5. Hmmmm... Maybe there is a difference in Hermit crab types. I'm sure he would have went back in the water when he needed too unless of course he was tired of living.
  6. They live and scavenge the beaches and water for food. Don't do it again! kidding
  7. No not at all. I have their Nano LED and its pretty simple. I use my old iPhone 4s to control it. It has the stormy/cloudy and lightning mode like you mentioned above.
  8. So which light from reefbreeders?
  9. It fit together pretty good. What could go wrong? Lol
  10. Cycle complete. Ordered a package from reefcleaners. Doing a water change when I get home Sunday so hopefully I have my package by Wednesday or Thursday. That all I got so move along...
  11. Def. going to need some type of a media basket.