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  1. Some media trays for the Tidal 110 media basket I printed Sunday. Tank looks like shit. Thanks ray!
  2. This is just the first major bump in the road for your reef. Things will get back on track soon. ... Feel better now?
  3. You'll live. I'm don't have any fish and I'm fighting the brown stringy stuff atm. I don't plan on winning, but I am enjoying re-reefing just a tiny bit.
  4. That sucks cal. One of the cons on my list of why I didn't want to start up another tank. The worry of it all.
  5. Here are some shitty pics of them opening up...
  6. You need a cool bonsai growing off "the knob" dude.
  7. Nice stuff dude! It's movin on up.
  8. Paly Pak from Corpus Christi arrived today. Started opening up as soon as I placed them on the sand bed. And I've had this for a few weeks. A 1 cent mystery macro? from John. Has a hard exoskeleton and the new growth are little green buds.
  9. Good to know. I just ordered a frag pack from a company out of corpus christi. Should be here Today.
  10. Another DIY Peltier chiller thread...

    I lol'd at the comment " That thing is massive and ugly as hell"
  11. I was checking out these guys http://saltyunderground.com/category/corals they are in STL