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  1. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    Not much to report. Been super busy with work and I was off way up in Northern Ontario fishing for several days, so I took a bit of a break from N-R. System is still chugging along, lots of growth and lots of progress, no new additions or anything to change. Corals are really looking good color wise although i still have some tweaking to do.
  2. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    Thanks. Yes things seem to be having a bit of a growth spurt past couple weeks. Which is awesome.
  3. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    Upped Pohl's Xtra dosage a bit today. Its crazy how dosing that stuff in the morning can have an effect on the corals that evening. Colours are brighter almost immediately. Still looking for a Sunburst Anthias, I need more fish... it is frustrating.
  4. Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Nano Thread

    Welp that response from Neptune was quick. Looks like I will be getting 2x of these: http://www.neptunesystems.com/dos/
  5. My Reef Raft Canada Wolverine is my favourite coral.
  6. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    Thanks guys. New FTS to come sometime this week.
  7. Come on people. Lets see some 2014 Shallow setups.
  8. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    Heading to Montreal this weekend to see Arcade Fire end off their tour. Hopefully everything stays stable in the reef while I am gone This will be my first time travelling with the Apex connected which will add a significant amount of peace of mind.
  9. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    What T5 Bulbs you rocking with that nano box?
  10. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    Keep us updated on your tweaks and the color changes. I am currently doing the same just fine tuning and maximizing colors. Interested to see what works and doesn't for you.
  11. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    Glad to deliver. Colors seem to be improving daily right now. Likely because of the bulb combo change. Also I have slowly risen my salinity over the past 4 weeks to 1.026 which might also be contributing to the positive effect. Plan is to keep things like this with same lighting and feeding routine for about 4 weeks and see if colors plateau. If so I will lower lights down a bit and go from there.
  12. Looks like things are getting nice and clean. Good work colors are coming along nicely.
  13. AJ_Tsin's Zeo 47g Shallow. NEW FTS

    I forgot about bad luck Option #3.... I patiently wait until the weekend to pick up fish. Get a text last night that the fish jumped out of the LFS's tank. Soo... still no new fish up in here. Also decided I will be getting the New GHL Standalone Doser when its available in Canada.