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  1. In new condition. I put ro water in it to check for leaks and check pump. I decided not to use it and put it back in the box. I somehow lost the stock filter but who uses that $80 shipped to you.
  2. I have a bunch of extras I'll throw in. Salt, water change supplies, hydrometer, etc. This is a very nice set-up but Im moving and can't take it with me. A blank canvas for someone to make a really nice reef tank or keep it simple. Don't really want to separate. Make me an offer.
  3. I have an Innovative Marine 16 gallon white tank with 3 Led lights(only comes with two). Its about two years old and in great condition. It also have a Vortech mp10 and Aquacontroller apex jr. It also has a pair of clowns. One ORA platinum and one ORA snowflake. Located in Key Largo but can deliver to Miami.
  4. Apex worth it?

    Scrapping the mp10 for the koralia is an interesting idea. Does anyone else do this. I kinda liked the idea of how the two integrated.
  5. Apex worth it?

    I'm currently running a innovative marine 16 with three 8w lights. I have tank maintenance pretty well dialed in at this point but I have been looking at the neptune apex system. I have a Korlina pump right now and would want to upgrade to a mp10w. I was putting everything into my cart and getting ready to buy when I started to realize how it all adds up. I will need the wireless version of the mp10 and the WXM module for the apex. I guess my question is if this is just going to be a toy or something I can really justify. I would love the remote monitoring capability and would use the system to setup an ato. But other than those two things what am I really gaining? Has anyone made this purchase only to realize its not worth the price? Don't get me wrong. I love toys and would love to use my iPad to create a storm in my tank but will I actually find practical use with this system?
  6. Tank has benn running for about 5 years. Includes sand and rock. Extra power head and jäger heater. Tank looks good and has some snails and hermits. In Miami or Keys will help with delivery. $250
  7. 20L with stand

    20 long tank and stand. Back wall is painted black the correct way. The stand is a wood all black stand that fits perfect. $100. In Miami or the Keys. We can even work something out with delivery. I also have a pc light that just needs bulbs that go's perfect with the tank probably needs bulbs.
  8. Getting a Carpet anemone to attach

    Well he staying put for now. Dug him out a nice little area. He is a deflated as hes been and does not look healthy now but at least he is nor moving around. My clowns are curious.
  9. Getting a Carpet anemone to attach

    Its a green capet rather small. I was thinking of just turning everything back on and letting the animal figure it out. I can move most coral frags to another tank. I guess I was hoping there was a secret. Yes the is a pretty bib sand bed area but the flow just carrys him accross it.
  10. Found a nice carpet at my lfs. I'm having a really hard time getting him to attach and could use some ideas. Right now I have turned all flow off trying to give him a chance to really dig in. I bought him 2 days ago and I seems like I've tried it all. I dug him out a nice area, I have moved rocks around, I now have turned off all flow. The first night he climbed the rocks and ended up have way up the scape only to blow off and began keep drifting around the tank. He seems healthy, after I handle him his mouth gaps a little and is unhappy but over all he is ok. What am I missing?
  11. Budget Rapid LED Fluval Edge Build

    Made good progress last night. All the wiring is done. The splash shield is built. All I have to do is figure out how I want to mount the light. I even reused the stock led fixture to grow chaeto in my other tank. I'll post up the pictures tonight.
  12. Fluval edge heater - help

    Did the same research. The rena is the way to go. Its not that long because you remove the bottom grate part. Best solution and I've been using another rena in my QT with zero issues for years.
  13. ClownFish Seizure or mating ritual?

    I guess my male black ice had enough. Last week he jumped in the back chamber of my nc24. Was found dead less than 15 minutes after jumping in there. My guess is the pump did him in.
  14. My Rapid LED 7 Cree plug and play kit arrived today. It was packaged well and arrived in good shape. I will be using a recycled heat sink from ebay and fitting it onto the plastic arm of the edge. Unpacked kit Before This is the layout I came up with. The line in the middle of the heatsink is the plug and play part so I wont have to solder. The blue circles are blue and the white are white The whole build will be less than $100 Any advise on the layout?