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  1. Thanks for the extra info! I did work on another skimmer box yesterday & it didn't work out either. It was bigger in diameter & taller... I kept cutting & burning & just royally jacked it up! The next one I'll make the teeth longer & then put holes further down if needed. It would be nice to figure this out... My husband is attending college right now for electrical engineering & he was doing some math last night to help me figure out the linear flow length or something... bluhhh... P.s. How do you do the @name?
  2. Sounds like your little girl just wants to party all night & day! She's just doing her best to cheer you up (; I'm wondering about your surface skimmer & if you're able to turn the flow up all the way on the ac50? I haven't been able to diy a skimmer yet that allows that. The intake will just suck the surface skimmer dry when I turn ac50 up.
  3. So exciting to see growth already! Love the lil pink streak wrasse!
  4. Welcome back!!! I'm diggin your cave concept & can't wait to see what you come up with! If you need a "column" rock like in your 1st cave pick, I gotcha covered, lol! (You'll have to check my thread 🙂
  5. Over the weekend while observing the lil pico at night, I saw a few brittle starfish crawling on & sticking their legs out of crevices of the small rock. With that knowledge I decided to be a bit adventurous, why not right!?!?! Ummm... it DID NOT go as planned!!! I was just trying to chizzle off a little bit of the big rock & it ended up breaking in half, ugg... On another note, the gooseneck tablet mount arrived & I was able to get the Fluval nano set up. The fixture is working great for this little light! The fluval nano is programmable with sunrise, day, sunset & night settings. I cranked up just the blues to 100% & it made the little rock's coraline glow pink. Also, you can see the blue pill bottle surface skimmer, I'm working on a different item that's clear. Also, the heater will go into the ac50 as soon as I mod the media basket. Just couldn't get much done over the weekend with family in town.
  6. I concur!!! Your pico is looking great! I also purchased the fluval nano, mostly b/c the LFS had it for 20% off the $82 price tag. Bonus is the controllability! I'm excited to see what the little light can grow! I'll definitely have to keep an eye how it works out for you as well (;
  7. Wendy

    pynk pico

    Disco party time!!! Love that bright pink trim! I think I see another theme going on too.. Your rock scape looks like a sideways staghorn (;
  8. You gotta read the article on the previous page, so much awesome information about Leptastrea coral & planula!
  9. It's really cool to watch a child's reaction to movies. One of my nephews was 3 when he 1st saw Finding Nemo, he freaked out that Nemo's mom disappeared & then was lost from his dad. Poor kid had night terrors for a little bit afterwards. Yeah, my tank is still stewing & it's just pretty boring. At least you have an awesome volcano to play with & your powerhead is very incunspicuous!
  10. Wow, that's a lotta cool corals already! Mine is still cycling & I haven't decided on my rock scape either, so I'm not much help there. I'm curious about your diy surface skimmer... Can you post a picture of it when you're able, pretty please? I've been working on a surface skimmer & am not happy with it yet... sigh....
  11. That'll be neat to have a outside freshwater tub/pond, your son will really enjoy that!
  12. Wow, very minimal scape, looks NICE! Oh, so that's the outside "tub"... Do you change up what you put into it each summer?
  13. Leptastrea purpurea: A model stony coral for research and captive breeding That article is VERY interesting & informative about Leptastrea coral. It's so amazing how these corals reproduce & it would be awesome if you produced a new generation. Good luck!!!
  14. Awww, so cute & CLEAN! What kind of shrimp did your 9yo choose? I got the neighbor kids across the steet into aquariums. Gave them a 10 gallon & hob filter 2-3 years ago. They still have it going & the kids are still interested (:
  15. Ok, sounds good! I'll ponder on it a bit before I decide. I really like the current shape of the big rock, so I'll have to amp myself up to chizzle on it! Thanks for the suggestion, definitely gives something "different" to do!
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