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  1. i may be interested in the goose neck and 90* if willing to separate that as well
  2. Glweek

    GHA Removal-Tried Everything?

    Step up your W/C game! ive been doing 15% (4 gal) w/c every three days for over 2 months now or so and FINALLY the algea is going away, almost down to zero at this point. It was so bad that i was going to shut the tank down and just decided to "get through the rest of my salt" as nobody in my are uses what i use so i would have had to thrown it away. my corals started looking much better after the first three weeks of this and now there are only a few patches here and there.
  3. Glweek

    12G Long Shallow Reef - Hong Kong

    awesome! what are the dimensions?
  4. Glweek

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Of the lights you picked id go 26hd or just keep the t5's and ad a prime HD. I went kessil a150: love to AI prime: hate (color) to Prime HD: Much better but still not 100% happy to Kessil: 360we Love and will be keeping for the long haul. (zoa and lps tank 24x24x12 cube light 14" off water surface running at 70%) Nothing I hate more than someone telling me how to do something differently with a dog...and i apologize if you feel the same way. I used to train dogs and can almost guarantee you don't work it out as much as you need to be. Some dogs due it to because of separation anxiety but the vast majority do it because they don't get enough exercise. Some dogs just by nature have a ton of energy and if you don't direct that energy anywhere they will find a way to expel it. Ive worked with dogs where if you don't spend literally an hour or more with them everyday working them till exhaustion...walks do nothing fetch/chase other dogs/ swimming etc, they become very difficult to handle and even missing one days work out is noticeable.
  5. Glweek

    Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    Awesome! Excited to see how this turns out.
  6. Glweek

    What's the deal with nanobox?

    Yea, not a fan of RC and the Flooded sponsor market makes since at R2R. Recently started spending more time on this site and just figured id ask what the deal was. Good to hear that your busy enough to get an office! I guess if your already working near capacity then you can't ask for much more. Thanks for filling me in everyone! Don't need a light at the moment but will look into it in the future.
  7. Glweek

    Chalice vs Favia vs Montipora

    Hard to say without pictures but ill go with favia
  8. Glweek

    What's the deal with nanobox?

    Alright, that all makes since i can see it. Why post most about the light in this forum where everyone already knows about it instead of spreading out to r2r and reefcentral? Throwing it at r2r and RC would get it out into a larger group of people who aren't in the "cult" with much less biased opinions (if thats even possible on the internet ) of its quality in comparison to all the other lights out there. If there as good as everyone says they are this would not only be great for business but great for the consumers who aren't familiar with the products like me. Sorry for the terrible sentences my brain is fried from work.
  9. Glweek

    Power Backup Systems! Non generator options.

    Just ordered one from bed last week should be getting it on Tuesday. I'll post an initial review sometime this week
  10. Glweek

    Get away with less live rock?

    I'm using 1.5l of siporax to help with my minimalist aquascape.
  11. I'm interested to hear why they are such a big deal on this forum but you never see any mention of them on r2r or reef central. Why?
  12. @brandon429 I agree with you completely. My situation: Went on vacation, heater broke and when i came back a ton of stuff was dead or dying. There were a bunch of zoa frags that hadn't completely melted along with a few other pieces that still had a small amount of life left in them. Instead of throwing in the towel i decided to keep it all as is, add another heater do some water changes, throw out all the sand and most of the live rock and see what happens. In a week some things died and some others things didn't so i started my every 2-3 day 20% water change and gfo as the GHA at this point was starting to get completely out of control. At this point things are looking GREAT in comparison not only in the amount of GHA but since dosing how things have started to show life that i thought were complete goners during my water change/gfo period. All sps is in the trash at this point but most of my zoas and a few lps pieces that weren't already goners are going to make it. Ill update this post with pics in a few hours when my lights turn on and throw another picture of the tank each Sat for a few weeks so yall can see where its at and how things are going. I will say ive hit a bit of a hiatus in the algea killing as all the stuff that is left is pretty well established so it looks like all the weaker GHA have all been eliminated and all thats left is the stronger and more rooted sections which im sure will take alot longer to break down. Ill update this post in a few hours when my lights turn on.
  13. Ive been dosing for three weeks now on a BAD gha outbreak and the three weeks of using this has been MUCH more affective then the every 2-3 day water changes and weekly gfo replace. Im one of those people that didn't document it though as i don't really give a shit about posting my life on the internet but i can tell you for GHA its been working. Ill start some pics tomorrow with what i have left and go from there i guess if itl help anyone else's tank issues if its pictures you need and not just words. If i would have just ordered it to begin with i would have saved a ton of money with how much ive spent in salt/water/gfo for that past two months. Didn't start seeing any difference until about day 4-5 but since then has been clearing up noticeably little by little every few days. Its a 24g jbj and i dose 6 squirts from the 8 oz bottle (about three full cycle squirts is 1ml) on sat after my weekly 4 gal water change and another 6 on wed.
  14. Glweek

    Tailspot Blenny

    I had a tailspot that did the same thing a few years ago.