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  1. i may be interested in the goose neck and 90* if willing to separate that as well
  2. Step up your W/C game! ive been doing 15% (4 gal) w/c every three days for over 2 months now or so and FINALLY the algea is going away, almost down to zero at this point. It was so bad that i was going to shut the tank down and just decided to "get through the rest of my salt" as nobody in my are uses what i use so i would have had to thrown it away. my corals started looking much better after the first three weeks of this and now there are only a few patches here and there.
  3. Glweek

    12G Long Shallow Reef - Hong Kong

    awesome! what are the dimensions?
  4. Glweek

    Nano Cube DIY Moonlight Fix?

    Im right there with you man....would love to have the same info
  5. hey so i checked craigslist and a guy bye me is selling LR out of his 90 gal and they have been sitting in buckets for a few days. how long can it be sitting before it dies?