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  1. Not your average evil cluster build

    Wow I never knew something like that existed. Here is a link to some I found on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-KSD9700-75C-N-O-Plastic-Thermostat-Temperature-Switch-Thermal-Protector-/230914739230?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35c3974c1e
  2. Not your average evil cluster build

    Please tell me more. How do they work? Where can I buy them from?
  3. Not your average evil cluster build

    Thanks for the link! Thats an interesting article and I had never thought of the possibility of thermal runaway since the heatsinks are separated. When ever I drive leds in parallel I almost always design things for a worst case scenario so that if something does go wrong the other led can handle the extra current. The luxeon 1204 COB has a max drive current of 900mA and I'm running 2 in parallel with a 700mA ldd. I could only see the possibility of thermal runaway occurring if one of the fans go out and in that case the entire cluster is gonna be in a bit of trouble.
  4. Not your average evil cluster build

    All 6 fans are ran with a single 12v power supply and they are not tied into the board. I simply ran wires from the 12v power supply up to the fans. Yes you can branch the pwm output from each channel on the bluefish to more then one driver giving the ability to control multiple drivers from the same channel. There are 2 separate drivers for the white channel(2 NW cob leds ran in parallel per driver powering 2 clusters) and 2 separate drivers for the royal blues(4 luxeon m ran in series per driver powering 2 clusters). Each color/channel from there has one driver. So technically every color(except neutral white & royal blue) has its own driver and powers the leds on that channel for all 4 clusters. Thank you very much! The tank has been up and running for 1.5 years now. A few of the corals were transferred over from my bc29 as I got he 90 gallon going. Looking at those pictures made me realize that every coral in there(except the torch) started from a small frag or few polyps that I had been collecting in my bc29 over the years. Having the ability to grow something beautiful from a tiny little frag is my favorite part about this hobby!
  5. Not your average evil cluster build

    So I finally got everything up and running! I must say with the addition of limes... WOW! What a difference! I was a little nervous that the limes would hurt color rendering, but I am unable to notice anything. I tried it with only neutral whites on and only limes, but I must agree with jedi that a 50/50 mixture is the sweet spot. With the limes on the tank appears so much brighter now and I am extremely pleased with how this setup turned out. The bluefish controller is absolutely amazing and its my favorite part to this entire build! It makes it so easy to adjust the lights to just that perfect setting. All of my corals seem to have transitioned to the new light great, with the exception to my toadstool. It hasn't opened since the new lights went on. I moved it to the sand bed hoping that may help. If anyone has suggestions im all ears? I only have a camera phone so sorry if the picture quality seams a little sub par. One thing I have to say about this setup that is different from any of my other led builds is how I dont have to adjust the color ratios to make pictures look right with my camera. These pictures look similar to what the tank looks like in person and I didnt change the color ratios from my regular settings. Not sure if thats because of the limes? Lime is the only color I havent used in any previous builds.
  6. Not your average evil cluster build

    Just a little update with some pictures. I finished the wiring on each heat sink/ cluster, drivers, and fans. For attaching the fans to their heat sinks I simply put a little bit of jb quick weld on each corner of the fan gluing it to the heat sink. I could have made brackets, but I've been jb welding fans to heat sinks for years and haven't ever had an issue. If a fan goes bad I can simply break it off with a screw at the epoxy and glue down a new one. I also Made some brackets out of 1/2" angle aluminum to run across the inside of my canopy and hang the heat sinks from. Should have it all mounted up and on the tank by tonight.
  7. So about a year and a half after my last led build I'm once again building another lol. With the somewhat recent release of the bluefish controller and me hating my Dim4 I feel as if its time to move on and try something entirely new. After roughly a month of experimenting with different led combinations I finally settled on what to me looked the best. My current tank is a 90 gallon and I plan to have 4 clusters of what is listed below. Channel 1 = 1 Phillips COB (LHC1-4090-1204) 4k,97 typical CRI, and 1600 lumens @ 450mA Channel 2 = 2 Luxeon M Royal blues (LGB) Channel 3 = 1 Luxeon Rebel cool blue(475-480nm) and 1 Cree XP-E2 blue(465nm) Channel 4 = 2 Luxeon Rebel Lime and 1 Luxeon Rebel Cyan(495nm) Channel 5 = 1 Luxeon Rebel 2700k warm white and 1 Luxeon Rebel deep red(660nm) Channel 6 = 3 LGB 430nm true violets The drivers being used will be the Meanwell ldd series all controlled with a Bluefish controller. Each cluster is going to be on its own heatsink. I did this for 2 reasons, 1 - because I would like to upgrade to a larger tank within a year or so and this gives me the ability to simply build 2 more separate clusters for it and 2 - because I will have the ability to hang each cluster where ever I would like. I currently have a canopy and I plan to mount the cluster inside at 8 inches off of the water surface, so I will not be using optics. Since there are no optics I am placing the leds in each cluster as close together as possible. I glued all of the leds down last night and plan to finish up all the soldering/wiring later today. Attached are 2 pics, one of the leds glued down and the other is a clusters wired/soldered. Ill keep up with posting as the build continues.
  8. Full spectrum LED layouts

    I suggest digikey for the veros, I believe that is where most people get them from. On top of that their customer service is as good as it gets along with quick shipping.
  9. Borealis Luxeon Z Array?

    Good move! If i still had a smaller tank thats the only pre made fixture id ever consider.
  10. Light fixture in canopy - salt creep

    I would say it depends on how much surface agitation your tank has along with how far from water surface your lights are.
  11. CNCreef Asis Pro 824 LED/T5HO Evil Cluster Hybrid

    So Ben, are you saying you prefer the use of standard red 620-630nm leds? I only ask because I thought I read somewhere that you only ran the standard red because you had the ability to try something new and would still prefer a warm white led or deep red? Please correct me if im wrong as im still debating on adding some sort of a red channel to my new fixture that would used either warm white, standard red, deep red, or possibly a combination.
  12. Bridgelux Vero vs. Luxeon Cob

    I am currently using the luxeon cobs and they are really nice, but i must agree price/availability wise the 90 cri vero 10s are where its at. The only reason i went with the luxeons was because bridgelux didnt have the 90 cri vero 10s available at the time.
  13. Looking into DIY LED (Maybe+T5)

    I have to disagree. I can build fixtures for less then radions, ai, razors, etc.. My DIY will look better(spectrum wise), has more tune ability over spectrum, put off more light per watt, and all while costing less. The only thing a pre made fixture has is a nice looking enclosure. Ill admit the premade fixtures are getting better but they still wont beet a proper DIY build(spectrum/looks).
  14. Kessil A350w on a 7.5g?

    Have you looked into a nano box? Those lights look really nice.
  15. High power RGB

    None of them have micro controllers. Each led has it's own set of solder pads. If you want each color to be controlled individually your going to need a seperate driver for each color. If you want them to all adjust evenly, wire the leds in series to the same driver.