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  1. inTank's 2014 Black Clown Sale 11/27 - 12/1

    Just a heads up. Tried using the POLY coupon. It only discounts $3.39 not the full $3.99.
  2. Media for IM Fusion 30L

    Yeah a filter floss holder sounds like a winner. Hmm was gonna order everything with the Black Friday sale. Any chance I can pre-order the floss holder? Lol. I am not in a hurry.
  3. Media for IM Fusion 30L

    I just pulled the trigger on a new 30L. (Thanks BRS doorbuster sale). I plan on ordering some super sweet racks for my new tank. My question is, do I need 1 or 2? I planned on using the 11oz chemipure elite and the 100mL Purigen bag. That pretty much covers all of my bases, but this will all fit in 1 media basket. Convince me to buy the 2nd one. What else would I run? I don't really want to run a fuge.
  4. DIY LED for IM Nuvo Fusion 30L

    Any opinions on the 20" or should I get (2) 12" and connect them? Trying to get my shopping list together before possible black friday sales. Also 4 pucks, or can I get away with fewer. I don't have plans (at the moment) for any SPS.
  5. Apex Controller for Nanobox

    I am considering this as well. Does the storm offer anything more then the Apex can do with the board? I like to have all of my controls in one place (my phone).
  6. DIY LED for IM Nuvo Fusion 30L

    So I have been reading good things about the nanobox pucks. It looks like I would need 4 for my build. Would the rapid LED 20" be long enough with 4 pucks to cover a 36" tank?
  7. DIY LED for IM Nuvo Fusion 30L

    They are sexy compared to the big slab of aluminum with screw eyes hanging off that were the norm back in the day lol. I will check out CNC reef, pass on the Ukranian. I am not opposed to using single LEDs but the pucks look interesting. I was always under the impression that individual LEDs were better because the pucks didn't have a good combination of different colors IE Lumia. Are pucks better now?
  8. So I have pretty much decided on getting a Fusion 30L. The problem is, it is a 36" long tank so lighting becomes a pain. I have done DIY LED before but that was back in the day of 2RB/1CW. I am looking for a full specturm setup with a lot of controlability. The actual display area of the tank is 36" x 11" deep x 13" tall. I already have some parts from another build that fell through. Here is what I have currently: (7) LDD-1000H (4) LDD-700H MW SP-320-48 (2) 5-up boards All the pieces to build a Jarduino controller What is the current hotness in LEDs? I have been reading about these new fangled evil clusters and the wonders of the Luxeon M's. What would I be looking at for my tank? Any sexy new heatsinks, or is the Makers still the go to? What size am I looking at? 24"? I am hoping for a black friday shopping spree to get all the parts I need for this build.
  9. razor nano vs. 3 PAR38's

    Dimmable - No
  10. CNCreef Asis Pro 824 LED/T5HO Evil Cluster Hybrid

    Ha. Good thing I am a procrastinator. I haven't ordered my stuff yet. (mainly because I don't know if I am getting a 75 or 90g) LOL
  11. 75g SPS build.

    Ahh that makes much more sense now. Sorry I am from the Cree LED generation. I don't know anything about these new fangled high-powered LEDs lol. I am assuming that the Ledil reflectors that Steve sells are what I need for the blues. What is the part number for the BXRA reflectors that are self adhesive and don't required the molex base?
  12. 75g SPS build.

    Quick question as I am new to the world of Bridgelux LEDs. Are the reflectors not interchangeable between the BXRA and the blues? Are the diodes not the same size?
  13. 75g SPS build.

    Looks great. I am definitely following along. I am working on a 75/90g setup (can't decide which lol) and I want to go the bridgelux route. I currently have a Cree NW/RB fixture over my cube and want to go full spectrum this time. I have a bunch of LDD drivers, the LDD boards and the pieces to build a Jarduino. I just need to plan out the LEDs now.
  14. WTS Zoas and Cheato (Shipped)

    Shipped today. Still have plenty of blue hornets, green polyps cheato and flame algae for sale.