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  1. Chemipure

    Nice back hand across the mouth. I like your style!!!
  2. Any tricks to heating water?

    After my water changes I mix the next batch right away and just let it sit, gets to about 70 that way, then I just put a old 100w heater in for about 1 hour b-4 my water change, gets the temp to 75-80 which is close enough.
  3. Nano Aquarium Size

    I have a 90 gallon reef tank. a 72 gallon fish and live rock tank, and an 8 gallon BIO Cube reef tank that I just set up 1 month ago only have a few snails and crabs with a ton of hitchhikers. I was just curious as to what people thought of as a nano tank, wasn't looking to rile anyone up. Heck the guy who asked about the dog food got less grief than I did!!! I was just curious! If a 100 gallon tank is a nano to you that's cool with me!
  4. Nano Aquarium Size

    Bend over and I will show you
  5. Nano Aquarium Size

    Last time I could find this poll was on 7/2/2005. The Presidential election must have really p$ssed you off they had polls all day long for months funny too it was the same poll about 5 million times. If you don't like the poll move on, no need to reply if your not going to answer the question!!!!
  6. Nano Aquarium Size

    IMO I think a nano tank is under 10 gallons. Just My opinion though.
  7. whats going on with my cycle?

    Time give it time. Even with fully cured live rock a week is a pretty short cycle. Even cured rock has stuff stuck to it, clams,bi valves,sponges,dead organisms in the rock, they will break down and leech out the ammonia. Let your ammonia eating bacteria build up, once the ammonia drops to 0 then start testing for nitrites. Once the nitrite bacteria builds up and the nitrite goes to 0 then test for nitrates(ammonia and nitrite bacteria are not the same so until your ammonia bacteria break down the ammonia into nitrite you will not have nitrite readings). Don't worry about nitrates right now. In the mean time make sure everything else is set up perfect. Temp 76-79, PH 8.3, Salinity 1.024-1.025, get these right an maintain them for 1 week. Cut your light cycle down to six hours a day this will help with the diatoms,algae, and the hair algae. No water changes during the cycle either. Give it a month and then get a CUC. Also make sure you are using RO/DI water. Every new tank gets the brown/green algae, diatoms, and hair algae! It will subside in time. You may also want to test for phosphates if the algae problem last more than 10 days. No hurry here give it time!!! You are getting ahead of yourself, let the ammonia go up then down,let the nitrite go up then down, then at the end you can do a nice big water change and get rid of those nitrates that are bugging you!!!
  8. Lighting for a 2.5

    I agree General Discussion ='s Anything. Some people have nothing better to do than start a fight. Sad little minds!!! If you don't like the post don't read it, why waste the time to reply??????
  9. 5g update: the tank i "made from scratch"

    I like your tank. And I can't believe these peta guy's are ripping on you for having a clown in your 5.5 yet they will take a fish/coral/invert out a billion gallon ocean and put it in a 8-14-28-29 tank, if we go off their theory there should be no home aquariums at all. Unreal!!! In the wild that clown would only venture 1-2 feet from its home in its entire life. And I would guess that is a tank raised clown so it has no idea how big its home should be. whats up with all the peta people on this site, you can't do this you can't do that, "O" that poor fish. what's up peta people~!!!!
  10. Bristle worms-help!

    Wow a big battle over a stupid worm. They are beneficial and ugly at the same time. If you rely don't want them or want to reduce the population. Take a piece of clam or shrimp, clam works better. Cut up a piece of pantyhose stick the clam in the pantyhose wrap it up and put it on the bottom of your tank. At night the worms will come out and get caught up in the pantyhose and will not be able to escape, take it out 2-3 hours later with worms attached and do what you will with it. Repeat if you like. I personal would not like to see you kill off all of your worms. And the guys who are telling you they were bit, or they seen a worm eat a coral or mount an attack on a fish are smoking tons of crack, its just not what they do. After 20 years of reefing, I have never been attacked,bit,stung, I have never seen a bristle worm attack a fish,snail,crab,shrimp or coral. p.s. or a human!!!
  11. PH and Acrylic

    So what are you guys using to maintain your PH? I was using the powder PH 8.3 by SeaChem. Then I noticed that after I mix it and put it in the tank it bonds to the acrylic in my BC 8 and takes a good hour of scrubbing to get it off of the acrylic, and it takes multiple cleanings as it re-bonds after you scrub it the first time. What is a good PH agent to use on acrylic that won't bond to the acrylic and wreck havoc. I am starting to hate acrylic. What a pain in the a$$ to clean. Also what are you guy's using to clean your acrylic any pointers? My plastic algae scrapper does nothing to get the PH 8.3 off of the acrylic, its all manual scrubbing with an acrylic safe scrubbing pad!!! I wasn't sure what it was that was bonding to the acrylic at first but now I am 100% sure it is the PH 8.3 powder that is doing it. I just set up the tank and the PH was 7.8 (kh is at 8) I was shooting for 8.1-8.3 with a KH of 9-10. Thanks for any help!
  12. BC 29 - what to put in the rear compartments

    I have my 50w heater in compartment 1 along with a 10 oz bag of purigen. I cut out the whole top row from chamber 1 to chamber 2 and run 2 layers of filter floss. Usually I just run the regular white floss but once and a while I will run some carbon and or phosphate floss. I removed the bioballs from chamber two and have 5 oz of chemipure in the bottom. I plan on running refuge in chamber two very soon. You can either get a submersible light or scrape off some paint in the back and affix a light to it. in chamber three I upgraded to a maxijet 900. I removed the blue filter foam. And I run my heater control sensor in chamber 3 along with my temp sensor in chamber 3. This is in a BC 8. But I would guess it is the same setup.
  13. Moon Lights

    I have a biocube 8, and cannot stand the blue moon lights in it, they are way to bright and I have never seen blue moon light. In my 90 and 72 I have 4 white (1w) moon lights on my light systems, and they are dim. I like it that way! Takes your eyes about ten minutes to adjust in dark but then everything starts to come out. My question is has anyone done any mods to there moonlights on either the 8 or 14 BC. And if so what did you do? can the bulbs be replaced with (1w) white bulbs on the hood? or did you just install a new moon light system? Thanks for the help!!!
  14. Bristle Worm eating LPS?

    (Eurythoe Complanata) Bristle Worms As ugly as they are they form a part of any healthy reef aquarium. They are scavengers they feed on uneaten foods, dead and dying animals, detritus, sand,crushed coral, and aragonite . They would eat all of the above b-4 they eat a healthy coral. Now if your coral is weak and possibly dieing then they may eat part of it, but highly unlikely as coral is at the bottom of a bristle worms diet, way at the bottom. I like you cannot stand how ugly they are and sometimes when they gross me out I control my population with Clam meat wrapped in pantyhose, they will get caught in this and you can take them out. Clam meat is much more attractive to them than shrimp. Also you can either buy from the internet or LFS an acrylic tube made for bristle worms that you place the clam meat in and like a mouse in a coke bottle they can't get back out. In 20 years of SW Reefing I have never seen a bristle worm attack a coral, not even a dieing coral. And I love watching at night with the moon lights on, and they do get around and crawl on just about anything! You will not want to kill them all off as they are part of a balanced system. Nasty, Nasty, ugly little beast though!!!