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  1. mkregs

    Cali's 75g lagoon...

    Lookin' good CG! 'Bout time...jk It's cool that you have the whole family taking interest in your new project. Mark
  2. mkregs

    Nassarius Snail is weirding me out...

    Post a picture you must. Only then, help you will find.
  3. mkregs

    mkregs Biocube29

    Ben, I will never keep a sixline in tank as small as a BC29 again. They are great swimmers and love to cruise. IMO, there just isn't enough cruising space in a Biocube. Mark
  4. mkregs

    mkregs CADLights 39 Pro Seahorse Ranch

    Thanks for looking! The fry are doing well. Of the Jan20 and Feb5 broods, I haven't lost any in the last 11 days. That's a very good sign. If you are serious about setting up a seahorse tank, I would be happy to share with you what I have learned and what's been working and not working for me. Mark
  5. mkregs

    Has anyone made this overflow?

    @ willyboy...I have been running 2 tanks with this type of overflow for some time now. Both are 1" PVC. One of them is running approx 700gph and the other is running approx 100gph. Neither have lost suction. While drilling for an overflow is the optimal design, these have been proven to work. If you would be able to post a picture/video of yours running, I might be able to offer some suggestions. Mark
  6. mkregs

    mkregs Biocube29

    I have had the feeling, for a while, that I have pretty much neglected this tank. About the neglect...Since last Summer, I have been pretty focused on my 39CAD Seahorse tank, setting up my basement with Seahorse nursery tanks, and the daily grind of raising fry (tedious...let me tell you). So, this BC29 took the back seat to all of that. I would do daily top-offs and feed every other day, but the tank has had some cyano issues....mostly because I haven't worked to remove it and haven't been doing regular water changes. Despite the neglect, my Frogspawn, Acans, Spiny Brain, Duncan, and some of my softies have continued to grow. I still have the same Perc Clown, Boxing Crab, and YWG that I have had in there forever, but I had to move my Perc Clown over to my Seahorse tank a while ago as my Sixline was forcing him to stay in one of the upper corners of the tank. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the Clown was stressed to the point of not eating, so I got him out of there. That was a temporary solution though as Clowns are not always great tankmates for Seahorses. The Wrasse and Clown were great with each other until a couple months ago when the Wrasse thought he would claim the entire tank as his own. This past weekend, I decided to deal with both problems. I knew I wouldn't be able to net the Wrasse with the LR in the tank, so it was a perfect opportunity to remove all of the rock, clean the rock and the tank, net the Wrasse, add some more sand to the tank, totally clean my Rena canister filter, do a water change, and set the rockscape back up. My Girlfriend and I did that on Sunday and the tank looks much better. Yesterday, I transferred the Clown back into the Biocube, went to a LFS to add to the CUC (some Trochus Snails), and couldn't resist a Pistol Shrimp I saw there. I am going to add only 1 more fish to this tank and will be discussing that with my Daughter as the Wrasse was her's and she was upset that we had to get rid of him...She does understand though. Mark
  7. mkregs

    GiantBen's BC29 - New Pics

    It's been a while since I've seen this tank. Looks good! Keep up the good fight on your nuisance algae issue. You'll beat it. Mark
  8. mkregs

    mkregs CADLights 39 Pro Seahorse Ranch

    If I could keep them all, I would. But, as my adult pair have become a fry factory, that's not realistic. I have spoken to 3 LFS about the possibility, but there is only one of them that I can count on to educate potential buyers about seahorse care requirements. The owner of that store asked me if I would be willing to draft an information brocure that they would make available next to the tank they would set up as a seahorse tank. That's a great idea. I'm a member of another forum that is specific to seahorses and I will be asking their permission to use a great information sheet they have in their library. Ultimately, I want them to go to people who are well informed and will provide the right environment for them. I have also had some people contact me directly and are interested in starting a seahorse tank and would be interested in buying from me. I thought I would also contact the Toledo and/or Detroit Zoos to see if there would be any interest in me working with them to set up an exhibit for H. erectus. I would donate ponies to them. Thanks! Thanks Weety! I've got my main tank (CAD39) in a routine now. I feed PE Mysis once or twice daily. There is so much live food in there as well, so the seahorses and my mandarin hunt for that between feedings. I trim the macroalgaes and change out the filter sock weekly. There are a few different species of caulerpa in the display and refugium, so I yank some out every weekend. I do water changes in that tank every 2~3 weeks (instead of weekly) as I don't want to starve the macroalgaes. Now, raising fry, is another story. Lot's of work. I'm getting into a routine with that too, but they do require a different level of dedication. I've had to get help from my Brother to go and check on them during the day cuz I have to work so I can pay the bills Tattooed? How often do you feed them? Thanks for the "good luck"!
  9. mkregs

    mkregs CADLights 39 Pro Seahorse Ranch

    @ 6 days - new brood born Feb 5, 2010 @ 24 days - born Jan 20, 2010
  10. Thanks! I placed it in the middle section of the sump where the water level never fluctuates...and it was sitting in the same place the whole time it was in the sump. I just thought the "shouldn't be in the sump" comment was interesting.
  11. This is the email I sent to Marineland: "I purchased a 250 stealth heater from Pet Supplies Plus approx 2 weeks ago. It has been running in the sump of my seahorse fry tank. This morning, while I was feeding the fry, I heard a pop and burning smell. I then looked down into the sump and actually saw the heater jump a little and pop again while the light on the adjuster was flickering. I immediately unplugged it and pulled it out of the water. There was smoke coming off of it as well. I have 4 Stealth heaters in my tanks and have never had a problem with them until this one. How do I go about having it replaced?" This is the reply I received from them: "The heaters should not be operated in the sump. If you would provide your full name, address, and phone number, along with the lot code from the heater, we may be able to replace it this time as a courtesy. The lot code is a 4 digit number located by where it says "for household use only." In the future, heaters should only be operated inside a filled aquarium." The heater was fully submerged in a low turbulance area of my 20gal sump so it wasn't getting knocked around. The sump is about 3/4 full of water. While I am grateful they will most likely send me a replacement, I am surprised to hear from them that "heaters should not be operated in the sump" as that is a pretty common for people to do that. I have never had a Stealth heater fail prior to this...and I know people that have them and have never had them fail either. Very strange. When I bought the heater, I took it out of the box, set it in the sump, and plugged it in an hour or 2 later as I was working on the sump at the time. Mark
  12. mkregs

    mkregs CADLights 39 Pro Seahorse Ranch

    You don't have to have a planted tank to keep seahorses, but many of us do. Not only are planted tanks great looking, but grasses and caulerpas are great places for live food (such as pods) to culture. Seahorses also use some macroalgaes as hitching posts. If you want to get read up, then I would suggest going to seahorse.org. Some of the best captive breaders post there frequently. Look at the library on that website as it provides suggested tank setups, stocking, tankmates, etc... Also, I would be happy to share with you what I know if you have any questions. Mark
  13. mkregs

    mkregs CADLights 39 Pro Seahorse Ranch

    I would suggest 29g would be the minimum, but some information states 20~25 as being the minimum tank size for a pair. If you plan on adding fish, I would suggest going bigger. A 30 cube would be ok. Ideally, for H. erectus, I think you want to shoot for 20" in tank height. Mark
  14. mkregs

    mkregs CADLights 39 Pro Seahorse Ranch

    New pics: FTS...things are growing in nicely Toadstool that's been through hell. I bought this coral online several weeks ago. When it arrived at my house the water temp was 58degrees. I thought it was going to die, but since the body of the coral wasn't limp or shrivelled, I placed it in one of my tanks. After a week, there was some polyp extension. Now, it's in great shape. I finally got around to securing the purple monti to LR so the snails aren't able to knock it around anymore... And...the reason why I started this tank...my fertile pair of seahorses: