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  1. I like it, but I don't have much of anything besides creapy-crawlies in my tank. Since is my first reef, I'm giving it around four months (month or so to go) before I start adding anything that would really make it a "reef". This is a 20L btw with the 30" CSL... basically the same light just a few inches longer with one more moon light.
  2. Groovy, thanks for the assurance all. My bag of phosguard/carbon hang below my return pipe so no blockage worries. Didn't think there would be an issue but never hurts to double check.
  3. Mine never had a problem with it, if the wormies come out in it the fish will get used to it too.
  4. Btw, had a hell of a time keeping PH's where they belong... since I almost had a Crak debacle, I opted for that SQWD rig .
  5. I picked up a Backpak-2 (not the R) the other day and had a bit of a silly question... is there any reason I shouldn't use the return side of the skimmer to hold my heater and bag of phosguard (bag is tied to a plastic spoon so it's not sitting on the bottom or anything)? I've done it for the past week since I got rid of my AC300 and replaced it with said skimmer. Everything seems to be ok but am I in for some kind of trouble down the road (bio nonsense was pulled out before I put the skimmer on btw)? I'm trying to clean up the back of the tank, I've replaced all my PH's with a SQWD closed loop rig but don't want to have to throw the AC300 back onto the tank... the back end of my 20L is already busy enough without it. I have not problem with bubbles just using the little outlet sponge that comes with it, so it seems to be a cool little storage area... just want another opinion on it . Thanks in advance,
  6. I just use a couple of handfuls of crushed coral around my pistol shrimps den, the rest is oolite. Seems to appreciate the varying substrate sizes to build with.
  7. Yeah, I looked up the Alpheus Bellusus... bodies blue and orange with some darker striping along the carapace joints, nothing like the real tiger striping on a light background. No bullseye on him but looks a bit like a bullseye. Still don't know what he really is but I'll pretend he's a tiger . All I know is that he's decimated my snail population using them to shore up his den... PITA shrimp...
  8. I'll assume he's a tiger than, thanks much guys. He's trying to pair up with my orange spotted goby... all I really cared about was him pairing up which he seems to be trying to do. Sounds like the Fourth of July when my cleaner shrimp follows food a little to close to his den... neat shrimp when you actually see him.
  9. Bushy Nose Pleco hehe!
  10. This is what ######ty water can do to your tank... I had this stuff growing on my powerheads! Start buying distilled from the grocerery store, cut your feeding, use some phosphate sponges and do a one time dose of a red slime killer. Give that a try but don't trust the water you were getting. This stuff is hella ugly and is really screwing up the few tag-along corals I have.
  11. Not a ghost... have them in my freshwater tank. This guy is definately a pistol shrimp, waaaaay to big to be a ghost too as he is about three inches long without the claws.
  12. Mama pajama!
  13. My clown doesn't seem to dig mysid too much... I've been feeding fortified brine, formula one flakes and pellets along with the brine flakes from the same company that makes formula one... I had my one clown that eats like a pig and had one that wouldn't... came down with brook and lasted about three weeks before finally dying, the other one is doing fantastic. Keep a CLOSE eye on your clown, he may have trouble brewing. Seeing what your LFS fed is good advice as well... he may just be getting over the move stress, not terribly uncommon for a fish not to eat for a few days.
  14. Depends on the crabs .
  15. I got the last one for $9.90 as well last night... asked the clerk if they had anymore and she said since they are closeout, they are probably discontinued and won't be getting any more in. I'd advise anyone that wants to get a small fuge or another nano going to get to your local Lowes before they're sold out like mine is.