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  1. left side

  2. right side

  3. 20L mushrooms

    blue shroom's
  4. 20L mushrooms

    new boost led's over blue shrooms
  5. BoostLED!

    i agree my 20L has never looked better. I have 3, 3b-2w/4b-1w/3b-2w low power and better than metal halide imo.
  6. tap water, whats actually in it?

    what was your r/o reading. also do you r/o your tap water or buy it?
  7. LED Lit Tank Coral Growth Thread

    what led's are you using.
  8. boostled service

    just ordered 2 par 30's, i messed up my order so i called and emailed them. like 10mins later they called me and made everything right again & they were closed when this all went down. that's just too cool my bulbs ship 2nite sweet.
  9. My Tank 2 Updated 7/11/10

    i like it better than fiction101's tank. maybe space them out a little more, as for fiction101 stfu.
  10. 20 Long tank thread

    my 20L, aquaclear 50, fluval surface skimmer,k-nano, pc lighting 10,000k 8,000k 6,500k true actinic03 1tomato clown ,1 firefish, cleaner shrimp, green star polyps, lotsa shrooms, kenya tree about 20lbs live rock
  11. Too much light?

    no it's not to much, i had 800 watts on my 55 no problems.
  12. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    happy b-day nano-reef.
  13. Mushroom collection2

    Very nice, i have to get me some of those.