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  1. Dosing the big three

    ive been following along. keep them coming.
  2. Need help with led DIY kit

    Well said Trog. Swag, i just finished the aquastyle 24 led, dimmable, kit last week. dont know if this is the one you're looking at but i will give you my thoughts on it. first, it is on my 12gallon nanocube and works well without the optics (i have it 5 inches off the water). i got 12 blues, 10 cool whites, and 2 uv's(not sure if they do anything). the color for me is pefect, about 14k to 20k look to it. the kit comes with 60 degree optics which are too narrow for the 5x15in heatsink being 15 inches off the sand as it doesnt quite reach the deges of the tank. if i had maybe 70-80 degree optics i could boost my PAR but i dont need it right now with just keeping softies and a few lps. I have never kept clams but know they require a lot of light, and with my experience with this diy fixture, i think i would have upped to the 36 kit especially on a larger tank and also use optics. Also if i could do it again i would have ordered the meanwell drivers in leiu of the stock drivers so that if/when i get a lighting controller, it would be compatible. Their customer service is great and i have been very happy with the results i have gotten with this fixture. My 2 cents. Good luck
  3. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    i have only read about it on the boards sot take that for what its worth, although i think evil66 said it and he knows his stuff, appearantly these UV leds are not strong enough and the ones that are are very expensive at the moment. UV is supposed to enhance the color of the coral as they need to change their pigmant to protect themselve from the rays just like we tan in the sun. Isn't much but thats all i got PS - even though i had already read this when i ordered my aq kit, i still got the 2 uv bulbs, whether they will have any effect time will tell
  4. Bumblebee Snails..Reef Safe?

    They are snail predators, as far as i have ever read about them they will eat snails and possibly some other inverts. doubt they would touch a coral but don't hold me to it.
  5. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    where are you going to mount the pots? i got a project box at the Shack for 3 bucks and put them on there and the drivers inside. then mounted the box in the cabinet
  6. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    Here is my before and after shots i promised. Again the before is from a 70w fishneedit light with their stock bulb which is supposed to be 20k but looks like less than a 14k, anyways and the new light is the 24led dimmable unit from aquastyle with one string of 10 white and 2UV, and a string of 12 blues. Its on my 12g NC with no lenses. (might try those later and see. The leds are all turned up all the way and i get about the look of 20k, maybe a little lower but def more than 14k, which is perfect for my taste. edit: sorry , didn't label very well, obviously the one that is more blue is the led (after) shot.
  7. To drill or not?

    i have a NC12gal with a NC6gal for a sump and having tried it both ways i would very much prefer having it drilled. the rest of your setup looks really good. Good luck.
  8. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    Thanks to the OP, i referenced this thread a few ti Es during my build I ordered the 24 dimmable. Just finished the build today. I used 2 UV, 10 White, 12 Blue and the color is about 14k whith both set at the same intensity. I am very happy with aquastyle. I will try to post a before( with a 70w MH) and an after with the new led fixture.
  9. What is your occupation?

    Eagle, DFW, recently upgraded on the Embraer.
  10. What is your occupation?

    Airline pilot
  11. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

  12. What the hell is this?

    chiton, harmless
  13. why do I need a skimmer?

    snails are cheaper. edit: but i use a skimmer
  14. What is this 2?

  15. imo +1 i got the t2i about 9mos ago, i am very pleased