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    40 Gallon Breeder, multiple red mushrooms, green mushrooms polyps, waving hands, xenia, green star polyps, two clown fish, keyhole angel fish, three green chromis, Halloween urchin, purple spine urchin
  1. RLC

    El Fab's Pico Reef: 2007–2010

    Such a great tank...Such a great teacher... From beginning to end it has been a wonderful journey and a source of inspiration and awe to thousands. Thank you for sharing you tank.
  2. RLC

    September 2010 - Podpimp

    Great looking tank if you like pretty corals and beautiful colors. Congrats, Great looking tank.
  3. RLC


    Great looking tank if you like pretty corals and beautiful colors. Congrats, Great looking tank.
  4. RLC

    The Official All Solana Owner's Thread

    It is the sponge. Next time this happens keep the water running and just pull out the sponge. You should see the water level go back to normal.
  5. RLC

    spectrapure WTF

    Did you buy the TDS from them? They have great customer service. Give the a call.
  6. Keep your head as your tank was top notch. As I am typing our 10yr old looked at you 8/1 FTS picture and said that is the tank I want. She knows the pain of losing a tank. Her 40 went crashed during our move and then was overrun by bryopsis. So document the die off and the rebuild as this may help out other reefers to keep going when it is so easy to quit and walk away. Let the all new "Phoenix Solana" begin. Good luck and we will be following just like always.
  7. So it has been awhile since any updates. Mainly due to a move, my wife giving birth to our 2nd daughter and the 40 being over run with Bryopsis. Last weekend we took down the 40 and I gave my daughter the Solana. The tank is kind of bare as we soak the rock in a dark tub ( to kill the bryopsis ) for the next month or so. She has her 1 clown, 2 snails, Tiger pistol and Blue spot goby pair. I got my 75 up and running and I am taking my sweet time getting it stocked. The 75 has a Springer damsel, Chalk Bass and Royal Gramma. I will be taking pictures shortly of the little progress that has happened and I will be working on getting the pictures back up that my wife took down by accident.
  8. Here is a list I gathered from our link below. You could do a price list on Dr Fosters or Marine Depot. 40 Gallon Breeder Tank and Stand 36 Inch Dual 150 Watt 20,000K Metal Halide Coralife Koralia Powerhead #2 (600 GPH) Koralia Powerhead #3 (850 GPH) 40 lbs Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand Corallife Aqualight Blue-Moon-Glow LED Light CPR Over Flow Box (800 GPH) Aqua Lifter Pump Mag 9.5 Return Pump (950 GPH) Coralife Super Skimmer 65 Gallon Model (325 GPH) Wet/Dry Filter Kit Azoo Cooling Fan (4 Fan unit) 20 Gallon for the sump The only thing I would change is the skimmer. I would have paid a lil bit more and got a way better one. As far as the overflow goes the hang does a good job but a drilled in overflow has a little bit more of a cleaner look.
  9. Go with a 40 Breeder and build from the ground up. For 800-1000 you can get a way sweet set-up.
  10. Pics are great. Keep them coming.
  11. RLC

    The Official All Solana Owner's Thread

    My daughter just added the 1200MJ to her tank and it seems to be doing a fine job.
  12. RLC

    The Official All Solana Owner's Thread

    Very interested in this mod....please tell more. Your a skimmer tease
  13. RLC

    The Official All Solana Owner's Thread

    How loud is that beast. That thing is huge.
  14. RLC

    The Official All Solana Owner's Thread

    To all who are not using the stock skimmer.... What are you using? Saphire Aquatics went out of business so that seems to out the window. Has anybody used AquaticLife Mini Aquarium Protein Skimmer? What do you think of it? Does it fit?
  15. As my daughter takes down the 40B and set up the Solana she is looking at your tank for guidance. We picked up the maxijet 1200 and threw out the stock pump as it is complete garbage. Keep the pics coming.