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  1. Clavius85

    FS: ecoxotic 12K PAR38 LED Lamp

    Yes, it is the 12K version and yes it is still available. Sorry for the slow response. PM'd as well.
  2. Clavius85

    New JBJ Nano Cube RL line

    I'm actually starting to lean towards the 16g Nuvo now. I really like the length of that tank. It's a little more than I want to spend and a little larger than I was planning on but I think I may now plan for the 16g.
  3. Clavius85

    New JBJ Nano Cube RL line

    Right now I'm seriously regretting selling my Vortech MP10, my ReefKeeper, my Tunze Osmolator... basically everything. I don't necessarily regret taking down my Solana. A break from the hobby has been nice. But damn, I should have kept all that equipment that I paid a fortune for. Oh well.
  4. Clavius85

    New JBJ Nano Cube RL line

    Yeah, I mean I'm definitely leaning towards the 8g Nuvo now. That is a sharp looking tank. So far this is all in the planning stages. I don't even have the money lined up to make any purchases yet and I have a lot to buy as I sold nearly everything I had relating to my previous tanks. Only thing I have left is a 12K PAR 38 which I could use in place of the stock Nuvo light. But it's kind of ugly. Anyway, I've already started an Excel spreadsheet working on what I would need to purchase to get up and running. I had forgotten how expensive this damn hobby is!
  5. Clavius85

    New JBJ Nano Cube RL line

    Thanks for the heads up. Those look like really nice setups, especially the 8g one. Not so sure about the light that comes with it though. But I'll search the forum for nuvo threads and see what I can find out.
  6. Clavius85

    New JBJ Nano Cube RL line

    http://www.jbjlighting.com/images/NanocubeRL_flyer.jpg Hey folks, looking to possibly get back into the hobby with a small tank. I saw that JBJ has these new rimless all-in-one's. Anybody have any experience with these tanks, specifically the 8g? I've been looking for build threads but haven't had any luck with search. Thanks.
  7. Clavius85

    FS: ecoxotic 12K PAR38 LED Lamp

    $60 shipped?
  8. Clavius85

    40 Gallons of Completely Unnecessary!

    Looks really good, man!
  9. Clavius85


    I got into the hobby after stumbling upon this site a few years ago. I was researching freshwater tanks and ended up on LiveAquaria. While there I started looking at the saltwater fish and thought they were way cooler. I forget how I found NR but once I found this site I was blown away by the images of tanks here. That's when I became hooked.
  10. Clavius85

    Ryan's 40b - break down 4/1

  11. Clavius85

    28g Nano HQI

    Tank looks good man. Nice growth on the montis!
  12. Clavius85

    Matt's 29g Reef

  13. Clavius85

    The "Mini" World! PIX!(rimless 10g build)

    He should just create another account. Call it, "Mini-Dude2". He'll have 4,000 posts again in like a week.
  14. Clavius85

    The "Mini" World! PIX!(rimless 10g build)

    Poor kid. I bet his password was "iliketurtles".