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  1. Pak is Back: Mr. Aqua 17Gal

    From what I remember, it's 36"W x 36"D x 18" T. I'm getting everything. Tank, stand, sump, skimmer, lights (Maxspect Mazarra Ps), rocks, corals, everything they bought for the tank. Unfortunately, I'll probably start the tank fresh. I haven't been to their place in a while so I don't know how much the corals they had have grown in, but with transport and stuff, I want to take my time getting it all setup. They were running miracle mud in the sump. I want to clean that out completely and re-arrange the equipment. I'll probably do a mixed reef. I've always been in love with the beautiful colors of SPS, so I'd really like to try my hands at more SPS corals. I will definitely be transferring my current tank contents over, so that toadstool can just grow and grow. Seriously, my favorite coral right now and probably for a long time. Watching the clown host it is so cool. I will however trim back some of the leathers just because they seem to pop up everywhere. Plan is to use the Mazarras and the AI Sol, all hung from the ceiling. I don't have an estimated timeline on when I'll get the tank, but when I do I'll be posting lots of pics.
  2. Pak is Back: Mr. Aqua 17Gal

    Got sucked away again. Purchased 2 very tiny clowns, another tailspot and a pistol shrimp. One of the clowns went MIA...have zero clue what happened to him. Other clown is living life hosting my Toadstool. Although the yellow damsel is a major a-hole and nips at him all the time. So I'm going to trap him and take him back. Or make him into sushi, not sure yet.. Pistol shrimp I haven't seen since I put him in the tank, but his tunnel network is quite impressive. In other news, I've been offered a friend's 100 gallon cube.. complete setup. I helped them get this tank up and running while I was staying with them, and now that they are moving into a smaller condo, they don't have the space. So I was given first offer (free of charge mind you)... what to do with 100 gallons!?!?!
  3. Pak is Back: Mr. Aqua 17Gal

    I've had one in the past. I literally never saw it. I don't know how a pair or even 3 would be in there, but I'll consider it. Definitely want fish with a lot of personality.
  4. Pak is Back: Mr. Aqua 17Gal

    Well I've had a stream of bad luck this weekend. I bought a green clown goby earlier last week, only for him to kick the bucket 2 days later. Then my tailspot jumped, and do I mean, jumped. My wife found him a good 3-4 feet away from the tank. I was super bummed about it because he was my favorite fish. Then due to power issues over the weekend, I lost my blue damsel. Not sure if he strayed too close to my MP10 when it restarted, but he was sandwiched in the opening. So, down to the yellow damsel and the impossible to find prawn goby. I want another tailspot, but debating changing it up for something new. Any suggestions??
  5. Pak is Back: Mr. Aqua 17Gal

    Its actually working really well. I know I don't clean it as much as I probably should, but it's been working out for me. I like the added water volume, the additional flow and the amount of media I can stuff in there. Plus, I think it's a lot less of a hassle to clean then a HOB. Thanks Hype! Glad to be back as well. Thank you! Just filter floss (pillow stuffing), carbon and phosphate remover. I've got 2 of the chambers stuffed with filter floss, and the middle one has both the carbon and phosphate pads. I've considered an inline, just never tried it. I'm also using the TOM Aquarium Surface skimmer adapter for it. Has made a massive difference in the surface proteins/grime.
  6. Pak is Back: Mr. Aqua 17Gal

    Thanks! Thanks! I've done some softies before, but not a softie dominated tank. Its working out quite well so far. I'd like to get some more LPS in there. Maybe a couple SPS pieces, but nothing crazy. I'm waiting for a future tank upgrade to do an SPS dominated tank. Thanks! Right now my tailspot blenny (all time favorite fish), yellow damsel (bully of the tank), blue damsel and a flame prawn goby, which makes rare appearances. He has a nice tunnel burrowed though. Thank you! Thanks!
  7. After a long hiatus from posting and being on NR, I'm officially back. Below is my year and a half old 17 Gal. I've been taking the simple approach with this tank. Minimal water changes (maybe 1 a month), canister filter and a lot of feeding. I think the only tank I've owned that rivaled growth was my original cube. Equipment Mr. Aqua 17 gal Vortech MP10 Aqua Illumination Sol Blue Fluval 306 Canister Filter Livestock Tailspot Blenny Yellow Damsel Blue Damsel Flame Prawn Goby 1 Turbo Snail Misc. Hermits & Snails Sexy Shrimp Maxi-mini Anemones Corals Toadstool Leather Purple Xenia Cauliflower Coral Duncans Bam Bam Zoas Jumbo Emerald Green Zoas Green Plate Coral Red & Green Striped Mushroom corals
  8. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    I'm a little nervous about it as I have no idea what to expect, but super pumped about having a daughter and the adventure that awaits. Congrats on yours too! I've had this current tank up and running for about a year and half now. Mr Aqua 17 gallon. Took the simple approach with it and it's been thriving so far. Possibly my best tank, which I'm really happy about. I'll try to get a new thread started tonight. Thanks for the link! Awesome photos! I really need to get a macro lens.
  9. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Things are really, really good. Had quite a stir in my life a couple years ago, but now things are much better. First mini-Pak due to arrive end of July. So I'll have someone to teach the hobby to. I need to get some pics of my new tank up too. I've been trying to read through the 100+ pages of this thread. Hunting for pictures too. Do you have a link to high-res shots?
  10. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    It's been a long time since I've logged in here. But I had to comment on your tank Hype. Stunning. Literally stunning. Always loved your tanks, glad to see you back on here and what an amazing tank.
  11. Nano Italiano.......

    I had to sign in just to comment on this guy. Nice tank, gorgeous light! That thing is a work of art!
  12. Pak's 7.5g Rimless Cube

    Thanks Jay! Belated Congrats on TOTM! Hope things have been going well for you.
  13. Pak's 7.5g Rimless Cube

    It has been a very long time since my last post. Life got crazy, work has been crazy this year and some personal events have kept me from logging on much. Unfortunately I do have bad news. The 7.5gal is no more. I took it down last weekend. Was going to throw the towel in for some time but decided that I couldn't part with my corals so I kept them in a bucket until I could find an alternative solution to get them back into. Sadly that didn't work out as I've lost almost all of them. I picked up a JBJ 3 gal this past Saturday in a rush to get things back up and running. I've slowly removed corals as they've died off. Its such a depressing thing to look at. What was once something I was so proud and fond of has become the focal point of how my life has turned these last 4 weeks. Right now I'm looking for a replacement light for the stock lamp and was hoping that I could get some suggestions from all of you. I am not sure how long the JBJ will be up and running as there is a possibility that I might transfer this into a larger tank if my friends decide to take the plunge, but for now it's so pitiful looking that I just want to get it back to where it once was. I've looked at the Beamsworks and a few others, but was hoping that the true experts of tanks this small could chime in with their opinions.
  14. Yasha's paradise

    Details on that stand? Such a simple, yet tasteful setup! Very clean!! I love it.
  15. Pak's 7.5g Rimless Cube

    Just wanted to provide a quick update. Put in a couple of new zoa/paly frags yesterday that I purchased from my LFS. One of them I don't even know what it is because it was closed up, but I got a decent deal on it and it was a very nicely covered frag plug, so I'll take it. I wish I had more room in my tank as they had some stellar frags that were huge for only $30. Too big for my tank though. I lost 2 of my frags that I ordered online, though I can't particularly say it was anything I did. The condition they came in was pretty poor. Couple that with the fact that they frag sizes were tiny and I didn't have very high hopes for survival. Thankfully the rest of them are doing pretty well. I'm just hoping they really take off now. Saw my pom pom crab for the first time in a couple months the other night. So glad to see he was doing well. Though I couldn't tell if he still had his pom pom anemones.