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  1. best LFS

    Coral Connection in Kenner Louisiana...800 gal display reef tank. Huge selection and decent pricing. coralconnection.com
  2. noob looking for advice on 29g set up

    i have a 29g on a budget myself so i understand where you're coming from. I'm running 4 t-5 lights right now and I'm saving up for the halide as we speak. It's better off if you get all your equipment together before you really start stocking. I'm using maxijets myself for current along with a hob refugium and a chiller, so i'm getting plenty of current for my corals.
  3. FireShrimp Died in 2 days =(

    i've got about 8 emeralds in my tank along with 2 fire shrimp and they don't even notice each other. It's possible your shrimp could be hiding after it "molted".
  4. is it still up for sale? i'm interested.
  5. Powersweeps

    aite...thanks for the input...I'm prolly going to go with something else then, if the powersweeps ever go out.
  6. Powersweeps

    Ok...I have a 29g tank. I'm running with (3) Maxijet 600. I was thinking of replacing the Maxijets with Powersweeps for a little better current flow. What is your opinion on Powersweeps? Is it worth it to get? Future modifications to the tank are a chiller and metal haleide lighting. I plan on going with acros and mushrooms in the tank.
  7. Regular firerfish and purple firefish

    Well I've had my 2 Firefish gobies for a while now in my 29g tank and I haven't had any problems with them being aggressive towards each other. They just swim in the middle of the tank and hide at night.
  8. Ok I have a 29 gallon tank and I bought the T-5 lights for it. It's (4) 24W bulbs...(2) 10000k and (2) actinic. I love it in my tank. It's as bright as MH with less heat. But I haven't seen a lot of ppl using it or even talking about it. Is there something I don't know about it?
  9. new spikey worm

    If not you can always buy a bristleworm trap...it's works great and I don't have any in my tank at all. Just set the trap at night and the next morning you'll have the worm in it.
  10. Cool...exactly what are they good for? and what kind of pods are they?
  11. Skunk, peppermint, or blood?

    Well I have 3 of the Blood Fire shrimp...and they are AWESOME!! I originally bought 2 b/c I read they they are better kept in pairs, but the LFS I go to sells it for $15-$20 depending on how many he gets, so I had to get another one. They're really hardy too.
  12. Hi I'm pretty new to the Nano-reef scene. I've had my tank for about 4months now and I have a question...I was looking at my tank the other night, and I saw white specks on my glass. My first assumption was that it was just specks of sand on the glass. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the "specks" were moving. I can't really describe them, just that they look like specks of sand, reallly small, white color, that's barely visible. Is this a good thing or should I start scraping them off the glass?? Tank Specs: 29 gallon Equipment: - CPR bakpak skimmer - T-5 lighting - Eheim 250 Filter - 60 lbs of live sand - 40 lbs of live rock Livestock: - Elegant Coral - Button Polyps - Pagoda - Blue-Green Mushrooms - Star Polyps (very small fragment) - (2) Fire Shrimp - (2) Emerald Crab - (15) Turbo Snails