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  1. To carbon or not to carbon,

    I use chemipure elite, and my water is crystal clear. As mentioned, carbon will work too.
  2. Newbie's New Fusion 40 Build :)

    I like option #6 as well. It adds a little more surface area than option #5.
  3. New guy on the block

    Welcome! There is a lot of flexibility to tank setups now a days. You can go high tech or low tech. My first tank was an AIO (Aquapod), but I didn't care for it as much as my standard 10 gallon with an Aquaclear 70. It really comes down to personal preference. I suggest just checking out the featured tanks. I know you have the biocube and fluval on your list, but I'd also like to suggest the IM Nuvo tanks as well.
  4. Abyss Panorama Single or Pair of Clowns Tailspot Blenny Pink Streaked Wrasse Tank would be bursting with personality!
  5. Looking good so far! I'm diggin' that mini arch way.
  6. I was given a 12G Aquapod, please help!

    You could also get a DIY LED Kit, and you can keep your hood. Just keep an eye out for whats for sale. You might luck out and get something much better for around what you're looking so spend.
  7. I was given a 12G Aquapod, please help!

    Sounds good! I still have the stock hood on. I just stripped it and added the Ecoxotics and 2 fans to it. I do suggest some sort of lid/top though. I couldn't live with the stress of having an open top. Your best bet is probably configuring something with mesh/screen for the top. Unless you could get glass cut to the Aquapod's top shape. Or you can just go topless!
  8. I was given a 12G Aquapod, please help!

    You should be fine with LPS and Softies for sure then. Just thought I'd make sure. I'd only pick one out of the hammer/frogspawn/torch trio. Also, you'll want to keep an eye on the xenia and GSP, because they spread like wildfire! Lol
  9. Moving tank, question with sand

    You should be good if you're testing that diligently, and you always have the other tank it sounds like, if you start to see a spike in things, or you can just do a hefty water change. Hopefully you'll get a second opinion in here soon, but you should be good.
  10. I was given a 12G Aquapod, please help!

    Yeah, one should be perfect. I've seen them on bigger tanks! Do you know what corals you're looking to have? I THINK this light might be okay for SPS, if you're into that thing. I'd definitely get a second opinion on that one though.
  11. Moving tank, question with sand

    Sounds like you're good to go then. You can always do frequent water changes for a while after you add the new sand. Just make sure not to be too eager about putting your fish back in. That would suck to get a spike after putting your fish back in!
  12. Moving tank, question with sand

    I'm not 100% on if the dry sand would cause any less of a cycle to be honest. I would personally just get more of the same sand and wait for the spike though, especially if you have somewhere to keep your fish.
  13. I was given a 12G Aquapod, please help!

    Things have definitely been changing a bit these last few years! You could look into the Par bulbs. I think they're the Par38's. Quite a few people still use those and are happy with them. I think they're around 90? I could be way off, but that's a good place to start. Those are basic "plug and play" lights too. If you want more controllability you might want to keep an eye out for an AI Prime. They're not bad for the price, and I'm sure you could find one cheaper than the standard $200, either on sale or used. I've heard more bad things about their mount than the light itself, so thats a plus... I think. Lol
  14. Controlling temperature on nanocube.

    I had temp. problems in my Aquapod, and when I switched to LED's I still had a bit of an issue, so I added two fans. The temperature stays at a constant temperature without the fans even being turned up to half power. I have a controller to turn the heater on at night as well, so the temps stay pretty constant.
  15. Moving tank, question with sand

    If you don't have any inhabitants yet then I would just get some more live sand and wait it out. You'll probably get a bit of a cycle going regardless of new sand, because you'll be stirring it up when you move it. You should definitely get that dried coralline off of there. You'll be happy you did later on.