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  1. Sea Dragon?!

    I've seen them at the shed aquarium in chicago.
  2. Bluesman's 4 foot shallow reef

    Here's a better picture of the pair.
  3. Bluesman's 4 foot shallow reef

    My yasha finally found his friend. When I try to take too many pictures of him, he gets angry...
  4. Test it with another kit. Take some water to the LFS and have them test it (or if that's what you did, buy a kit yourself). That calcium level must be impossible. It would be snowing in your tank I think.
  5. where to buy a mini spear gun

    My peppermint shrimp tries to clean my hand when I put it in the tank. I could probably grab him if I wanted him out.
  6. Got 2 IDs for ya! Blenny and SPS.

    The coral is maybe a green montipora digitata.
  7. T5HO Fixtures: 4 Bulb ATI PM or 6 Bulb Tek Elite

    My aquactinics TX5 is also a nice fixture.
  8. Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Your tank looks awesome in that vid.
  9. Success Rate of Removing Trim from 10g?

    I wouldn't do it, just because the glass is so thin in a 10g. I'd be afraid of cutting myself on the exposed top.
  10. JTumbleweeds 58 gallon Clams/SPS

    Tank looks great!
  11. local tfs not doing so good

    I live in Boulder. The only places that I've heard good things about are aquamart and aqua imports (in boulder). Most LFS I have been to are terrible... they should go under. The second fish store in Boulder is horrible the livestock is overpriced, doesn't look healthy, and some of it is mislabeled. They have a ton of Camel shrimp marked as peppermints for sale at $15 each.
  12. cycle done

    I don't think that you can kill GSP. I knocked a frag of it behind my rocks and found it upside down a few months later. It wasn't dead...
  13. 30g Rimless shallow build (Up And Running!)

    Very cool. Shallow tanks FTW! Is the overflow going to be noisy? Are you going to have some kind of stand pipe in there?
  14. Bluesman's 4 foot shallow reef

    Here's a pic of my toadstool which was closed the last time I was taking pics. Awesome color, but it doesn't seem to grow very fast.