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  1. April 2012 Reef Profile - Marc3Lo19

    Awesome tank!! That is what I would want with a bigger/longer tank is 2 islands underwater.
  2. DHaut's Barracuda

    The tank looks awesome.
  3. 6 Gallon Nano

    Here is a new pic of a coral I got the other day.
  4. 6 Gallon Nano

    Here is a top down shot of the tank.
  5. 6 Gallon Nano

    Here is a better pic of the fungi looking a little happier and settling in.
  6. My 10g Nano Unfiltered

    Your tank looks great. I was actually thinking about different light cycles as well since I have been combining my LEDs with my old fixture and was thinking of getting them all setup on different timers to see what happens.
  7. 6 Gallon Nano

    Thanks, yeah it sucked. I am very happy with what I have going now and really just can't wait for what I have to grow in. I am only watching out for zoas that I can't resist and some really awesome rics as well.
  8. 6 Gallon Nano

    Unfortunately everything before post 92 didn't survive the crash.
  9. 6 Gallon Nano

    Here is the latest of my new corals. I think it was called a sunset fungi or a sunrise fungi. I also came home from a week long vacation and my new LED bulb isn't working. I sent it off to be replaced and to also get a second one to fully cover the aquarium.
  10. 6 Gallon Nano

    Here are pics with the new LED Par38 20k Light.
  11. 6 Gallon Nano

    Well my light died so I ordered a Par 38 LED 20th. It should be in later today. I will post new pics once it is up & going.
  12. My Insatiable FLUVAL EDGE

    Very cool tank. I always like seeing other people with 6 gallon tanks on here too.
  13. EZ's Mantis EcoPico

    That looks awesome so far.
  14. HecticDialectic's ADA 10G

    Looks great!
  15. 6 Gallon

    Thanks, Yes it is getting plenty of light.