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  1. Thanks, Yes it is getting plenty of light.
  2. Here is my little 6 Gallon nano.
  3. Those look awesome.
  4. Ric

  5. My favorite and only ric right now. I do plan on adding just a few more soon.
  6. I saw my peppermint shrimp out working on the aiptasia there on the rock.
  7. Here is my new green tip under the moon lights amd my new arrow crab chowing down on a bristle worm.
  8. My 2 new additions. I just went to get the arrow crab, then saw the nem glowing in another tank.
  9. That looks really good. Can't wait to get mine to looking good again after the crash.
  10. Is that a pic that the Mars Land Rover sent back to earth?
  11. I love plate. I want them all but only have a 6 gallon right now.
  12. I was thinking of getting one of those. There are 2 small frags at one of the LFSes I go to.