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  1. WTB 1/2 inch female threaded Loc-line parts

    Thats all anyone seems to have. Im having problems finding the female parts LOL! I need the top left part but female. I dont think they make them anymore. Kinda stupid if you ask me.
  2. WTB 1/2 inch female threaded Loc-line parts

    30 views and no one has some parts laying around? Im sure someone has a bucket of plumbing parts collecting dust. Hook a brother up.
  3. Does anyone have any laying around? I can't seem to find them online. Thanks
  4. Konolua - Volcano Tank

    I was wondering if those coastal crabs eat you Zoas or Pallys.I may try this in my 4x4x12!
  5. Yuma garden

  6. Clam eaten through bottom... What did this?

    I had the same thing happen to my clam the other morning.the day before he was retracted. yesterday it looked like a hole has been munched out of it.still alive on day two.not looking to good tho
  7. Acan eating hammer

    it does look bad.I say move it too. Probably toast by now tho
  8. Acan eating hammer

    Looks like, and says its a Hammer
  9. Aussi Acans and Favias

    nice looking stuff!
  10. I have multible bags of this stuff. when one turns dark tan I pull it out and switch it with one that Ive (charged up) with the the bleach method.would it be overkill to toss an extra bag in there? or would it just take out more junk? I have a BC29 with the INTANK rack .floss,purigen then chemipure elite.thanks!
  11. sick YWG

    Not sure.whatever it was left a hole in his side,I could see his spine at one point now its just a little spot.Im just glad the lil guy is ok.
  12. sick YWG

    Well if anyone whats to know. my little guy pulled through.I used Seachem Focus.worked like a charm.
  13. how do I get rid of green hair algae

    H2O2 and a couple big water changes a week knocked most of mine out. and get your hand in there and pull that crap!
  14. I just orderd from INTANK..again

    Well,Im kind of new to this whole interweb thing.NR is the first place I ever posted on.I guess you could say Im learning something new every day.