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  1. Anyone have an Eclipse 12 hood they're not using or don't want? I don't need anything other than the black plastic piece. Thanks.
  2. This is still available. Great starter coral. Very good growth and lower light demand. Can grow even more if you feed it. I fed it once every two weeks and it has exploded on me.
  3. Interested in lights, 20h and refugium. Please let me know.
  4. Bubble Anemone is large, ~5-6" fully inflated. Fluorescent green. Looking for $20. Price negotiable if you have stuff to trade such as zoos or rics. Also looking for blue mushrooms.
  5. Oh, also just wanted to say your thread triggered a song in my head. Hello Cycle, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again. he, he.
  6. I'd agree with Isaka. Even though your cycle seemed pretty mild, tanks will continue to cycle for a little bit after the initial one, just smaller. Kinda like after a big earthquake, you have aftershocks. I'd wait at least a couple more weeks before adding stuff just to be sure the tank has stabilized a bit more. When I set up my nano, I bought rock off another reefer here on NR and LS from an LFS so there was barely any cycle, similar to your situation. I added everything slowly and the tank is doing great right now.
  7. I have a NIB Corallife 20" Powerquad, never used, box never opened. PM me if you're interested.
  8. Currently I have a red-headed goby in my 12g. I have a clown recovering from ich and I may add a firefish eventually.
  9. Well, I'd say firstly that with that many fish in a 20L, it's not surprising that your fish died. Also from the sounds of it, your fish was not healthy in the first place. Also the type of fish you have (tang) does not fit the type of tank you have. Sorry if this sounds like a flame, but it appears you didn't do your homework before buying.
  10. trial, like jaguilar said, you don't have to ditch the hood to increase the light. I did a 96W powerquad retrofit on my eclipse and it is great. only thing is that it was about the same cost as a corallife fixture so you still might want to stay with the corallife. Also as gabbey said, there will be increased evaporation. As for the skimmer, I don't have one currently. I don't even run the stock filter or any other HOB filter. I just do a 1g water change every week and as necessary and that has been more than adequate. So if you're tight on money, just get the light upgrade, do you water changes and save up for the skimmer to be purchased later.
  11. Gil, you the great fish eye now? ha, ha.
  12. I have a 96W powerquad on my Eclipse 12 hood. I created my own retrofit kit. I ordered the 96W ballast from innovative lighting solutions (, then I ordered the 50/50 bulb and 18" (or perhaps 19") reflector from hellolights. If I remember correctly, it came out to ~$100. I placed the reflector over the pre-existing holes in the hood and drilled into the reflector where there were indentations. I also drilled holes for the metal hanging clips. You have to kind of work with the clips to take out the bend so that you can slip the clip between the openings on the bulb. I had to drill out the clips a little to fit the nuts and bolts I bought to attach the clips to the reflector. I also bought a couple longer bolts with nuts to attach the water-proof endcap to the reflector, but you could probably get away with just using twisty ties if you want. HTH
  13. you Da Bomb Kracker! Nice set-up.
  14. You can get 3g water jugs (filled with drinking water) from Smart and Final. check them out. I think a jug was $3-4.
  15. Ok, so if I have 2 150 DE MH's over a 50 in old style pendants, it would be enough to have them 5 inches from the water to where the bulb is inside the pendant?