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  1. Well Apex's heartbeat feature is pretty cool. Home internet is down so it texts me saying that it's currently disconnected. Myagi and pc rainbow didn't make it I'm on a bit of a stay-cation for the next 12 days so I'm hoping to find some locals with sunny d's and fruit loops and some other z's and probably go out and get some more coral. Still continues with vibrant trying to kill off the bubble algae.
  2. Forgot how top downs look awesome especially the colors of corals Thanks Dave! Clam seems to be great and funny how they know your lighting schedule too
  3. Yes yes I do!!!!! Make it happen captain! Dude tank looks awesome... and that new foxface looks good!
  4. View from the loft
  5. Had the doser off for 5 days... hmmm alk 7.4 (Hanna) cal 500 (Red Sea) mag 1500 (salifert) ive been using red sea pro salt for awhile now. Don't know why the cal is so high. I'm gonna turn the alk back on and try and bump that up to 7.8-8 ish. Granted all I have is small frags in my tank and the clam so obviously nothings using it up yet. Need some more sticks and zoo's want me some sunny d's and fruit loops Also did a water change yesterday, always do a 5gal change on sat or Sunday. And replaced carbon/gfo and changed the socks and flipped the ball of cheato over.
  6. Damn! Hope mine turns into that
  7. Solid shit! What's that last one? Cali tort ?
  8. Orrrrrr the heater is fine and clogged filter socks were slowing the flow through the sump too much... hmmmm my bad. Hopefully that's what it was
  9. Nice! Where ya get um?
  10. Congrats Harry, hope my reefer looks half as good as yours someday
  11. Anxiously awaiting one of your 15% off coupons so I can order a new aquamaxx skimmer
  12. Clam enjoying some natural sun
  13. Back from a mini vaca and no casualties. However I think I need a new heater. When I filled the tank up it took 80gallons and I use a Eheim jager 150w set at 79-80. And controlled by my apex which turns it on at 77 and off at 78. Heater is in the skimmer chamber of the sump and the temp probe is in the return section. Yesterday and today there have been some 4 degree temp swings over the course of a few hours then gradually works itself back up. Don't think the heater can keep up. So time for either a finnex 300w titanium heater and let the apex control it or upgrade to the 200w jager. Not sure which to go with
  14. LRS my leopard eats it like a pig