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  1. I get outta work around 130-145, could meet you there at 2? If your free.
  2. Yep that and the katapora, everything else , I'll try to come this week! You working from home any days?? I'm normally off of work by 130-2pm and could swing over after that
  3. I gotta come get them frags even my mother inlaw said my tank looks empty
  4. Bought this guy a month ago without reading the measurements and it's too large for the space I want to use it. 75bucks cash picked up or 85 shipped, also includes the attachment to hang from sump or tank. same exact as this
  5. WOW Bring to new page
  6. Lmao
  7. Mine from Rodger is crazy colorful... also the only thing in my tank blossoming
  8. I need to come get some fragz already! Whatcha get???? Reefwise?
  9. Save me green fuzzy stick and a bunch of those zoo's
  10. New position at work doesn't leave me with lots of nr time anymore haha 4am-2pm. Life's about to change big time come August katapora is the best looking coral in my tank considering I really don't have much greens and purples and constant pe, really need to get some more stuff. Tested cal at 460 alk at 7.9 and sg at 1.025. Leopard wrasse is still eatting like a pig and the clowns have continued to spawn like clock work. Not much else, need a different heater and maybe new skimmer finally.
  11. Hmmm possible after work. Now on that 4am-2pm shift
  12. You have fragz hmmm when can I come get some...
  13. ^ man that's weird... hope that remedys it.
  14. Love the 350!! Hmmm might try to swing it. New position at work has me working 4am-130ish everyday now. Need to really start filling this sucker in.
  15. Holy moly!!!!!!!!!