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  1. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    875$ shipped
  2. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    Bump to offers
  3. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    Royal blue rebel blue and violet I believe if it's just the beams on they look like an actinic t5
  4. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    Labor Day bump
  5. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    I will accept resonable offers as well.
  6. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    That pic was during assembly haven't taken any up skirt shots recently
  7. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    The ballast would have to be added but the space is there on the outsides of the beams for it. I'm sure Dave could go over specifics on it
  8. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    Forgot, 100leds of glory! Black body and blue screws
  9. Morning all, well had my first kiddo a week ago as have zero time for anything right now. Rather than let this coral growing machine go wasted I'd rather someone else enjoy it right now. So this is A nanobox hybrid but where two t'5s would be are two of his 24" beams that have a nice actinic color to them. 4 of his v3.1 led clusters with mint. My impressions are it's pretty freakin amazing. Color is awesome. Still haven't played that much with it. I think it lights this 47" tank of mine quite well. The beams are controlled by themselves on channel 5 of the bluefish. If you have any questions please let me know and I'm sure Dave would chime in. 950 shipped and insured. PayPal +3% fee sold as is in perfect working order. Kleinreef was just over at my house and could also verify it's perfect. It's also expandable if you'd like to add two more 24" beams or two 24" t5's in there. And the unit has only been used for 9 months
  10. Blue star leopard is still a beast in my tank 👍🏻
  11. How's that nem doing?

  12. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Guess since my reactor never sold I should set something like this up 🤔