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  1. Yes yes you should! Lemme know!!
  2. Too large for the space I wanted it to fit in the sump.
  3. Let me get sum sunny d's those are my fav!
  4. Vibrant will be here today. Hopefully to kill this bubble algae before it turns into a plague. And damn I need to sell that brand new aqua maxx reactor already
  5. Mine pretty much only eats LRS, trying to get her to eat pellets still. Shows interest but nothing yet
  6. Beyond the reef about a year ago. Also eats Julian sprungs aswell
  7. Woot woot and the yellow tang finally eats nori
  8. Well atleast found my thread, still lost on how to find the rest that i follow and hate that i can't desktop view on my iPhone
  9. Deciding on whether or not to fight fire with fire and try vibrant at killing off the bubble algae before it turns into a plague. Mariaface had success with it killing bubble algae. Granted it's just a few here and there but on each rock. And I need to get some Zoas already... still have 5 frags in the sump that need to get mounted in the tank aswell
  10. You had success with vibrant riding your tank of it?
  11. nope everything was dipped that's gone in the new tank.
  12. yeaaaa pretty much. I'll have to borrow my sister-in laws dslr some day. And WTF WTF WTF there's small amounts of bubble algae popping up on the sand bed and rocks... all the new tank algae has cleared up on the back wall and rock I'm hoping this will aswell. Changed out the carbon/Gfo yesterday and still add 2 drops of phosphate rx every morning
  13. hello hello new tank is looking good missy!Quick fts through my polarized sunglasses. Mounted some frags during yesterday's watcher change. Not sure if I like where I put the katapora up top left.
  14. iPhone 6s don't think I can do that, and haha nice. Yea this sump is perfect for the tank and I've kept it clean for the most part.