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  1. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    It is a super nice light I just don’t have the time anymore to use it to it’s potential, it’ll grow anything and give you a tan!
  2. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    800$ shipped +PayPal fee
  3. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    Jeeze life is busy with a 6month old.... bump
  4. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NSFW**

    Many harry your tank looks amazing as always, only good looking thing in my tank is my katapora which is freakin amazing and I don’t know how. Teal/green base and bright purple tips with tons of pe. I’ve slacked at maintaing the tank since my kid was born the end of August
  5. Whatcha use for phosphate media again?
  6. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NSFW**

    Harry what bulb combo do you use? Probably picking up a 36” 6bulb ati dimable from a local. Selling the nanoreef light
  7. Fs: Nanobox Hybrid hybrid aka mimic

    Bump it up let's get this sold