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  1. Guess since my reactor never sold I should set something like this up 🤔
  2. I got you! Mine is starting to color back up again and grow. Mama clown fish was a biatch to the nem and beat it senseless. I need to grab a larger one someday 😉
  3. 😔
  4. Ups and downs due to some struggles with my new position and just being exhausted. Katapora browned a bit but is starting to turn around. Got lazy with my routine maintenance some more bubble algae popped up and a bit of HA. Getting back in a routine. Big news is our first kiddo will join this worked in late August. Tank may switch to all softy with a cpl sps. Probably will sell this bad ass light to someone who can really use its potential. Life's busy busy busy
  5. Yep give um more time you'll be good, mine is still a fat pig and only eats LRS and algae sheets. Thank you again for those frags, need to mount them now that they have been on the frag rack for a bit.
  6. How are the hydra 52's working out? I think that's what you were using
  7. Harry check your pm, I've got a fuge light I'll trade ya for some fragz
  8. I get outta work around 130-145, could meet you there at 2? If your free.
  9. Yep that and the katapora, everything else , I'll try to come this week! You working from home any days?? I'm normally off of work by 130-2pm and could swing over after that
  10. I gotta come get them frags even my mother inlaw said my tank looks empty
  11. Bought this guy a month ago without reading the measurements and it's too large for the space I want to use it. 75bucks cash picked up or 85 shipped, also includes the attachment to hang from sump or tank. same exact as this
  12. WOW Bring to new page
  13. Lmao
  14. Mine from Rodger is crazy colorful... also the only thing in my tank blossoming
  15. I need to come get some fragz already! Whatcha get???? Reefwise?