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  1. SOLD

    You are a skimmer buyin machine. Not using the 9002 anymore?
  2. Power inverter or generator. Power inverter can be hooked up to an idling car and used to run a few pumps. The unit I have will run my return pump and MP10. It should even run my heater. Only time we have lost power here in Seattle was during a crazy winter storm 2 years ago. We have lost it once or twice for less than a minute since then. http://www.nano-reef.com/articles/_/advanced/surviving-extended-power-outages-r17
  3. Zoanthid color fading

    You could be shocking them. I went from Kessils to AI Nanos and had the same issues. The AI Nanos looked twice as bright as my Kessils. I ran the Nanos at like 50% and had all the issues you talk about. I bumped them up to like 70% and they looked worse. Switched back to Kessils last week and things are looking much better again. So I attributed it to the crappy LEDs in the AI Nanos. And possibly the tight optics which make them like a solid beam of light from each LED. My Kessils have much more spread.
  4. Dosh.0 - The UNOFFICIAL NR crapper. Bring your own TP.

    Check out what CAD put in a thread when I said I sold the reactor. Funny thing is the reactor was never posted. So nobody could send links for it being for sale as it was sold to a friend.
  5. The Zoa and Paly Club

    Looks that way. But he seems to have made up a name to generate more profit. There is no zoa/paly by that name anywhere that I can find.
  6. Dosh.0 - The UNOFFICIAL NR crapper. Bring your own TP.

    1 month down. Fatboy is still in jail.
  7. Kessil a150w ocean blue with gooseneck

    Still pending? If not PM me.
  8. Neptune Apex Jr

    They work with caution. No updating over wifi. And if something happens and you can't connect via wifi for some odd reason it can be very hard to get it back. That said I've only had one issue using mine on Wifi.
  9. Making a relay controlled power strip

    If your parents home insurance company knew the crap you are making they would drop them in a second.
  10. Ikea furniture for stands

    It is called laminate. It isn't a vinyl sticker.
  11. Making your own propeller pump

    SolidWorks can be torrented very easily.
  12. Making your own propeller pump

    Then why the hell waste the money? More junk.
  13. Hawaii Zoas

    I pm'd awhile back. He was going on vacation and was gonna PM me. He never did.
  14. most expensive fish owned

    Like $40.