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  1. Now the question is can I change the color of the mini tide I found locally. Doesn't match the tank
  2. I am thinking maybe the mini tide. I just don't want to significantly limit what I can keep and where in the tank
  3. I am picking up a Pico aquariums 20 AIO this weekend. The tank is a 18x18x18 cube. Looking to do a tank mainly dedicated to zoa and Rock nems. I will toss in choice LPS pieces and may try my hand at SPS. I am stuck I do not know which light to purchase. Do I go with a Mini tide fixture or do I go with a Duo. I what even light coverage but do not want excessive light spillage in the room.
  4. Cadlight tanks are great I have a artisan 2 50 long. First tank came chipped they sent me out a tank. They were great to work with except for the shipping company they are an outside company and sucked at delivering my tank.
  5. Last pic the modified version looks best
  6. No they had them about two years ago I have one and have seen a few used used ones come up for sale in my area. Cadlights does make custom tanks upon request though
  7. Try to find a Cadlights 50 long or see if they will build you a custom
  8. Look at court jester gobys. Easily one of my favorite fish I have ever kept. Great colors, interesting body shape, always visible, and paired easily with my shrimp
  9. Trying to decide on an AIO setup. The tank has to be 24" or less in length 18-20 being more desirable. Thinking of thinks like Fusion 10, 20, 40. I also have been in contact with someone trying to buy their Pico Aquairums 20. Not interested in bio cube he them in the past. Like the Red Sea max stuff but not the price right now. I had a current Solana 34 and regret selling it all the time. I am leaning towards the Pico 20 but let me know what you think.
  10. Has anyone used E5 bulbs in an ATI fixture
  11. I have a Cadlights 50 long artisan tank 36x18x18. This tank was running before we moved over the winter and I broke it down. I am planning on setting it back up soon. I am trying to decide on what I want to do for lighting the tank. I still have my gen2 radion with wide angle lenses. I don't think I'll be using this light again on the tank I had a lot of shadowing on the sides of the tank. The options in thinking of now are ATI 36" 6 bulb fixture Nanobox quad led fixture 2 Kessil pendents not sure of 160 or 360 size Any other ideas food then out there. The tank will mainly be Zoas, Rock nems, some LPS and may try my hand at a few SPS
  12. I had done it without a dry box and sure enough power outage killed it
  13. I tried a lemon peel it lasted 15 minutes before I had to rip the tank apart to get him out, eat like 30 zoas immediately
  14. How do you like that fixture I have been thinking about picking on up