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  1. All Corals are Dying -Help!

    Ok so I had some Red Slime which I've been fighting for a while, decided to use some Red Slime Remover, followed the instruction except: 1) I did not put in an air stone for extra oxygin. 2) I put in 2 scoops for my 24g Nano, I think that may have been a little too much. After the 48hr treatment period, I did a 5gal water change. Plugged in my skimmer, added my Carbon sock...All was looking good went to sleep, around 2pm the next day the lights came on, check on the tank around 5pm all was looking good & then about 7pm all my corals were dying. SPS, frogspawn, ricardias, muchrooms, toadstools, muchrooms, everything. Did a 10gal salt water did my change, corals looked to have responded a little, came back 3hrs later & everything is all shriveled up, zoes are closed & the SPS is looking white. I did notice that my skimmer cord attached to the pumb was frayed & was smoking when I pulled it out of the water. My parameters are all in check. Is there any thing I can do? What do you think happened?
  2. Adding on to a LED strip

    How do I add on to an Edison opto 6 LED strip (purchased from nanotunners). I want to add 4 TV to this one strip which is now attached to its own driver. Can I adjust solder from the other end of the strip directly into the new LEDs? Or should I just order another driver for the new LEDs?
  3. I think 46 LED in a 28g is a little overkill.
  4. True Violets

    By adding True Violets what effect does it have on the colors we see. More Blue? More Fluorescence? Or is the only benefit coral growth?
  5. LED's setup

    Thanks. But do you know if the OCW come solderless. If so where? Also can I use thermal adhesive or the stick on thermal adhesive to attach solderless LED's.
  6. LED's setup

    I would like to know if what I'm planning make sense. My tank is a NC 24 which right now has 18 Led (9 RB + 9 CW) these are on strips purchased from nanotunners. And on dimmerless drivers. I would like to add the following solderless LED's. 4 RB 4 Blue 4 UV 4 NW 1 Red (620-630nm) 1 Green (520-535nm) Which would give me the following: 13 RB 9 CW 4 Blue 4 UV 4 NW 1 Red 1 Green The new LED's will run two dimmable drivers. I would like to keep SPS as well as softies.
  7. Nanotunner LED Strips

    I purchased a 5.6 Nanotunners kit awhile ago for my 24 NC. I have the Edison Opto (700ma). One of the strips has shorted out & another strip has two LEDs burned out. Where can I purchase a new strip & or new leds? Is there a better option in replacing the original? Thanks in advance.
  8. thanks for the reply.
  9. My Clam has positioned himself hanging perpendicular (to the sand bed) off a cliff. His foot looks like it is stretched out clinging on with the extra weight it is now bearing. The clam moved after being irritated by the urchin grazing off the shell.
  10. Detached Duncan Head

    One Duncan head has become completely detached from its stalk & another two are on their way. What can I do? Will they regrow skeleton if I can somehow reattach them. What's the best way to reattach? My Params are all good
  11. zoa food

    My Zoe's will eat the Fish Pellets. Not all but some definitely gobble it up. My Armor of God loved them at first grew from 2 polyps to over 12 twelve, but not they refuse. And maybe coincidentally have not been multiplying. Same with Mysis.
  12. Dendro Attachement

    Thanks I guess I'll try gluing it. Should I fill up the cavity with glue to prevent any critters from getting inside. or just enough on the otter edge to keep the head from detaching.
  13. Dendro Attachement

    Here's a picture. I was thinking gluing the bottom to the the skeleton, will this work or will I kill the head.
  14. Dendro Attachement

    I'll take some tomorrow when the lights are on. But basically the orange head is just about going to float away from the skeleton body. The head eats fine.
  15. Dendro Attachement

    One of the heads of my dendros has almost detached itself from the skeleton. It's holding on by a thread. Anyway to reattach the head to the skeleton? I was thinking of putting super glue to the bottom of the head or the top of the concave skeleton. Not sure if that would kill it.