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    i'll take my rolex over a tag, but this one isn't that bad looking.
  2. nice looking sump
  3. Yeah it is with a 10K Ushio bulb and an electronic ballast. Eddie
  4. It is the new style with the shiner reflector. I really don't want to sell it till I get rid of the tank cause otherwise i won't have a lighting system for the tank. Whenever I sell the tank I'll put the light up for sale. Eddie
  5. Yeah I got that as well. I hadn't gotten around to posting that thing for sale. I figured it was easier if I broke things up like that. Eddie
  6. I would take a look at your local petstore since shipping on something like that won't be cheap. I know the petstore here is having a 40 gallon stretch hexagon tank with stand and light for $289. Its the oceanic series. Eddie
  7. Hey, This is a sad day, and something i didn't want to happen. In July/August of this year i upgraded to a 16 gallon bowed front tank. After spending nearly a grand on it I must sell it because being a fulltime student and working just doesn't leave me the time to either enjoy the tank or to take care of the take properly. Here is what is for sale and the prices I paid for them. 16 AGA Bowed Front tank (drilled) (roughly $80) 10 gallon sump ($10) 460 gph pump ($45) Custom Oak Stand ($200) (made out of 3/4" oak and finished with a red oak varnish) 28 watt Compact Flo light for sump ($50) New light bulb ($24.99) (3 days old) 50 Watt Ebo Jager Heater ($20?) Pengun 125 Filter Food and chemicals (about 15 dollars of stuff) Three 5 gallon buckets for RO water ($10) About 27 lbs of live rock from Marshall Islands (18), Fiji (6)and Florida Aquacultured (3). ($120) Various forms of algae for sump 40lbs of crushed Agronite I have receipts for everything except the stand since it was done as a side job at a professional cabinet shop. Here is a link for pictures: http://www.missouri.edu/~getc51/Nano%20Picture.htm I would like to get $250-$300 out of this. I will deliver if you live in KC or St Louis as long as I get some money for the gas. Any questions e-mail at getc51@mizzou.edu and thank you for looking.
  8. I have a 50/50 Compact Flo on my freshwater. It looks good, but for some reason ever since i've had that light the algae has been a real huge issue. Dunno why. For some reason I think its teh blue light that is causing it. Eddie
  9. Damsels are a winch to get you. I got mine stuck in the middle of a piece of live rock and after repeated tries of trying to get him out of the rock by doing everything i knew possible I managed to kill him on accidient. So basically...good luck cause damsels are hard to get out. Eddie
  10. How about the zoos? I'm in the Columbia area. Eddie p.s. The Rams got lucky today
  11. If you go to helloslights.com you will see that they make them. I am to wondering the same because I'm going to upgrade the 10K to 20K eventaully and I was kinda stuck between this brand and Ushio. Alot of sites that I have visted have said that they use Radium bulbs and that they have great success, so I'm kinda leaning to that regardless of the higher price of them. Eddie
  12. Matt, Just wondering why you decided to paint the canopy and stand black? Cause you spent all that time and effort in using a hardwood only to paint it black. I figured you'd wanna stain it. But then again you probably wanted to match the trim of the tank. I was just wondering. Eddie
  13. How do you like the Seaclone skimmer? I've heard alot of ppl hate it. Eddie
  14. Ooops.....must have beaten you to it. Eddie
  15. Where are the pics? Eddie