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  1. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    feliz cumpleanos!!!
  2. 156 Oceanic

    how do you like the reeflo snapper pump? I just ordered one for my return pump for the custom tank I ordered.
  3. 156 Oceanic

    cause I couldn't find a decent 5' fixture, I should have done what Phil did and stick with a good 4' fixture. I hate myself right now, don't even mention it further How was it dealing with Reeflo with the skimmer, good customer service?
  4. 156 Oceanic

    I paid 250 for mine, but that was after a $200 credit and after the tank was 40% during Christmas from the wholesaler. I think in KC it retails for around 900ish....I so regret selling this tank now Your tank setup looks great. Do you have the Orca in the stand?
  5. 156 Oceanic

    nice...i just sold that tank that I had. Never saw a drop of water =(

  7. Digital Aquatics RK2 - like new

    bump for a price update
  8. I have a Digital Aquatics RK2 for sale. use for 3 months, and then has been sitting on my pool table ever since then. During the tank "changeover" it was sent to Digital Aquatics to get cleaned out and inspected out of boredom more then anything else. Well they sent it back and didn't find anything wrong, I still have the invoice. Anyways, they forgot to send the temp probe back but its 10-15 dollars to get replaced. That being said, I would like 185 shipped for it and I believe the warranty is transferable, and I can send you the receipt as proof of purchase back in September 07. I have feedback here, reefcentral and also ebay for those people who would like some Thanks Eddie P.S. Pictures can be sent, just send me your email
  9. I can't confirm that, but I can confirm that the Oceanic Ultimate series do not have a class lined overflows
  10. Vic do you know the answer to my question by any chance? Is it more of a cosmetic thing then anything else?
  11. I have a month old Ipod Touch that I got from Best Buy. I got a Ipod Nano from work for winning the American Idol contest and don't need the touch anymore. The touch is the 8 gig model, comes with charger, and a armband case. It addition, the best part is that it comes with a Best Buy warranty, so if anything happens they'll replace it with something comparable. So if in 2 years it you find that you accidiently "drop" it, you will get the most updated ipod. Not that I suggest you accidiently drop it. The touch is flash based memory, and has wireless built-in which is super cool. Wondering why I don't just return it, simple when I got the nano I was over by a day for the return policy and they wouldn't take it back. I'll post pics if people want, but I want 310 for it shipped which is a great savings over retail. I can ship it if its easier, and as a note I'll be in training in Minneapolis starting Sat to next week Friday. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I have feedback here, on reefcentral, and on ebay that I can provide. I will also get some pics up after dinner. Thanks for looking
  12. Calvin415's LED lit 12 footer

    Well you asked for a center piece... Heres a more realistic center piece and a super cool fish as well, one that I've not seen much on Divers Den.
  13. a little work done today after playing golf. I still need to flip it over and do the bottom, and do a second coat all the way around and do some sanding but I think its progressing well. The deadline to get everything sanded and painted is Friday since I'll be gone for a week afterwards for training. Do you guys think it'll support a 156 gallon tank, I'd say all said and done it'll be around 2000 lbs, the tank alone is around 400 lbs
  14. whats is the best External water pump?

    panworld or eheim
  15. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    feliz cumpleanos! this is the website that started me on a 16 bow, and now I'm at 200 gallons...yeah i blame you...all of you =)