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  1. Why won't my candy cane inflate?

    Looks fine to me
  2. JBJ Owners Club!

    Aluminium doesn't rust, it still oxidizes but it will just get a little crustier.
  3. What the Heck is this?

    No idea but it looks like a cool thing to watch
  4. weird

    Glad y'all enjoyed it as much as I did,lol
  5. weird

  6. How difficult are gonioporas?

    Ni Nice piece
  7. How difficult are gonioporas?

    As long as you target feed them with small partical foods like coral frenzy or reef roids you shouldn't have many problems, I had one for over 2 years till hurricane ike came to town
  8. What kind of Montipora is this guy?

    dont know but i like
  9. some sort of egg?

    exactly what they look like. i do have nerites thanks. will they make it, they dont wash away as fast as normal eggs
  10. Macro ID

    Feather calerpa Great for fuge, might want to remove it if its in your display tank
  11. reef grow bulbs

    http://www.catalinaaquarium.com/store/prod...roducts_id=1049 there on that site under hqi bulbs, dont know why link shows that light
  12. reef grow bulbs

    Any body
  13. reef grow bulbs

    has anybody used reef grow light bulbs, what do you think of them?
  14. some sort of egg?

    they have been there for like 2 weeks