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  1. F/S

    I have an AI Sol White withy the wireless controller. Used it for lessa than a month and had to move. Only ran on about 20% a few hours a day because my tank didnt even get cycled. I'll take $300 for it in the box. Live in south Florida (coral springs). I'll drive as far as Miami.
  2. F/S

    I have an AI Sol White withy the wireless controller. Used it for lessa than a month and had to move. Only ran on about 20% a few hours a day because my tank didnt even get cycled. I'll take $300 for it in the box. Live in south Florida (coral springs). I'll drive as far as Miami.
  3. TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    Could you tell us how you mounted the light mount? Is it drilled to the stand from behind? That thing is sweet to death.
  4. 3g JBJ picotope research

    Go with the par38. it's fine. Fixture will depend on the location of the pico. Mine is on my desk so I use a $16 desk lamp that clamps onto the ledge. Got it at office depot. Works like a champ.
  5. Epic Fail

    For the sake of peace and those who have commented negatively but have clearly not read this thread, I think I'll retire it. Thanks for the comments guys.
  6. Epic Fail

    I think that is the biggest point. Not everyone is a pro at this. I am certainly no noob, but this could have happened to anyone who buys water there. Not everyone can even carry a container full of seven gallons of water so I see the employees getting water for people all the time. You should never ever ever be expected to test the water that you buy in good faith. That is customer service 101. Nobody checks the gas that goes into their cars or the fertilizer they spray on their lawns. People buy things in good faith expecting what they have purchased to do what it is supposed to do.
  7. Epic Fail

    Flake, I am sure you have read the entire thread already but let me remind you. The employee distinctly remembers exactly what he did and that he was supposed to be pouring saltwater for MY tank. A tank he knows well. It's not like it was his first experience with my tank. He was literally having a conversation about MY tank while he was tapping the fresh water. He admits he did it on accident and it's really not a big deal. I also said that I understand (and stated such) some of you will think the entire blame lies on my shoulders. I don't think that way. I work for a company that does what is right no matter the cost. My company would fix it ven if the employee was certain to have NOT made a mistake. While I completely understand the want to blame me, it truly had little to do with me at all.
  8. Epic Fail

    I know the store well. It's one of the best stores in South Florida and an extremely popular one. Like I said, the kid made a mistake. I have gotten every ounce of water I have ever put in that tank from that store and it's always fine. Never had any algae problems. I top off with distilled water. He simply made had a brain fart and pumped water from the wrong tank into my container while talking to my buddy. My friend is a very experience aquarist who has spent well over $15K on livestock and dry goods in the past few years from that store. It does suck that I lost my stock, but I am not going to go testing water every week that should be perfect. Like I said before, the store has more invested in their water quality than I have in mine. I trust the water. The water quality is not in question. The real question is will they do anything to make right something that one of the employees goofed up? If so, great. I will tell you all the name of the store and praise them for doing what I think is the right thing. If not, I will not bash the store for one kid having made a mistake. I'll probably just get my stuff someplace else.
  9. Epic Fail

    Good news!! I was in the store yesterday and I found my corals in the for sale tank. I had them move them back to the not for sale tank and all is well. There is only a few zoa colonies which are a bit thinned out but better than nothing I guess. Today I am going to go in and speak to the manager about selecting a few replacements. I shall hope for the best.
  10. Restart or Not to Restart

    I put a lot of energy into my little pico over the last year. It became very popular among my customers and coworkers here at work. Looks like I have returned the water quality back to normal after the fresh water accident but I am just not as motivated to start over as I thought I would be. What say you? I guess if the LFS will help with frags and stuff I will probably not have much reason not to start over? BTW, I didn't add an eel.
  11. Final 40G Breeder Setup

    I had the fishneedit fixture over my 40 breeder. It already has moonlights and you certainly only need one 4 bulb fixture. Get good lights and you'll be happy. I would feel cheated if I bought any other fixture after having owned the fishneedit one. It's cheap as dirt and super effective.
  12. Epic Fail

    Yeah, my buddy was literally having a conversation ,about my set up, with the kid as he was getting water for me. Kid remembers making the mistake and doesn't deny it. Like I said, he was super apologetic. I noticed what had happened once I saw the rics exploding. It was about ten minutes or so. I also said that I saved the zoas but they seemed to have sold them. Who knows? I'll figure it out once I get the tank back to normal. I tested the water today and all is perfect after a 100% water change and two 50% water changes over the last week. Seems like the water quality is back to normal.
  13. Epic Fail

    Where did you read that I'm pissed or not taking the blame?
  14. Epic Fail

    Now http://s295.photobucket.com/albums/mm136/f...nt=photo-44.jpg
  15. Epic Fail

    This is the last pic I shot just about 4 months ago or so.