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  1. Mighty Mite - Increase GPD!

    mine had that problem as well.....the carbon filter was completly clogged and they sent me a new one along with a larger flow restricter
  2. sps under T5HO

    got the new nova extreme model 1120.....great light....looking in to better bulbs....thanks everyone
  3. sps under T5HO

    I recently upgraded to T5HO lighting for my Red Sea Max....the fixture has 2 10,000 k's and 2 420 nm actinics for a total of 96 watts i was wondering what limitations on sps coral (if any) there would be for a set-up like this. i'd like to start adding some but wanted to be careful about what types first thanks everyone
  4. .very small Tank

    what a tool.....
  5. Dog Tags

  6. My acrobatic hermit crab

    my two scarlet reds will go to the very top of the rock setup and have epic battles until one or the other falls....funny stuff to watch
  7. Clownfish fight

    it's the anemone thing....the big one is trying to protect it....he's chasing the new one around the tank now
  8. Clownfish fight

    thanks....could it work though???
  9. Clownfish fight

    ummmm.....they're the same species.....black onyx percula and a true percula.....
  10. Clownfish fight

    I found a great onyx clown at my LFS. He was smaller than the percula that i have in the tank right now and i thought they would get along......i couldn't be anymore wrong!!! My clown is being VERY VERY agressive twords the new fish....is there anything i can do to make them friends?? Or is it a lost cause? any help would be great....thanks guys
  11. T5HO Information

    i meant any bulbs suggestions smart asses!!
  12. Derasa in a RSM

    lol.....he really is doing well....but he really does chew up the calcium in the tank....it's pretty amazing actually
  13. Derasa in a RSM

    lol....cool....I like the critisism dude....no worries
  14. Derasa in a RSM

    most of my stay was very drunken so i didn't have time.....and if i did i dont remember..... :D
  15. Derasa in a RSM

    the one and only......youtube great lake surfers and see what you come up with....crazy sh*t!!! so much fun but cold and the water isn't salty enough for me....lol