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  1. TOP Sorry for not being on here. Have had very limited access. Up in CT right now.
  2. Someone needs to buy this overflow. I think that price is cheap as ####. Surprised it hasn't sold even when it was a bit more. That's about the lowest I will go on that, probably. It was only used for about a year, if that.
  3. jonrx

    LF/WTB HOB AIO refugium/skimmer

    I have my Aqua C Remora Pro HOT for sale with the pre-skimmer box (hides the pump that way). $120 is what I am asking for that and the Mag 3. It's a bit of overkill, but it leaves room to grow.
  4. TOP! Prices lowered on a few things.
  5. I have no idea how I would ship them, so unfortunately no. Unless the buyer wanted to assume all risks with the shipping (and pay a ridiculous price), it wouldn't make much sense.
  6. I've gotten a bunch of PM's on the Rogue asking what the hell it is. Well, this is it right here: http://www.bermudaaquatics.com/rogue.htm
  7. Prices down, thread up. I need this stuff GONE Also, with the tanks and light, I will meet anyone within a 100 mile radius. If you are farther away, we might be able to work something out (like giving me some extra for a delivery fee).
  8. TOP. Mag 5 is sold. The other one will be selling with the skimmer. Also, I lowered prices on everything. This stuff NEEDS TO GO! Make offers! Really, I won't turn down an offer in reason.
  9. Make offers, guys. Everything is OBO.
  10. I don't think so. But it wouldn't be expensive to ship regardless. Sorry, man, no livestock.
  11. Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 Tank needs a good cleaning, for sure. Stand, too (dusty and salty!). Will do that prior to sale if someone wanted it.