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  1. I bought a cheap led grow bulb at Home Depot..grows chaeto and coralline like mad and have had heat no issues, I put in a clip-on shop lamp.
  2. Well...once the tank is up and running monthly expenses are not that bad...when I was buying ro/di water I was paying .25 a gallon and buying 15 gallons a week for water changes and top off water,but I have my own ro/di system so I don’t have that expense now. Honestly maintaining my tank is fairly cheap, I think the only thing I’ve actually purchased in the last 2 months is salt, but the only thing I dose is kalkwasser. Some may have other experiences but month to month for isn’t that bad.
  3. My advice to anyone considering keeping a reef tank is this. Number 1...do the research!...online is great but read some books and then read some more! Number 2...decide what you want in your tank before you start buying things, and please, when deciding, if all the books and everybody online says a particular fish,coral, or invert is “expert only” , difficult to feed,or something else along those lines..believe it start with something else. Number 3 ...when buying equipment buy once cry once...what I mean is buy quality equipment because if you don’t you will just replace what you bought with quality when you realize it’s not working right or is a huge inconvenience. Number 4...realize before you start that this is a real commitment these animals require a level of care and can be expensive. A lot of people do not realize how much work a reef can be. Again...research! Number 5...go slow...nothing good happens fast in a reef tank....add your bio load slowly. Reef keeping can be a fun and rewarding hobby, it’s a true labor of love. I tell people it’s a glass box in the living room that I throw money into , and it takes up more time than a mistress but I absolutely love it. Good luck!!
  4. He eats Hikari mega marine algae and mysis shrimp and nori sheet. And on the occasion that I thrown flake in he will eat that too. At first he’d only eat the nori though.
  5. Mine will swim together, look for each other, eat together and on occasion perch together. There was some very minor bullying on the blenny part the first day they were introduced but since then best buds.
  6. My starry blenny and my citron goby are like best friends too...I thought that was odd
  7. Red planarian flatworms...I’ve pretty much decided against adding a fish to deal with them, as strange as it sounds my blenny and my citron have an odd friendship that I’m afraid a Third fish will screw up
  8. Privateer

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    Latest fts of my 30 gallon cube
  9. Somehow...your pump is picking up air...do you have a sump that’s low on water ?
  10. Leathers = sarcophyton, sinularia , nepthia, lobophytum....toadstools, Kenya trees, finger leathers, devils hand....hope that helps
  11. Gsp and Xenia both will grow extremely fast and cover rock you may not want covered, if you go that route just make sure you put them on a rock island. I would recommend mushrooms, zoas, and some of the easier leathers . Candy canes are pretty easy if you want lps.
  12. I’m just glad they are growing, I was a little apprehensive before getting sps but I’m glad I did. I have a pocillopora and a digitata as well...those are growing about the same as these 2. I’m very happy with them.
  13. Being new to sps I'm not sure if this is good, slow or otherwise as I have no experience with them. Stylophora when purchased on Nov 28 18 Today Rainbow Monti As purchased on January 26 Today The stylo has completely covered the plug and is fully encrusted the rock, and the Monti has overgrown the plug onto the rock in front and is approaching the rock on the sides. Opinions please?
  14. So, maybe it’s my imagination but my fish seem more active in the morning and the evening when my lights are especially blue heavy. I’m wondering if anyone has ever done any research on light spectrum and it’s effect on reef fish. Seems to me that fish live in the same basic environment as our coral so the light could have some effect on them. Thoughts?
  15. I recently bought the brs value plus system and a booster pump, it works for me...seems like quality product.
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