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  1. Thought I'd post some progress pics. I've added a few things, and dressed up the stand a little. I added a frogspawn it has 2 heads and if what I read online..a third is on the way...it's grown nice. I added my fist sps , an ora stylophora. I am seeing considerable growth on it. These are my candy canes, started out as 3 small heads but they have really grown. I added some alveapora which is visible in the bottom of that pic, it's growing nicely as well. Neon green nepthia has grown as well the devil's hand. I closed up the stand with some distressed leather fabric for a different look, and added a small shelf unit holding all the controllers and power strips. Finally...the FTS....far from done and not as stellar as some tanks...but it's working and growing so I'm happy.
  2. Privateer

    Anyone have Ice cap 1k experience

    I tried running one in my 30 gal cube...24x24x12...was way too much for frogspawn and other lps but probably would have been fine for sps, I tried everything turning it down, using only 1 side etc. These things move alot of water
  3. Privateer

    Yet another T5 4 bulb combo question

    I run 2x blue+ and 2x Coral +...is a blueish white.
  4. Privateer

    Zoa issue/ problem

    Several weeks ago, I lost a small colony of zoas to zoa pox, it was on a plug, so I pulled it from DT as soon as I realized it was in trouble. Now...I have a larger colony of this same zoa mixed into a larger colony of a different color zoa and all the zoas matching the color of the colony I lost are closing. Is it possible for this disease to Target 1 color morph and not the others? All of my other zoas are fine. I see no signs of pox on the closed zoas. Am I just being paranoid? Water parameters are fine.
  5. Bought a skimz quiet pro from him... shipped same day.. would def but from him again
  6. Privateer

    "blister" on stylophora

    Ok...I'll watch it...seems to be an odd spot for new growth but I am no expert at all....thanks for the advice
  7. Privateer

    "blister" on stylophora

    I an currently maintaining calc and all through water changes, I do plan to start kalk ,but just haven't started yet. The tips are not bleached, I have noticed some encrusting over the epoxy that it was glued down with..the bubble has grown somewhat, and the polyps on the bubble seem smaller than the normal polyps
  8. Privateer

    "blister" on stylophora

    I've had it about 4 weeks..the "blister" does have polyps but it is somewhat transparent
  9. Privateer

    "blister" on stylophora

    My first sps...there is what I can only describe as a blister near the base of my stylo ... normal? Disease?...water parameters are all good..tank is 5 months old..maybe to soon for sps? Thanks
  10. Privateer

    New 24" Makers LED Heatsink

    Willing to ship?
  11. Privateer

    First SPS ..I could use some advice

    I was considering using a hot knife to zip the tip of the plug off...was just concerned with glueing over the encrusted portion of the coral
  12. I bought this ORA stylophora from Live Aquaria and was unaware of the different plugs they use. My problem is, even if I cut the tip off of the plug the coral is encrusted around the bottom of the top...how do I attach this to my rockwork? Should I cut the frag away from the plug or glue over what has encrusted?
  13. Cool product! I wish you much success!!
  14. Privateer

    Blenny's are funny

    It's all good!
  15. Privateer

    Blenny's are funny

    I know it's based on mood, I was more or less being rhetorical....wonder what they are thinking...like...OMG here comes a human...better change color....lol