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  1. It just happens sometimes. Not uncommon, and your nem should be ok
  2. 25g

    Awesome shot!!! I take it you're using a fisheye lens? I love how it makes the saltwater tank look like a fish bowl
  3. Some people don't like this look, because it doesn't look natural. But I love this look. It shows off the beauty of coral. Looks good!
  4. sweet!
  5. would love to see this same tank under LEDs and with a DSLR camera! Could be tank of the month
  6. looks like a BROWN frogspawn to me... not to be hating or anything. Or maybe the caption was a joke idk...
  7. What species are these? I googled "jewel anemones" but these don't look like those. To me they look like rock flower nems but I know they are not because the tentacles aren't knobby.
  8. hollywood stunner chalice
  9. Stunning!!!
  10. ya... i think I lost...
  11. I hope that is hooked up to a 200g sump...
  12. They look like mine. I've had 'em for a long time. They turn bright green in high light and low nutrients IME.
  13. yes please.
  14. Nice!