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  1. FS: 75g Rimless Columbia, SC

    BUMP! Willing to take reasonable offers on this.
  2. FS: 75g Rimless Columbia, SC

    Sale fell through. Still for sale.
  3. FS: 75g Rimless Columbia, SC

    Let me know Bump
  4. FS: 75g Rimless Columbia, SC

    Thanks! I hope someone realizes what a deal this is, and takes it.
  5. 75g DeepBlue Rimless Low iron 29g DIY sump Homemade stand return pump (750gph) Aqueon 750gph powerhead ATI 48" 4 bulb w/ bulbs (4mo use) and hanging kit Tons of odds and ends Stand finished product Stand when building it Asking $600 OBO
  6. What's considered a nano tank?

    Nano used to be less than 40g, but since the advancements in the hobby, nano is now typically considered less than 20g.
  7. Cloudy Water Week+

    Nothing I would love more than a controller, but I can't really afford it ATM. It was a tetra brand adjustable, which is funny because I've used their cheap preset ones for years with no problem.
  8. Cloudy Water Week+

    Well, I'm pretty sure I know what part of the issue is. When I reached into the tank for the wellsophyllia, it was normal, today I went in to fix some rocks, and the tank temp spiked up to 85 degrees!!! Heater malfunction. Can't really tell because it is so cloudy, but I think I'm already having some die-off. Second time this has happened in the past 2 years... :/ Wish I would've known this earlier. Would've picked one up just to keep the other half from griping all week.
  9. Cloudy Water Week+

    The color is white, and it stays pretty constant
  10. Cloudy Water Week+

    Haven't thought about those factors. Other corals: Xenia Frogspawn Kenya tree Gsp Toadstool Any other opinions?
  11. Cloudy Water Week+

    I've had a cloudy water issue for the past week. At first, the tank got moderately cloudy for two days. I figured it was a bacterial bloom. A couple days later, even more cloudy. At this point, I couldn't even see my rockwork. Again, I figured it was part of the bloom. Now a week or more into cloudy water, it hasn't cleared. I did have a welsophyllia die in the tank the week before. Removed the skeleton before it polluted the whole tank. I started using Kent Pro-clear for marine a few days ago with no success. A 50% water change helped but still moderately cloudy. Tank has been running for 4 months Specs 75g display 29g sump Light biological load filter floss in the sump chaeto in the sump Nitrate:0 Nitrite:0 Ammonia:0 I'm not a beginner. Actually 4 years or so into the hobby, but I feel this is somewhat a beginner problem.
  12. fish prices?

    LA will make you spend $30 minimum order so you'd have to spend 70 or so with shipping.
  13. How old are you?

    turning 19 in July. I've been reefing for 4 years or so.
  14. Best tank size for a new nano-reefer

    My first tank was a 12g NC DX completely stock. It was nice. Just large enough to handle a dead fish, but small enough for you to enjoy and fill without taking out a second mortgage. I would probably have it up now if the galss wasn't all scratched up. Another plus was the AIO allowed me to buy a kit, and then I could replcae parts as I learned how everything worked. I agree, nano reefs are not harder than larger tanks. My 75 is much harder to keep stable. (Open top w/ no ATO) I have to top off manually every day about 1 gallon.