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  1. OK, I have to admit I have cheaped out, but am happy with the out come for now. I bought two new 32 watt, 420nm/10000K power comp bulbs and installed them today. The increase in light over the old bulbs is quite noticeable and I think I will see a difference in my soft corals. If I hit the lottery, I will upgrade, same day!!!
  2. can do Amazon has it on sale, but waiting to hear from a friend who has a brother in the business.
  3. dling, thank you, this is what I was talking about..... going to do some reading and I think pull the trigger on one, over the next week!
  4. Nano cube 6 It's 12 inches across and depth from light to the sand is 11" I would love to stay near the hundred dollar mark, but it there was something that would kick some butt, a little higher, I could see getting it. Been very happy with the 64 watts of light, but just think the shrooms and zoos could be doing better.
  5. Oh well, it was worth a try.... LOL
  6. Ben running a Hamilton hood fixture with two 32 watt, 420nm/10000K power comp bulbs. I love the color, but looking for more watts for growth on my mushrooms and zoos. Not looking to break the bank, but would like to hear if there is a fixture out there in the 12" wide range, that would supply the needed "PoP"
  7. WOW.....just saw that parade of tanks!!! I am impressed. Beautiful job.
  8. I feel your pain, had the same issues. The peroxide helped for sure, but the deep cleaning is what finally won the battle.
  9. Well I should have listened about the GPS and kept it on one lone rock out in the sand bed! It is taking over my tank(nanocube 6) I am now trying a small nylon bristle brush on my dremel and slowly grinding it off where I can. Anyone have a better way of kicking it's butt?