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  1. Wolfgang52

    Looking for some lighting POP on Nano Cube 6

    OK, I have to admit I have cheaped out, but am happy with the out come for now. I bought two new 32 watt, 420nm/10000K power comp bulbs and installed them today. The increase in light over the old bulbs is quite noticeable and I think I will see a difference in my soft corals. If I hit the lottery, I will upgrade, same day!!!
  2. Wolfgang52

    Looking for some lighting POP on Nano Cube 6

    can do Amazon has it on sale, but waiting to hear from a friend who has a brother in the business.
  3. Wolfgang52

    Looking for some lighting POP on Nano Cube 6

    dling, thank you, this is what I was talking about..... going to do some reading and I think pull the trigger on one, over the next week!
  4. Wolfgang52

    Looking for some lighting POP on Nano Cube 6

    Nano cube 6 It's 12 inches across and depth from light to the sand is 11" I would love to stay near the hundred dollar mark, but it there was something that would kick some butt, a little higher, I could see getting it. Been very happy with the 64 watts of light, but just think the shrooms and zoos could be doing better.
  5. Wolfgang52

    Looking for some lighting POP on Nano Cube 6

    Oh well, it was worth a try.... LOL
  6. Ben running a Hamilton hood fixture with two 32 watt, 420nm/10000K power comp bulbs. I love the color, but looking for more watts for growth on my mushrooms and zoos. Not looking to break the bank, but would like to hear if there is a fixture out there in the 12" wide range, that would supply the needed "PoP"
  7. Wolfgang52

    Kat's Birthday Party

    WOW.....just saw that parade of tanks!!! I am impressed. Beautiful job.
  8. Wolfgang52

    Help with green hair algae please!

    I feel your pain, had the same issues. The peroxide helped for sure, but the deep cleaning is what finally won the battle.
  9. Wolfgang52

    Green star Polyp noob question

    Well I should have listened about the GPS and kept it on one lone rock out in the sand bed! It is taking over my tank(nanocube 6) I am now trying a small nylon bristle brush on my dremel and slowly grinding it off where I can. Anyone have a better way of kicking it's butt?
  10. Wolfgang52

    Loretta's Fluval Spec V

    I do like the island look with the rock seeming to float in the air.....
  11. Wolfgang52

    Loretta's Fluval Spec V

    Enjoy it, it's a blue leg hermit, a good start on your clean up crew.
  12. Wolfgang52

    All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    That middle picture is amazing for a tank, less than a year old!!! Love it.
  13. Wolfgang52

    Modding a AGA 20H into a Shallow?

    make the 20 high a sump and buy a 20 long for the display. You will love the set up. I think the dismantle will bite you in the ass, down the road.