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  1. Thanks again! Yes, they are very happy. Nearly doubled in quantity since I got them from you! The cornbread rainbows are also very happy, I had 4 polyps initially, now I have nearly double that. The rasta's too are growing quickly. The SPS are doing ok, the monti's are very happy and growing quickly. The Acro's, well they are "ok". The neon green acro is always happy and is encrusting quite a bit. The dark green acros (above) is also happy and encrusting but the blue tort didn't work out and now one of the other acros is STN'ing.
  2. The location of the tank makes using a tripod tricky, so here are more handheld shots.
  3. Dealership (still!!!) has my truck, so no lumber to build a stand yet. I did however get my Jebao pump, the 4' HD power strip, heater and a few other small parts. This is going much slower than I expected, so in the mean time how about some 'work in progress' office pics. I built the wall, installed the door and heater last winter. Need to finish the ceiling and terminate a few patch cables to clean up the wiring but its coming along.
  4. I don't know if your still looking for stuff... https://www.michiganreefers.com/forums/selling-forums/254537-%245-coral-frags-sale-near-grand-rapids.html Just a heads up!
  5. Did I get this monti from you? It has doubled in size in two months. (left side, puple and white polyps):
  6. Yes, it looked like what people described as burnt tips then it faded over a few weeks and RTN'd in a day. Alk has been within a 0.5 window (around 8.5 dkh) as well. I think it might have been the light? I had the UV channel cranked up, a few other corals looked unhappy so I backed it off ~30% and since everything has been much happier looking. Thats my guess anyway. Light shock (?) then it never recovered.
  7. I had to go double check, your right...on my phone I thought this was a bandsaw!
  8. The popular option is the inland tile saw, great machine but also $300 (?) new. For occasional fragging I think this might work well.
  9. The popular option is the inland tile saw, great machine but also $300 (?) new. For occasional fragging I think this might work well.
  10. Edit: Tired eyes....I thought this was a band saw. Disregard. It might work for fragging, but not the best. Seems to be well reviewed and for $56 from Newegg it seems hard to pass up. https://www.google.com/search?q=Skil+Power+Tools+3540-01-RT&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS781US781&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  11. Cali tort is Cali toast. Everything else is encrusting and growing but the Cali didn’t like something. i won’t be among it to Lansing, we have a hockey tourney that weekend...maybe next year.
  12. Received: ATO Pump ATO bulkheads I went to Menards this morning to buy lumber, picked up some wood sealer (flat white) and screws but no lumber... They are making it more difficult to buy lumber from them every time I go. First, they moved all the lumber outside in a pole barn. Ok, no problem. Now, you can't buy lumber at the register, you need to go the far back corner of the giant box-store get a slip, then go to the cash register, then go to the pole barn out back. /rant I have to take my truck in to the dealer tomorrow for warranty work (if the remote start is used to start the truck, the radio doesn't work...which is also how you use the hvac controls). If the dealer gives me another truck to use while its in the shop, I will be able to swing by homedepot and pick up some lumber (indoors) and pay for it (at the register). *finger wagging at Menards*
  13. Here is the adapter I mentioned, not secured yet but put in place for the pic.
  14. CORRECTION: This is not a junction box! I didn't lose my mind. Apparently this type of "high humidity" box requires an 'A-dapter kit' (read that in your best johnny cash voice) for the outlets to fasten to. Me and the kid working in the electrical department tore through about 9 boxes and outlets last night before we figured this out. $3 adapter and we are working.
  15. The stand: Using rocket engineer's template from RC: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1567110 The stands dimensions will be 42(H)*25(W)*49(L), using all 2x4's and pocket drilled joints. No ply wood, nothing to dress it up. I may coat it in something to protect the wood though...I might need some ply wood (and one additional brace) for the bottom since I plan on using a 48x18 footprint 75 gallon tank as my sump. I will have to see how well its supported by the bottom frame of the stand before I make any changes to the plan. That is 14 - 8' 2x4's if I add 20% for scrap and mistakes. 1lbs of 2 3/4 woodscrews and a quart of something to seal or cover the wood. ~$60 for the stand.
  16. As often as needed. ok snarky answer aside, too many variables. I would pick a schedule (weekly) and monitor the tank, adjust, monitor, etc.... welcome back!
  17. Found my answer. The bulkhead fits 1" PVC, so its a 1" BH. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/instructions/article/selecting-the-correct-bulkhead Ordered two 1" thread/slip bulkheads. Currently the tank has an overflow and one 1" bulkhead. There is another hole for a 1" bulkhead that has a piece of glass glued over it. I am going to remove the glass and make a back up drain using straight PVC. Things clog, I know this...a backup will be insurance.
  18. Ordered: Return pump (Jebao DCS3000) ATO (autotopoff.com, double sensor) ATO pump (noname 400 GPH ebay pump) Heater (Finnex 200 watt w/external controller) I might be able to head off to get lumber tomorrow before work, if that happens a stand might pop into existance within the next week.
  19. lol. Historically my builds are fueled by excitement mixed with anxiety. I just want the details to be correct before setting this up for the 'long haul'. 🙂 Because of that I am moving very slowly...also the holidays and some travel slowed it down.
  20. Not sure anyone noticed...but I installed a junction box instead of a gang box. -_- Spent a few $$ and lots of time at the store to figure this out. I need to pull it off the wall, hope the double gang box fits the holes I drilled in the cement (or drill new holes...) and mount the correct box on the wall.
  21. <----- "mid" Michigan guy here Go ducks! Boooo! Hello sparty 😉