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  1. Rock is soaking now, I picked up a few wire brushes and have a busted set of cement chisels I can use to scour and scrape the pits to remove debris. I swear to god I had a dream about this rock and the cleaning process last night (lol). Ill start with a wire brush and some basic chisel work, see what comes off from the rock and proceed from there. I picked up all the plumbing I should need to complete the draings today, just waiting on BRS to deliver the 3/4" bulkheads so I can cap them off and water/leak test again (with twice as much drain as before and proper dursos).
  2. 🤘 Thanks John! Ordered a pair of 3/4" bulkheads from @BulkReefSupply to plug the two holes I uncovered today. Tonight is hockey night, but tomorrow after I drop my kid off I will be able to run out and get some 1.5" elbows, 2 - 1.5" unions and a few feet of 1.5" PVC to complete the drain plumbing and start adding water back to the top.
  3. I appreciate it John. You are correct, its "raw" for lack of a better term. I need to clean it up prior to hitting the tank. Any tips beyond a good scrubbing?
  4. Also, rock. It’s ok rock, not terrible but not like @johnmaloney rock. $70 for 50 lbs shipped I won’t complain. It will work well in the sump.
  5. Well I did a thing.....I honestly did not expect that to work! Two hours of hammer, chisel, spike and razor blade and I have 3 more drains to pick from! Or 1 additional 1.5" drain and 2 3/4" returns for a closed loop.
  6. I have started breaking off little pieces of the glass covering the holes. Its slow going, but its less risky than jamming piece of metal into it. Ill need to dump the remaining water in the top of the tank (~20 gallons) and refill, get some more plumbing parts...but I think this will quiet things down and provide some redundancy.
  7. I spent about 30 minutes cutting excess sealant, wedging spudgers, pushing thin razors, etc...in an attempt to try and remove the piece of glass covering the three holes I want to use as a drain but no luck. It feels like I would need to try and break the glass from the other side and pick it apart from there...which sounds risky as hell and it is. I have the return pump dialed all the way down to 30% right now which is probably ~250 gph and its still noisy. I need to figure a way out of this.
  8. I have the tank running wet now as a test. The return is a bit louder than I want, I may drain the top 5-6" of water into the sump and remove the piece of glass covering the 3 holes in the back wall of the top tank to setup 2 more drains and use a modified bean overflow with a valve, suction and e-pipe. Ill see if a proper durso will quiet down the single drain and go from there. The return pump made a few 'grindy' noises during the first 10 minutes of operation, but the past 3 hours its been dead silent again. I had to check it a few times to see if it was running. Hopefully the weird noise up front was a one time event. If no leaks pop up Ill start mixing salt tomorrow, then by the end of this week I should have a salty tank with 60+ lbs of rock in it. That sounds like a start!
  9. 10 lbs received from my dad, 50 lbs of rock should be here by next Friday. Two bags of IO salt on the way.... I am water testing it right now, so far so good! Had a few minor issues, but nothing an extra turn on the bulkhead nut or shove on the fittings didn't fix. Still have a minor leak on the return plumbing somewhere, but all in due time. Speaking of return plumbing, wow I love this Jebao DC pump! It ramps up slowly, its super quiet. Easily the quietest pump I have ever run. Plenty of flow at max speed, I dialed it back 4 spots during testing and it seemed perfect.
  10. I already have a nano and the scrapes and frustration that comes with confined spaces! If im going to have a sump, its going to be wide-open-spaces 😋. Got 10 lbs of rock from my dad “for the cause” (he gets me). Need another 50 lbs or so....
  11. Thanks for your honesty @johnmaloney and I like the open letter of sorts. Who knows who might see it. That rock is fantastic!
  12. I believe there is a miscommunication here. The water in the baffled section (aka return section) is tank water. IF the baffle fails, it would mix tank water with tank water. See below for the "big picture", maybe it makes sense now? Excuse the random parts laying around, its a work in progress still............. Build update: I might have a line on some dry rock locally, we are going back and forth but should know this week if we have a deal.
  13. Availability of thicker glass is the primary reason. The local glass shop was not interested in a small order like mine. I ping'd a few locals to see if they had any broken tanks (I can cut glass up to 1/4"), but nothing panned out. If this fails, the ATO would not kick on because the water level would rise in the ATO/return pump section (not drop). I wasn't even going to add a baffle, but I don't like having to evap a lot of water for the ATO to kick on. Adding a small baffle gives me a small section for the return pump to sit in, allowing the ATO to kick on more frequently. Make sense?
  14. When my s.g. gets out of wack, I see it first in SPS PE, then z's and p's if it gets worse. And algae seems to take hold easier. Hows all that looking for you?
  15. Thinking (I know....dangerous) out loud here.... The decision to go with 1/8" for the patch was kind of a no brainier, its a good fit for such a small application. The decision to go with 1/8" for the divider gave me some pause...but ultimately, since a failure of this piece would only cause the pump/ATO section to flood (worst case) I am ok with it. Besides, it will have 8" of water on one side and 10" of water on the other side. Very little stress on it. I am mounting the power strip to the wall today, have some plumbing parts for the return ordered (deliver ETA is this week) and have the PVC parts to complete the drain side. I need to find some rock, thinking of going with marco rocks. The ATO will be magnet mounted (need to do).
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