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  1. Return pump died

    As awesome and amazing of an offer that is, My wife would have none of it. Thank you for the offer. I'm always looking for a local to trade with. We will have to keep in touch.
  2. Return pump died

    Ok.. well hope everything works out when I get home.. Probably going to deal with a mini crash of sorts.
  3. Return pump died

    Yes the pump moves. It does the slow ramp up then shuts off. I pulled the sock. No skimmer. That would of at least kept water movement... My ATS runs off manifold from main pump so that has been removed as well. I'm thinking now I might make my ATS run on separate pump just in case somthing like this happens again at least things are moving below. New power supply should be here in AM. Hopefully that will fix problems.
  4. Return pump died

    So I'm out of town and got a call that my return pump died. My guess is that it is the power supply on my Diablo 10500 DC pump. If unplugged it kicks on for a second and dies again. All cords have been wiggled.... I am going to talk with support in AM but am wondering how long I have before the stagnant water in sump becomes an issue. I'll be home in 12days.. my wife did put a old K4 floating around in the tank for now. if I order or have them send out a new supply can I just plug and play? Or would I be better off with waiting until I get home and drain/ clean sump before starting back up. My sump has huge ball of macro in large section and two smaller sections where there is nothing. Total sump volume is about 8-10 gal feeding a 54 gallon display.
  5. fish dying.. no idea why.

    Hmmm. Nickel is interesting. I'll have to look that one up. Only metal period I can think of is the pump on skimmer. The main pump is ceramic I belive. I always check salinity with two different float gizmos that I regularly check at my LFS For accuracy. And as far as my other tank pH and all that test the same and have no problems in it.....EVER.. I'm afraid to put the fish in a perfectly good tank and transfer anything.. The only thing in my tank that has not been used in past tanks I have had Is the return pump. It is a 1250 octopus DC controlable.. but again .3 volts doesn't seem like an issue.. No bugs no ich no sores no slime coat issue nothing out of the ordinary visually. The rabbit even goes back and forth camo.
  6. fish dying.. no idea why.

    Ok. So I have been reefing for years now with no major problems that I can figure out. One of my tanks fairly new.. 1 1/2 years old I can't seem to add new fish without them dying. PH 8.2 sg 1.025 zero ammonia nitrite nitrate and phosphate . I know I must have a bit of nitrate and or phosphate because I have a bit of hair algae I fighting but nothing I haven't felt with with any other young tank. I have 3 blue chromis I have had since nearly the start. However I add any new fish and they get weak and die not long after going in. Recently my two striped rabbit that was picking at the rocks from the moment he went in tank stopped eating about day 2 and is now having a hard time getting around and about to die. No signs of infection ich or anything. Just got skinny and weak real fast. Also added same time was a lawnmower blenny. Looks OK but not active and very little eating. All coral are happy and growing.. blue chromis couldn't be happier. I checked my voltage in tank as suggested by LFS and it at .3.. This happened about 6 MO ago when I tried to add a dwarf angle. I lost for ideas. All rock I have had for years in various tanks with no I'll effects. Any ideas? The current tank is a 54 corner. Sorry about spelling ect.. on the go.
  7. Project Boredom

    Trip to fish store tomorrow!
  8. Project Boredom

    Haven't really figured that out yet! Top of daily.haha.. Its not gonna go for longer then 2mo then I have to head back to AK.. Then its all back in mother tank.
  9. Project Boredom

    I got bored and figured what the hell... I ha d seen a toothpick container and figured it should be a tank... Haha yes that's tinfoil ... ill see how long it will stay running successfuly. Slowly bubbling air hose for circulation...
  10. snail ID

    Please? Lol
  11. snail ID

    Anyone got an idea?
  12. snail ID

    Maybe Margarita.. shell looks a bit different..
  13. snail ID

    So it been a while since I have been on here... Tank has been on auto pilot due to a very busy year. I was just looking at tank today and found a snail unlike any of the astreas cerths or turbos I have had.. It is shaped like a Turbo and about as big around as my thumbnial. Except it doesn't have the smart shell texture as a Turbo and has a black flesh with hair like flesh poking out.. quick ID would be great so I know if its time to move him before it tears ish up. Pics would help.. HaHa.. Give me sec didn't want to upload from phone..
  14. FS hammer and frogspawn Seattle area

    Had to down size tank. Broke one head of this hammer off 30$ or trade for fancy zoas. Old pic of colony.. tips are more of a teal color then this shows. Will get better one up tomorrow.. Also frogspawn colony 20+ heads wouldn't fit in tank..... each heads is about the size of quarter when not open...150$ Picture is old but of same coral. Will post updated pic tomorrow.. I live in Gig Harbor will not ship at this time for I don't have the supplies.
  15. WTT local Gig Harbor Wa.

    Many zoas a few LPS looking to add some color. PM if interested. Will post pics soon of what i have.