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  1. As awesome and amazing of an offer that is, My wife would have none of it. Thank you for the offer. I'm always looking for a local to trade with. We will have to keep in touch.
  2. Ok.. well hope everything works out when I get home.. Probably going to deal with a mini crash of sorts.
  3. Yes the pump moves. It does the slow ramp up then shuts off. I pulled the sock. No skimmer. That would of at least kept water movement... My ATS runs off manifold from main pump so that has been removed as well. I'm thinking now I might make my ATS run on separate pump just in case somthing like this happens again at least things are moving below. New power supply should be here in AM. Hopefully that will fix problems.
  4. So I'm out of town and got a call that my return pump died. My guess is that it is the power supply on my Diablo 10500 DC pump. If unplugged it kicks on for a second and dies again. All cords have been wiggled.... I am going to talk with support in AM but am wondering how long I have before the stagnant water in sump becomes an issue. I'll be home in 12days.. my wife did put a old K4 floating around in the tank for now. if I order or have them send out a new supply can I just plug and play? Or would I be better off with waiting until I get home and drain/ clean sump before starting back up. My sump has huge ball of macro in large section and two smaller sections where there is nothing. Total sump volume is about 8-10 gal feeding a 54 gallon display.
  5. Purdy!
  6. those are nice!
  7. They are reef safe.. I have had them a couple different times. great algae eaters.
  8. For an amateur the photos are coming out well
  9. Nice shoot.
  10. holy Hammer!
  11. :D

    sweet lookin zoas!
  12. Thats some intense GSP! I thought mine was bright holy cow! Thats a nice duncan as well. How many heads did that start as?
  13. purdy!
  14. Sorry it took so long.. Advanced Acrylics.. Thanks all for the complements.
  15. Purdy..