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  1. Stop the gurgling

    I had the same problem with my fuge tried loads of stuff but the one that worked was a 90 elbow facing down (to stop air getting in) with a strainer bar attached basicly pipe with lots of holes in it to prevent anything getting in the overflow (can't syphon as the holes at the top prevent that) it is silent now. But if you use the strainer bar make sure it can cope with the speed of your flow when your pump is going full speed.
  2. How do you "top-off" your nano reef?

    Used to have a Auto top up but since I added a fuge and found it less reliable when two tanks are in the system as if I need to adjust the pump and normally do after a water change, the level slightly alters and if I forget and put my hands in the fuge lots of water goes down the overflow and changes it again. So decided to use it as a safety cut off for the pump in case of a overflow block it will turn the pump off. I now check the SG every night before bed which has accually been eaiser as after a water change I no longer need worry about the exact water level. All I need to do is make sure the SG is right each night and before the water change.
  3. Where did your liverock come from?

    To be honest I don't know but where ever it was it came with aiptasia which I have got rid of over and over again and it normally stays away just long enough to make me think it has been eliminated before returning. As a newbie I first saw 1 on the rock and was delighted when I saw 10 more a week later until Ibegan to dislike them when I found out what they were now I despise them and kill on sight but have accepted they may never be completely exterminated no mater how hard I try.
  4. Do you use a protein skimmer?

    No skimmer here I been running 2+ years and ran a skimmer for one week in all that time. That was about 18 month ago and the damn thing drove me crazy with the constanst ajustmants the noise and the micro bubbles. My reef gets along fine without it and I don't add or have to add other products to the tank either as the weekly water changes are enough to keep them right. I seem to be averaging about a bucket of salt a year and have my own RO unit so the water changes aren't expensive to do anyway. Why should I put up with a skimmer?
  5. Poll: Old water change water

    Yikes they would never get away with that in the UK private companys are not allowed to issue fines although private parking companys do anyway but they are completely unenforceable its just plenty of people don't know this and pay anyway. Penalty clauses in contract law are not allowed here in the UK Thats a good idea don't think there are many corals that like nitrate but maybe a macro tank if you can get hold of the rarer and more colourful ones.
  6. Poll: Old water change water

    But wouldn't home owners assocation be a private company can a private company fine you in the US doesn't sound right. Are there rules law or is it just you have a eisier life if you pay up.
  7. Poll: Old water change water

    What you get fined for chucking saltwater down drive not sure what HOA is but think it is ok to chuck it down drive here in uk. I would never advice anyone to break the law but that truly sucks what is the reason for the ban
  8. Poll: Old water change water

    It does a great job on ice I have even left it in buckets till the morning just for that job. (it doesn't refreeze) However I suspect the neighbours think I am crazy as all they can see is me chucking water on the drive. Not bad on snow either but it takes more to have a effect as it has to work though it.
  9. Tank Overflowed

    Well when I set up my fuge I made sure nothing could block the overflow ran a check to make sure my overflow could take the pump on full power even though I don't run it that way. It can but is noisy on full power but it can take it without flooding. However I did want to make sure if anything failed I wouldn't get a flood. So I used a auto top up to take care of the pump but set the float so the pump is always on unless it gets too high at which point it turns the pump off. If my auto top up failed which is unlikely (float is 12v) the pump would pump about 2 inch of water from the main tank into the fuge before running dry the fuge would take all of this water. It wouldn't do the pump any good but at least it wouldn't flood. However I seriously doubt the auto top up would fail at the same time as any overflow blook anyway.
  10. Poll: Old water change water

    normally chuck it outside it is great in the winter as it gets rid of ice and doesn't refreeze but I have to make sure it doesn't go on the roses
  11. Is this safe?

    I wouldn't use it having a mains voltage going though the float is asking for trouble the heat produced when the pump is running is likely to eventully cause the micro connectors in the float to stick causing the pump to fail to turn off leaving you with at best a low SG at worst a flood and if upstairs water running though the downstairs ceiling. Use of a 12 v relay is however much safer as the heat though the float isn't enough to cause a problem. The more complex you make it the safer it is, running it though a relay and the two floats (so both need to be down to start the pump) is probably about as safe as you can get though.
  12. Clownfish Staying In Same Spot..

    Hi thought I would post here as its the same subject (hope the OP don't mind I don't mean to hijack the thread but if there is a proplem with asking here let me know and I will start my own) I have just added two clowns yesterday The tank has been running a couple of month with live rock coral and snails but these are the 1st fish I have added only they have both gone in a large hollow rock and have not come out. They are moving around in there but how can I encorage them to come out
  13. Hi everyone I have some polyp's on my live rock but have no idea what they are you can see them in a pic here http://img361.imageshack.us/my.php?image=04112008063cn8.jpg I would like to know what they are both the mass of them and the single big one as it seems to be a different type even though they are the same colour. If you click on the pic when it opens it enlarges. All comments and opinions are most welcome thanks
  14. No if you cancel the claim as far as paypal is concerned you are withdrawing it. It is NOT true that the seller cannot refund you because a claim is in process if he did refund you it would just cancel the claim at the same time. If you have questions about the claim contact paypal but they will sort it out Do NOT cancel claim press ahead you will get your money back. You may wish to leave neg feedback on ebay though