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  1. Seems overcomplicated to me.... But maybe it's an issue of terminology? Other than the display tank and the seagrass tank I'm guessing "tank" really means "reservoir"? If that's the case then there is really only 2 tanks (display and seagrass). What size tanks (est.)? It seems that having the display tank drain into the seagrass tank and then into the sump would be easiest... When you say "no water change" I assume you're referring to volume water changes and that you'll still do manual removal of detritus accumulation? I'm a bit confused on the purpose of all the extra "tanks". Simple plumbing IME is the best - meaning reliable, quiet, and efficient. Plumbing failures can be massive and would be a real problem in a 1500g system - definitely would get some professional help if you're set on trying out a more complicated system. I guess what is your goal for the tank?
  2. What type of nano tank have I bought?!

    Why do you care what model it is? As long as you have all the parts you should be good. If you need replacements you can buy based on the measurements of existing hardware. If you're looking to order a media rack or something you could have one made to fit by providing dimensions. Good luck
  3. Potters Angel Quick Question...

    Mine is inexplicably still alive. Haven't seen it actually pick at anything and no signs of nipping or eating anything.
  4. Cutting rocks

    Use a hack saw with a lower tooth count will cut faster but take more effort per stroke. Pukani was cake to hack saw even dry. Reef saver/marco is a bit denser but IME still not too hard.
  5. Interesting response. I don't doubt at all that there are multiple species of bacteria that can perform the functions of ammonification/nitrification (not sure the intent of starter bacterial supplements is denitrification) but it's my understanding that nitrosomonas/nitrobacter are the overwhelming majority and most commonly found in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. It could be that they use other bacteria to prolong the shelf life of their product and to provide a sufficient starting point, but that it's expected over time for their bacteria to be replaced by more common species?
  6. What other hobbies do you have?

    Hobbies? Not in any order: - Mountain biking - Golf - Adventuring when I can afford it - really anything outdoors though (camping, hiking, snowboarding, fishing, hunting) - Hanging with my 5 & 6 yr old daughters - Aquariums - Wood working - Tinkering/prototyping/fabricating (considering an entry level 3D printer purchase! Any suggestions?) - Photography - Music (mostly metal & I try to play the guitar) Inactive hobbies: - Bonsai (no patience) - Quad copters (no time lately) - Gaming (no time) - Sailing (no boat) - Violin (no one to play with) - Firearms (Lazy - haven't been to range in months)
  7. Actually I don't see that Seachem states Stability contains Nitrosomonas/Nitrobacter anywhere... So maybe it doesn't?
  8. SW mixing issues....

    Interesting question - I have a few also. - Are you testing ALK? - Did you open a new bag/bucket of salt recently? - What salt? It's possible (though unlikely!) there's been a formula change? - What does your fresh mixed SW read for pH/ALK/CA? - What is your water source? - How much in advance do you generally mix your salt? - Could your buffer be expired or otherwise contaminated? Either way I would probably discontinue the practice of buffering unless your water for some reason is extremely off neutral... The Kent product buffers both pH and ALK - so I'm guessing that you're throwing the salt mix off balance which is causing a precipitation of either calcium or alkalinity.
  9. Potters Angel Quick Question...

    My Potter appears to be a zombie/undead as I've had it for 2-1/2 months and I have yet to see it eat anything. Either that or I have a Jesus fish (you know, like the things people put on their cars or whatever) and it's on an extended fast. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/378161-potters-angelfish-back-in-qt-thoughts-on-how-to-proceed-welcome/page-2
  10. Update - still alive and still haven't seen it eat Looks fine though - just sort of hangs around the bottom and swims between 2 or 3 spots around the tank. I did toss in some peas - nothing yet though - maybe I'll try just the shell? Or chopped up? I used to have a ton of sponge matter and for a while I was thinking he was picking that off but I really haven't seen much - even before adding this fish. Oh - and I also tried feeding it Ulva a little bit ago. Oddly enough nothing ate it.
  11. Twin spot goby-my screw up!

    So like you were intending to get a different fish? What was your initial plan? Twinspots look cool though.
  12. 18 Watt SKKYE LED

    Not sure over a 10g - thinking about trying to find one for my 3g tho
  13. Hamster bottle ATO issues

    This. Normally the ball blocks the water from coming out. When you take the ball out you're relying instead on the internal pressure of the water bottle to hold the water in - think of it like submerging a cup in water and turning it upside down then trying to pull it out of the water. The water stays in the cup until air is allowed to take it's place. Same thing - as the water level drop bits of air enter the water bottle and that lets out water.
  14. My Youtube video on my ReefKeeper Lite

    nice video!