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  1. Can I use a controller with this Driver?

    You have multiple of these drivers? Can you just put them on a timer once you adjust the optimal coloring/brightness? The only way I can think of to put these drivers on a controller would be to use a PWM to analog circuit. You can build them per several online sources. Just make sure the output voltage matches the input signal requirements of the drivers. You can also buy them obviously.
  2. A cardinal? You mean a yellowstripe or longspine right? I would be extremely leery of a banggai or PJ with sexy shrimp... Why not just another firefish? You're limited with such a small tank and skiddish/small existing inhabitants...
  3. Low temp tank crash - need advice on recovery

    At one point I had an entire checklist printed on a small piece of paper and I would tape it to the tank and check off things as I did them - but that didn't last long. It was too much work checking stuff off lol...
  4. Low temp tank crash - need advice on recovery

    Agree it sounds like you're doing about what you should be doing... Keep things stable and consistent. Try to reduce stresses on the inhabitants. I've done similar things before as well... Try to improve something based on your experience. For example write "Heater" on a sticky note and put it on the glass whenever you turn it off. This might be all the reminder you need to turn the heater back on (worked for me before, because cleaning the glass is the last thing I do in my tank maintenance). Alternatively if you have the ability to put it in a place where it will stay submerged even during tank maintenance then you don't even need to worry about it.
  5. Storing bulk salt mix!

    Well time will tell... Hasn't been too long but so far so good. I keep my salt in my basement as well - which is pretty humid (I'm usually near 50% in winter).
  6. Spider web on glass

    Agree it appears to be some sort of hydroid... Never seen that particular species before but some I've also never seen before popped up in my tank over the past few weeks. It's odd because I haven't really added anything to the tank in quite a while! Personally I think they're interesting and they tend to not last very long in my tanks. I had a cool cluster of digitate hydroids a while back that I was pretty fascinated with (especially since they were right by the glass). IMG_20180214_213523 by aaron M, on Flickr
  7. reef-pi 1.0 released

    Pretty cool project! I'm a fan of the raspberry pi platform. I use one as a media server and also a retro gaming console. My current lighting controller is arduino based (using Typhon code) but this looks pretty cool as well. If I can do something like incorporate a temp sensor even that would justify spending the few dollars needed to acquire the materials!
  8. Will loud noises bother fish?

    Very interesting question... I personally don't have any evidence that points one way or the other but what I can say is that the inhabitants of the tank can probably get accustomed to most noises. My primary concern would be when introducing new inhabitants. It's much less stressful to introduce a new fish to a tank that's quiet and with subdued lighting. For an example my tank is just off my kitchen and the kids regularly tear through there making loud noises and shaking the floor. Initially the fish all freaked out and hid but now they don't really react in any way (actually they're more likely to hang around the surface in anticipation of food). So maybe when introducing a new fish you could give it a few days alone to acclimate, then over the next few days gradually build up to full volume? It seems like that way the fish would have a better chance at acclimating to the activity. Also I don't think the sound in particular is bad, but the vibrations and jolting movements that might cause stress.
  9. My dream tank is a nano tank with anemone only

    Without knowing dimensions or any other criteria I can only say use the 7g because it's bigger.
  10. The Macro Tank → New Light + FTS

    Hey saw the FTS on P1 and it looks really nice. Too bad you're having troubles. How long was the dead damsel in the tank before you tested? Seems odd to have any ammonia, even with a recent death, in an established tank. Anyways, congrats on the light order - should improve the appearance dramatically! My advice: - IMO macro tanks are beautiful! Excited to see yours develop. Still - I think a lot of people think that once you add macros they just start growing right away with all the nutrients in the water. While that may certainly happen to some it's bound to taper off. Think of it this way - in addition to growing corals you're also trying to grow macro algaes. Coral farmer and underwater gardener lol. Seriously though - think about what the nutrient uptake requirements are for a tank with both soft corals and macro algaes! In this case some successful aquarists actually dose fertilizers to keep everything growing! And don't forget that algaes also require other minerals like iron and also access to enough co2. - Take a step back and realize that creating a reef tank is a process. Stocking a recently set up tank IMO is far from maximizing it's potential. To maximize potential you have to go through the learning process and know what works and what doesn't. As you have, everyone has some setbacks. Learn from them and change the way you do things and you'll be successful. Work hard and stay diligent with your maintenance. If you feel you'll be limited by something like funds or time then set your expectations in-line with the care you'll be able to provide. Good luck!
  11. Rust proofing DS18B20

    You know... I'm still stuck on the rust thing - for some reason I can't see these things rusting in any substantial way... Inadvertently I steered my prior suggestions more toward the seams/connection points so yeah that probably isn't helpful. Silicone and hot glue would possibly insulate the probe. Epoxy could work I suppose if you can get a thin enough coating. If all you want to do is coat the metal part then I think a coat of spray paint would be easiest and it would be super easy to re-apply if needed. Also I think you could use nail polish maybe? Or just get a new probe every few years. Probably a good thing anyways. Good luck!
  12. Rust proofing DS18B20

    Meh saltwater takes its toll on anything. I have an inkbird temp probe that's been great. They're typically plastic or stainless - are people reporting rust issues with these? Paint will likely peel off at some point - I would use silicone or hot melt glue. I've used small amounts of hot melt glue just fine in my tanks (3g & up).
  13. What kind of creature is doing this?

    Agree it's probably a spaghetti worm or a couple spinoid worms near each other... Either way they're harmless. If the strands start looking more "webby" then I would go vermetid snail. It's hard to tell in the pic.
  14. Skimmer not filling?

    The pump is in the right place. Here's what I would do... 1) Make sure there is no restrictions in the airline tubing. Test with and without any silencer that may be included (in case it's blocked). If there is no silencer then you can make one from an empty pill bottle. Try to keep the outlet of the air tubing above the waterline in the skimmer. 2) See the gray tube that sticks out above the T fitting? It has a white dot on it. Try turning that tube in either direction. This should have the effect of raising the water level in the main chamber. Turn it like 1/16 turn increments initially to get it sort of adjusted but then you'll need to wait a bit and continue making tiny adjustments to really dial it in. Finally - the amount of waste in the tank does play a part in the texture and amount of foam. A new tank will take some time to get going. Good luck.
  15. Yes that style of tank works - there are a few manufacturers and it's a unique tank for those that are up for it. Note that these tanks do not have deep sand beds on one side. Rather the glass itself is shaped like a tetris piece and a stand is set under the overhang to support it. Good luck!