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  1. Awesome to hear you were able to pick up the wrasse. Bummer that it got a little beat up. It looked quite healthy and well when I saw it. Pics when you get it settled!
  2. It's been a while since I've looked up this thread sorry! Honestly I think using a plastic bottle is superior to glass... Having the ability to squeeze the bottle and start suction is so much simpler. The whole point of this thing was to make a super cheap and easy way to do some quick maintenance on pico tanks... Cleaning it is not really necessary if you use it regularly - but it's as easy as recycling the bottle and rinsing out a new beverage container. The other benefit of a plastic bottle is if you accidentally get something stuck at the inlet of the rigid tubing you can cover the hole and squeeze the bottle to pressurize the line and eject whatever gets stuck.
  3. Nice tank! I have this same tank in white trim that I initially intended to set up as an office tank. Unfortunately I pretty much found out that I can't set it up at work though - so it's in the "home office". Overall I really like the tank though! I upgraded the pump to a Hydor centrifugal and I made a DIY media basket. I really wanted to find some cool thin branch rock to put in this but it appears that style of rock is pretty hard to find Still - I like the simple scapes similar to yours. How do you like the Kessil A80 light? I still use the stock saltwater light. It does fine for my soft corals and ocasionally I pull a handful of chaeto. Somehow it hitched on a frag or something and the little pieces grow into decent size chunks pretty quick LOL. Still - I'd like to have some LPS or RFA's in there someday. On a side note - since the tank is at work here's a cool little device I put together to make daily maintenance a bit simpler.
  4. Well unfortunately I wasn't able to stop in to get it Had a change of plans and swapped cars with my father-in-law. As a result I didn't have time. I'm suuuuuuper bummed as this guy was such an awesome fish. The yellow color is very striking. Tamb - YGPM!
  5. Lol! I'll be sure to! I'm still sort of on the fence... $40 is quite a bit to spend on a fish lol... Obviously we've all done it but still...
  6. It definitely resembles an 8 line. Most sources though describe an 8 line as pinkish to orange. This one is yellow by comparison so somewhat unique if you ask me. My amateur guess is it's the Mauritius mystery wrasse or maybe a regional variant of 8 line. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/SWPOTD964.htm
  7. So I stopped by and I must have popped in when their fish guy was there. He was nice but unfortunately couldn't hold the fish for me. He did mention that it's been there for a while though and the price is $40, as an eight line wrasse. I wonder if Petco has any wiggle room for price, especially since it's a slow seller... I leave on Sunday afternoon so I've got another day to decide if I want to buy it for $40 (assuming it's still there). Unfortunately I didn't get pics as the lights weren't on yet.
  8. Lol guess I better get on that in the morning! I also came across that pic, as there's only a few that I could find anywhere! This guy has distinct "sixline eyes".
  9. Good to know! I might need to clear it with the manager first. Mmm good suggestion. I have a good lfs near me but I doubt I could find a good lfs here (small town Wisconsin) that would ship it...
  10. The temperament of fish in this family vary quite a bit, but my brief research leads me to understand that they're semi-aggressive and slightly larger than a six line. So it may not fit well in a tank with small or peaceful fish.
  11. So I'm on vacation and randomly see this at Petco of all places. No price listed but bet I could get it for the same price as a six line. I'm seriously considering getting this fish and bringing it home in a cooler. Home is an 8 hour trip. as far as I can tell it's a pseudoccheilinus dispilus or "Mauritius mystery wrasse". I've never seen one before. I wonder if Petco will let me buy it now and pick it up Sunday...
  12. Seems overcomplicated to me.... But maybe it's an issue of terminology? Other than the display tank and the seagrass tank I'm guessing "tank" really means "reservoir"? If that's the case then there is really only 2 tanks (display and seagrass). What size tanks (est.)? It seems that having the display tank drain into the seagrass tank and then into the sump would be easiest... When you say "no water change" I assume you're referring to volume water changes and that you'll still do manual removal of detritus accumulation? I'm a bit confused on the purpose of all the extra "tanks". Simple plumbing IME is the best - meaning reliable, quiet, and efficient. Plumbing failures can be massive and would be a real problem in a 1500g system - definitely would get some professional help if you're set on trying out a more complicated system. I guess what is your goal for the tank?
  13. What type of nano tank have I bought?!

    Why do you care what model it is? As long as you have all the parts you should be good. If you need replacements you can buy based on the measurements of existing hardware. If you're looking to order a media rack or something you could have one made to fit by providing dimensions. Good luck
  14. Potters Angel Quick Question...

    Mine is inexplicably still alive. Haven't seen it actually pick at anything and no signs of nipping or eating anything.