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  1. I'm going to assume that there is a combination of good filtration and protein skimming going on here? But yes, I'd also love to understand how this is being done.
  2. That's why I'm asking. I really don't want to get something just for the sake of getting it. As for the filter floss, I have been changing every 2-3 days as needed. Nitrates aren't high so to speak, I've just been monitoring levels and noticed that since I started changing water less often, they've gone from ~2 to ~5. Not a huge deal, but definitely trending in the wrong direction.
  3. Hey Everyone, I have been searching the forums for a day or so trying to figure out the best path forward here and I'm not finding what I need. Hoping someone here can help! Background: I have a Biocube LED 16g with a heater in chamber 1, floss and chemipure in chamber 2 and the pump in chamber 3. My friend recently suggested a protein skimmer given that I am seeing a slight uptick in nitrates and I want to avoid big water changes. I'm doing 5% weekly with 10% every other week and this is helping to keep my mag, alk and cal consistent. Question: I am thinking of just picking up the biocube protein skimmer. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with this skimmer? Is there something better that people have used? More importantly, where do I put this in my tank? Do I need the chemipure and floss if I have the skimmer?
  4. Hi All, I started a 16g LED Biocube a couple months back and I'm getting the hang of water changes and keeping my levels where I want them. Thing are finally running smoothly and my mag, alk and cal are all where I want them to be consistently. This was achieved by eliminating the daily water changes and actually decreasing my overall water change percentage. I'm doing 5% from the bottom of the tank weekly with 10% every other week. I dose the tank as needed and it helps me keep things a little more stable. All of that said, as you would expect, I've seen a slight uptick in nitrates. The level isn't dangerous currently, but it is heading in the wrong direction. A friend suggested that I get a protein skimmer soon and I'm looking for suggestions. I've seen a ton of varying opinions on here and I'd love some advice for my particular situation. What I'd like to understand is 1) Which brand of protein skimmer do I pick up? 2) Where do I put it? I currently have a heater in chamber 1, floss and chemipure in chamber 2 and the pump in 3. Thanks! George
  5. Welcome dude! I am started up a Biocube 16g recently and I love it. As far as the upgrades go, you've gotten some pretty solid advice on here. What you'll find is that as you go through the journey, some things that work for others will not work for you. I'd suggest focusing first on your parameters and then reacting accordingly rather than planning for problems and implementing fixes before they are necessary. The floss and chemipure in chamber 2 are solid and this ended up being the setup that worked for me. I also removed the filter cartridge from chamber 1 as there is no need for it if yo're running the chemipure. Taking out the bottom of chamber one can be a bitch and I'd suggest doing that before you fill the tank (if you haven't already). My hands were too big to fit in the chamber at all and it was a real PITA. I kept the stock pump, but will look to upgrade shortly. I'll tell you that flow has not been an issue with that pump as it's at about 185gph. With the addition of a Koralia Nano, I get plenty of flow (and it was done for very cheap). For clean up crew, I had a TON of algae issues in the beginning. They were only brought under control when my LFS suggested I add some Nassarius snails for the sand and some banded trochus snails. I have about 4 Nassarius and 5 of the trochus and they literally cleaned out EVERYTHING I had on the glass in a matter of days. I get small buildups here and there, but for the most part, they have done a wonderful job keeping things in check. Just a thought! As for positioning your pumps, I have the main pump in chamber 3 pointing up to break the surface of the water slightly. This will get some of the stuff at the top back into the circulation of the water and eventually into your filtration system. This will help given that you don't have a protein skimmer. I'd recommend putting your other one on the back right side of the tank pointing towards the front left side while trying not to put any corals in the direct line of the blast. Given that the 425 has so much power for such a small tank, you'll likely be looking to keep the flow as indirect as possible as many of the corals you pickup would be overwhelmed.
  6. I am doing a little less than 1 per day at the suggestion of a different LFS. One that I really do trust, they just happen to be very far away so I don't go there as often. I'm going to start mixing my own water to more closely monitor my levels. All of my corals are loving life right now, but my hammer is still not doing so well. I really hope it isn't too far gone at this point.
  7. THIS. Turns out this was the problem. Alk was at 6.4 and calcium was at 360. I checked the water from LFS that I was using and the alk is 6 and the calcium is around 340. I was doing large water changes with this water over the last couple weeks to combat a nitrate issue. I will be mixing my own sw or at least checking ALL parameters moving forward. I am dosing carefully to raise my alk 1 per day until I’m back to normal levels. Some solid water will be brewed up and water changes will follow.
  8. So I’m doing a weekly water change of 10-15%. I also do a daily water change off the top with a couple scoops of water for the sake of keeping consisten parameters. I rock the turkey baster on the bottom and rocks daily before my water change. When I do my weekly change, I pull from the bottom and stir up the sand. I do my best to follow all the best practices I’ve read on here. I believe alk could be the culprit, but I don’t have a test for it! I’ll be picking that up today. Could phosphates be an issue? I’ll pick up a test for those as well
  9. There isn’t any direct flow and I’ve checked the temp with two methods. I will try alk levels and see if that helps. No visible detritus and I’m seeing more of the skeleton than I should. It appears to be dying.
  10. I have a tank that is a few months old. Specs looked solid and I added my first corals. Zoas and star polyps are doing fine, but my hammer seems to be pulling in a lot more as of late. My temp is 77 magnesium 1350 calcium 400 nitrate 2 Any thoughts on what the issue might be? Could this be related to flow or light? I have stock lighting in a bio cube LED 16g, which should be more than adequate. The hammer is in the sand and has been in the tank doing fine for almost 2 weeks.
  11. That glass idea may be the cause. The temp reading is different when I open the lid and take it from the surface
  12. I actually use an infrared thermometer gun so I can grab temps from all over the tank, etc.
  13. I’ve also seen some people suggest picking up a clown that is smaller but spent time in a tank with a larger dominant female. This could also make it easier for him to back off and accept his role.
  14. Have you considered doing less qt time and focusing more on rearranging the tank when you add the second clown? This can help to void the sense of “ownership” that your current clown feels towards the tank as the territory will appear new. I had a troublesome clown for a period of time and this ended up doing to trick to get her to accept a new buddy.
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