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  1. akabryanhall

    Male Earl's fairy Wrasse + Clowns

    $500 shipped. Need to break this tank down!
  2. akabryanhall

    Male Earl's fairy Wrasse + Clowns

    Price update. All prices include shipping!
  3. Hey Guys, I am selling a 3" Male Earl's Fairy Wrasse. He is healthy and eating well. $600 plus shipping Here's Youtube vid Also have a couple clowns for sale First is a large Proaquatix Blacker ice $100 Actually a peaceful fish and stunning in person Last is a Keyhole Picasso $80
  4. akabryanhall

    Premium Blacker Ice and White Knight

    Lol I feel like I'm trying to sell wigs to people with full heads of hair. Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong because I'm clearly missing something. The top 2 are some of the nicest clowns I've seen anywhere and extreme picassos are at least $150-$180 plus shipping. Any help I can get would be much appreciated. I had plans to try to make a run at a business. That dream has evaporated and now I just want out.
  5. akabryanhall

    Premium Blacker Ice and White Knight

    Price Update Blacker Ice $175 shipped White Knight $175 Shipped Extreme Picasso $125 Shipped
  6. I have the following fish for sale: ProAquatix Premium Blacker Ice Clown 2" $200 shipped Premium White Knight 1.25" $200 shipped Keyhole Extreme Picasso 2" $150 Shipped
  7. akabryanhall

    More Mai Tai's and Spartan Ice

    Sorry for the delay! Man, I wish these had abstract patterns. I would be selling them for over $500 a fish easy. What people don't realize is that these are some of the rarest clownfish in the world, but because they don't have unique patterns, the interest isn't there. I totally get this by the way. It's why I have set the price point much lower.
  8. akabryanhall

    Griever's 29G Serenity

    He's right, the black and white clowns are actually ocellaris.
  9. akabryanhall

    Large Skimmer And Large Pump:)

    I'll take $250 for the skimmer, $150 for the pump.
  10. Hey guys, I have an Aqua C Skimmer for sale. Model EV1000. Specs at the end of post Tank Rating: 350-1000G MSRP: $679 MY PRICE: $300 (Kid not included) I also have a BlueLine 70HD Pump. Specs at the end. Retails for $280 MY PRICE $200 Aqua C Skimmer Specs SMC precision valves for air flow control - John Guest Speedfit connections - Twist-Loc collection cup with EPDM gaskets - Raised gate valve for easy sump installation 32" tall - 9 " x 12 " footprint (not including pump) - 1" hose barb water input - 2" gate valve output - 3/4" collection cup drain - Dual 3/8" threaded air inlets - Dual 1/4" JG fittings - Gate valve exit is 9" high 70HD Specifications: - Inlet: 1" MPT - Outlet: 1" MPT - Max Total Head (FT): 39 - Max Discharge (GPH) @ 0ft: 1,750 - Input (W): 290 - Length(in): 13.75 - Width(in): 5 - Height(in): 6.5 These pumps are designed and built by a former chief engineer from Iwaki-Japan. They feature the same flow curves, high head pressure, low noise, and reliability that have made Iwaki the best magnetic drive pumps available. The BlueLine HD pumps are even slightly quieter than Iwaki, with a lower frequency. These units are yellow rather than green and carry a full 2 Year parts and labor guarantee. All seal-free bearings and magnetic drive for 10+ years of useable life. No seals to leak!
  11. All prices include Shipping!! 1.5" $70 Pair $110 Pair $110 1.5" $70 More to come in a bit!
  12. akabryanhall

    Finally Fragged This Nasty Looking Chalice;) $Cheap$

    Here is what's left All prices are Shipped!! A. $80 Sold B. $140 C. $110 D. $160 E. $120 Sold F. $60 Sold G. $40 Pending H. $60 Pending I. $100 J. $70 Sold
  13. akabryanhall

    Finally Fragged This Nasty Looking Chalice;) $Cheap$

    Ahahahaha A and its chalice dome are officially Darwins! Stay away from it or you'll have a fight on your hands, or at the very least an epic thumb war.
  14. I have had this chalice for a couple years now. I originally aquired it from LBA Corals who had named it Pilti Purple. People have said it looks a bit like the JF Crazy Fox, but I think it's better lol. This is a picture of the mother high under strong T-5 and Cree supplementation. I have kept it on my sand bed under Phoenix MH and Stunner supplementation. It has gotten darker, developed blue in the body and the eyes have changed in a very cool way. Some are now orange, some are yellow and some are green. I feel like I could get $200 an eye for these, but won't do that. I have priced these based on Size of Body, Size of Eye and how much of the original rim it has. All have been fragged for a week and are healed. All prices are Shipped!! This means prices include shipping;) A. $80 Pending B. $150 C. $120 D. $160 E. $110 F. $60 Pending G. $40 H. $60 Pending I. $100 J. $70 Pending