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  1. Is it possible for Red Bugs to survive in a tank with no hard corals? I ask bc I am trying to id some small red bugs on a emerald crab in my 16g. They look like what is ID'ed as RedBugs (small red, chiggers, fast moving), but they are in a tank with no hard corals. Only a Toadstool leather and some GSP. I only see these 'bugs' on the emerald crab.
  2. I was wrong about it not happening on the second tank. When the second (nano 16g) tank is in sleep mode, the voltage drop isn't enough to cause the temp display to go nuts. (it only moves by 0.2 degrees) But later in the day when the main lights are on, the LED does cause the temp controller to go nuts. (4-5 degrees) So its less noticeable when the total draw is less, but it does happen. Also it happens on the same socket, not only the power strip.
  3. This sucks, this LED is perfect for my sump and I love it. I was hoping somone could instruct me on how to get it working properly, since returning it will probably get me a similar product. Does anyone know exactly what is going on? and maybe how to fix it so I can still use this setup?
  4. Weird, I have a different tank, with the same temp controller, if I move that light over to that power strip it isn't affected.
  5. Afew weeks ago I purchased a new sump LED from Amazon. But after installing the light I noticed my BlueLine temp controller's temp reading was jumping between 4-5 degrees, as soon as I turn off the sump LED the temp goes back to normal. Then turn the LED on and immediately the temp displayed will go from the normal 78-79 to jumping from anywhere between 75 and 79. I tried isolating the wire from the LED, not letting it touch any other wires, but that doesn't matter. As long as the LED is plugged into the same power strip, or socket, the temp controller goes nuts. I ran a extension from a socket from across the room, just to the LED, and when the LED is turned on it doesn't affect the temp controller. Whats going on here? Is there some way I can get this LED to work on the same power strip as the temp controller?
  6. Looks like caulerpa prolifera.
  7. The light can grow coral, I've seen the smaller version on a 8 gallon tank full of softies. The coral coloring was very colorful, probably because the unit has alot more blue than white. The smaller version was slightly brighter than the Innovative Marine 4w Skkye light.
  8. I rest comfortably knowing if this tank fails it is completly your fault. Now mail me some chaeto!
  9. My 45g w/ 7g sump.
  10. They are hallmark worthey.
  11. These are my pets Samson and Fuzz , Samson is a 4 year old cheasepeak mix and Fuzz is a 3 year old gray tabby.
  12. How old is that unit?!?!? It looks nothing like mine.
  13. ftw?
  14. How did you get everything else completly black? :confused: At first I was thinking it was like a sheet background , but light would hit that and you would see it.