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  1. Sebae anemone spawning.

    Yes, the female of the anemone will spew eggs while a male will spew sperm. Can't wait to see these pics.. usually on larger tanks it's not so bad, fish eat up the eggs like starving Marvin. High in protein for them.. now you just need to find a male sebae and get a larger tank with the two... breed them and raise the babies a little and sell some healthier specimens to the market.
  2. Thanks Boxboy.. LOL Dendroguy, that is partially the reason why I named Omen what I did. So as promised, here are a couple of pics of the new additions to the tank, and one of Omen. The black clown goby: I love the color on this guy.. He is the same size as Omen right now so they make nice companions, and while shy right now, he is eating the flake food without any issues. His fins are so pretty when he's swimming. Sand sifting Goby: This guy has a lot of character and my cat likes to try to catch him at night when he is trying to attack the reflection of himself. He has succeeded in making a burrow under the rock on this part of the tank. Figures, so he has piled all the black sand around the area. At least he TRIED, though not always successfully, to miss the corals when he was making his burrow. And Omen..
  3. Nebthet's 57g REEF-NEW Pix! 04-19-2011

    Just a couple more pics.. mostly of my new addition. A 2nd McCoskers flasher wrasse. I find it rather interesting how much these guys loose color if they are the only ones in the tank with themselves and they grow larger. The new guy, a much smaller juvenile is very bright and eats like a piggy. the old guy (I still have him in this tank) Then some pics of my clowns Big Momma and Jigsaw and then of the larger Male Bengaii, Monster and Sam the Blenny Then here is my Sebae anemone and Jigsaw. The sebae has decided it wants to go through a growth spurt. Mostly this is due to the fact that Jigsaw is now feeding it left over flake food he catches when he has had his fill.
  4. Stock for 20L

    Wow, someone is actually following my tank?? JK.. cool. I'm glad you like it. I just added a black clown goby and Sleeperhead Goby to that tank.. the later of which is making a mess moving my sand every where. lol Yes, there is so much info on the et and not all of it is good, but I did a lot of research on anemones before i bought the two I have for my larger tank a year and a half ago. Since then the RBTA split so now I have two, and the Sebae Crispa has grown from silver dollar size to almost 6 inches now. I caught my clowns feeding it left over food the other day, which explained to me why it suddenly had a growth spurt. If you do your rockwork similar to mine, leaving the middle open for the sebae malu, you could do that, especially since they are sand dwelling anemones. A pair of clarkiis will work, or any clownfish really. My percs love both my bta and sebae and share both. You might be able to get away with having a coral beauty or flame angel for a short time with those clowns, but once they start breeding you will need to keep an eye on their aggression levels, especially in a small tank. So get the clowns as young as you can so they have time to grow into the tank.
  5. Stock for 20L

    No, you cannot keep a Haddoni in a 20L tank. They can grow to have a diameter of 3 feet. A min tank size for them should be no less than 55g long. You are better off to stick with a BTA, or if you want no other corals in the tank find a sebae Malu as they stay less than 1 foot in diameter most of the time. (don't get a sebae crispa either as they get large).
  6. Christosclowns is a member on here who used to breed clownfish, just look up his user name. Jim bought a bunch of babies off of him, and was told they were suppose to be 60 days old but when the fish came in they were no longer than the size of the fingernail on your pinky finger.. They were just getting their head stripes. Nope, Kingston is not that far at all.. I was just there the other day with a couple of friends and went up to Jim's and got a couple of fish for this tank. Got a black clown Goby (neat thing with flourescent blue lines on it) and I got a sleeper head goby as well, who has taken to creating piles of sand in several places as it looks for a burrow. LOL. I will have pics in a couple of days.
  7. Pulsing xenia

    Plus it likes dirtier water than most people like to keep their tanks at.
  8. Wilioli's 20L Sanctum

    I miss this tank...
  9. please help...like seriously.

    Yes, it means the Ich is still in your Display Tanks and or your clownfish, even though he is not showing any spots IS a carrier for the disease. Most people will tell you that to remove Ich from your system, you should be leaving it 10-12weeks fishless to ensure you get it all out.
  10. please help...like seriously.

    Yes, change the water in your display tank.. and in your Quaranteen tank. No, depending on the stage of development of the ich parasite, it can take two weeks for the illness to show up. If they just got that fish in their store, or you put it in the QT with a fish that already has ich, then that fish is going to contract the parasite at that stage. Here is what I suggest.. Finish 8 weeks of Ich treatment for your clownfish and keep NO fish in your display for that same time frame. I would even push it to 10 weeks of no fish for your display. Continue to do DAILY water changes on your QT tank. Syphon the bottom of the tank to remove any Ich spores that have dropped off your fish. Also, you may need to add an air diffuser to put more oxygen in your water. Copper treatments, especially if they have other additives will eat up oxygen levels. After the Clown has recovered and there are no more spots, you can put the clown back in your display. Clean out the QT tank. Add new water, and time to qt the next fish. Then, if the next fish develops Ich after the next couple of weeks, you will know with 100% certainty it is getting it from the place you are buying them from. If not, and the fish is fine after two weeks with no spots, is eating like a pig, then most likely your fish have been getting the ich after being added into your QT and/or display. There are always floating things is every ones tank... Ich spores are not visible to the naked eye.. they are far too small for that.
  11. please help...like seriously.

    First off, most fish carry ich on them. Even if they look healthy, which means that your display, more than likely has ich in it. It can take between 8-12 weeks to remove the ich spores from your system due to their stage of development. All fish should be removed from your display. Two large water changes should be done and ensure you syphon clean the sandbed surface as spores develop there. - No, a large water change will not harm your corals. Your live rock and sand will have enough bacteria in there, plus with no fish in your system for several weeks the bioload will not be compromised. In your QT... so a 100% water change. What product are you using for your copper treatment? There are some products on the market you need to be very careful with when you are using them. How large is your quaranteen tank? Do you have some pipes in there for shy fish to hide in? or are you leaving it bare? Do you have a filter for water movement or an air stone in your QT to oxygenate the water?
  12. please help...like seriously.

    Before any one can even attempt to help you we need more information. Tank size. Water Parameters with numbers? Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ph, salinity, etc. How long have you had this tank set up for? Where are you buying your fish from? Is it the same store? Do other fish in their system appear sick? When you are doing your copper treatments, is this in a separate QT tank?
  13. Yeah... unfortunately the smallest of the pair I had jumped tank in August so I have to find a new mate for the one I have. Which will be difficult as most fish you get in stores are larger than he is at over two years of age, and because he/ possibly she now has stunted growth, there is high doubt it will be able to breed. Nope.. I am not in Kingston, but I am in Belleville which is about 45 minutes west of Kingston.
  14. New Sebae Anemone

    Aww... sorry to hear that... I was hoping for the best for you..
  15. 20 long stocking

    Unless you have a sump, I would say 4 fish max for your tank. 2 clowns yellow watchman Goby blenny This would suffice, because as your clowns begin to pair up, the get more aggressive to tank mates.