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  1. The Ethics of Reefkeeping

    I like to think as we are, as a whole, helping find out what makes the oceans tick. We have first hand accounts on how to maintain the reefs so with our drive for more, there would not be any one to fund it. Who knew pickling lime, baking soda, etc. would help stabilize the water? We are also the forefront of lighting. Take a look at the LED craze. I've always thought about this. I wonder what it looks like on the Biologist side
  2. 17.4

    Tanks looking good, man. How are you liking the Mp10?
  3. green birds nest comparison

    How is the birdsnest looking now?
  4. rain-'s everchanging nano

    any updates with this one? its by far one of my fav tanks. its even inspired my tank so much.
  5. What to add next?

    Get something to add color to the tank. Blood shrimp would add a brilliant red, or a cleaner shrimp if you want yellow/red. Frogspawn, hammer, torch coral might be the next step. Look around online and at lfs' to get an idea of whats out there. Then research said coral or w/e. There is a variety of options that are out there and its your tank. Just research what you like 1st.
  6. Peel's 5 Gallon Snailodrome

    fts' and new additions new porcelain crab favia frag
  7. what is this thing?

    Would need a better pic of the 1st, but does it look similar to a Stomatella . They are beneficial and probably came on a frag. The second could be anything, hopefully some one else chimes in. The last are just tiny pods, a good sign in a new tank. Josh
  8. My N. Wennerae

    I miss my N.Wennerae. Molts depend on the mantis. Some are every few weeks a some are monthly. Mine didn't molt for the 1st 6 months I had him. They change their colors during a molt based on the tight spectrum. Say if it was red, the mantis came from deeper water were the redder side of the spectrum is more prominent. Then you change their lighting so its a broader spectrum that we use to grow corals they will be greener to blend in.
  9. LIGHT FOR 5.5

    It's what I'm running on my 5.5. Like other said any thing but higher light sps. I can't wait to get the new bulbs!
  10. I'm going with no fish. Unless I find a small goby such an a Trimma or Sharknose at the lfs. They only get about an inch long so bio load really isnt a problem.
  11. Starting a 5 gallon tank

    You need to slow down. Its bad practice to throw it together real quick, but since its all in there now just keep up with your 10% or even 20% water changes and testing every week. Hopefully everything will ride out the cycle and make it.
  12. Standard 5.5g Nova Extreme 18" T-5 Skilter Filter Odyssea 140gph ph Mini 7.5w Heater Up to start is racer 01:Astraea 02:Cerith. Racers 3, 4, and 5 are Margaritas. The track is rock with recovering Rics and Zoas. On to the 'drome.... I've got some ideas in my head on where this is headed. I'm trying to get a few key corals and let them go. Updated pics....the diatoms are being taken care of
  13. Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest

    Is there any way to still join? I've been out for a few months with a crashed tank and this seems like a good reason to start.
  14. Summer Prize Giveaway

    Fish: Red/Orange Frogfish followed by BiColor Blenny. Sure miss the ole guy Coral: ORA SPS Invert: Mantis
  15. College 10g

    here are a couple pics