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  1. What is your favorite type of fish?

    A customer came into our shop the other day and we started talking about his Black Percs. He said he called his "Negro Nemo".
  2. Hitchhiker.. Do I keep it?

    Purple lobsters are cool. My lobster and brittle star are best friends. They hang out together all the time. I can rearrange the rocks and they will always find one another and crawl into the same hole together.
  3. Emergency WTF is this!!!

    Thats a great picture.... Good job
  4. 2.5 Minibow under 60 dollars

    i was going to do the same thing but didnt like the light being off centered like that.....so I ripped it out...
  5. My power is going out for 7 hrs!!!!! HELP!!!

    We ran a 75 gal tank with a slipper lobster, 2 flame scallops, and a sea urchin with a airstone for 4 days.....dont know how it worked but it did... Just a little imput.
  6. Weird Ich Attack!!!

    It was the weirdest thing Ive ever seen. Okay...so heres the story. Just got me a new angel for my tank on sat and he was doing GREAT! Monday he was fine and eating and swimming like normal. When I fed him at about 5 o'clock he seemed normal so I didnt really look at him real close. At about 9 I looked over at the tank and noticed he had been just sitting in the corner for a little while and of course when I looked real close at him he was covered with ich......completely covered. And of course I dont have in medicine or anything and knew there was no way Id ever be able to get him out for a FW dip or something. So I shut off the lights hoping he would find him a little hiding spot to sleep in like he did the night before and hopefully releave him of any stress. It was about the only thing I could do. Sooooo....this morning I came in expecting to see him dead. I didnt think there was anyway he could make it through that kind of covering of ich. Turned on the lights(no timer yet)....no angel....cant find him anywhere....look...look....THERE HE IS!!! He came swimmin out...Looked real close....just a couple of little spots on him!!!!...thats it!!! whew!! That was about 9 am.....by 1 he was completely clear!!! Never seen anything like it.....not with out treating it anyway. Im just happy hes alive.
  7. My new 10G

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!.....love it!
  8. 2.5g AGA Mini-bow gets wet!

    Do those little powerheads make a rattling humming sound?? Mine did when it was suctioned to the side of the tank. So I decided not to use it. Just wondering if it was just mine.
  9. Mini Heaters

    thanks yall..... i know the heater yall are talking about and it says for 2-5 gals only....has anyone out there used it on any thing smaller?????
  10. Stupid fish

    HAHA.....good stuff.....i had a few blue crabs from the coast that i had put in my tank do a few magic tricks like that too... i still to this day dont know how they did it but they made there way through may overflow with prefilter and down through the pipe with durso and into my Tidepools filter tray then out into the sump part of it... these guys were about an inch and a half across.....and two of them made it down there!! i thought i had lost them until a couple of weeks later when i was messing around with my pump in the sump and one of the little guys crawled up my arm....bout had a heart attack......hehe
  11. Smallest complete reef

    wowee....thats a deal for that little filter!!! thats the best part of that setup.....it just looks so......cool i was really wanting to set one of these up but i dont know how i would ever keep the temp right....anyone have any ideas??? hmmm....that filter says its rated for up to 5 gal tanks....i wonder how well it would run on a 2.5 gal?? then i could use a heater on that....uh huh....hmmmm....think think....back to the drawing board...
  12. Smallest complete reef

    Saw one of these at the LFS the other day with a few shrooms in it....Looked awesome!! How are you keepin the temp stable on it tho????