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  1. So far I have handed for zoas rastas scrambled eggs orange oxide sunny d pineapple express unknkown red purple death Paly the rock with the holes will become zoa island, the other one im going to cover with gsp and some frogspawn. Everything is looking good.
  2. So I ordered myself a Aqua Duetto ATO system, looks super slick and will easily fit in the back of this tank. https://www.marinedepot.com/XP_Aqua_Duetto_Dual_Sensor_Complete_Aquarium_Auto_Top_Off_ATO_System_Auto_Top_Off_Units-XP_Aqua-0X1832-FIDPAT-vi.html I also have added a handful of zoa frags, maybe a bit early but got bored, pics to come! I added a clean up crew as well 2 trochus snails 1 small turbo snail 1 black hermit crab I added Chemi pure elite and filter floss to my filtration, I think this is all I will run. I am running this off of tap water for now (fingers crossed) so I am hoping the chemi pure helps make this work for me.
  3. What does everyone have for a clean up crew in these tanks? I was thinking of just having 3 snails and call it good.
  4. Good? Bad? Is he safe around corals? Kinda looks like a star fish but with webs between the legs.
  5. Haha okay, I will keep you in mind. It might be covered in corals by then 😄
  6. Got some cleaner shots now that the water has cleared since adding the live sand
  7. So far just using the stock foam block. Eventually I plan to use something a bit finer
  8. No it would become a mantis only tank, and well a few hermit crab friends errr meals. I go lucky and dug that rock out of my LFS live rock tank, as soon as saw it i knew it would make for a cool rockscape!
  9. yup that's it. In the filter side all I plan to run is some filter floss and carbon.
  10. Hey Guys, I got the itch so I am back with another build, I wanted to stay small, almost went with the 3 gallon spec, but i like the layout of the 5 gallon more, so here we are. Equipment Fluval Spec V 5 gallon Kessil A150W LED light Upgraded Colbalt 606 pump 50 watt marine land heater Smart ATO coming soon! Live stock 2 Trochus snails 1 turbo snail 1 black hermit crab coals purple death paly orange oxide zoas sunny d zoas unknown red zoas Pineapple Express zoas scrambled egg zoas Rasta zoas I may add a few pom pom crabs, anemone crab, orrrrrr a mantis shrimp! With a mantis I could drop in a few hermits and keep him fed for a month, i hope.
  11. Thanks for the ideas guys. Got my rock and sand in. What do you think?
  12. Hey guys. Just picked up a fluval to start my reef but I’m having heating issues. I put a 50 watt heater in the back compartment with the pump, but the water does not seem to circulate out of there. So the water is heated in there but in the display it is much cooler. Where do you guys put your heater to avoid this issue
  13. So I was just trying to move some things around in my tank and the whole rock scape fell apart, so frustrating. I couldn’t get it back so I had to do something new. Do you guys like the old look or the new look better?
  14. Added three scarlet hemits who have been busy, also got a nice little cleaner shrimp. I think I now have a fully stocked tank. Still adding corals, I have a nice frag of red hornets on the way too!
  15. Evo has a much better light and is the biggest. However most people upgrade that light too so buy which tank you like based on size. No matter which one you go with you will likely upgrade the light and the pump unless you just want to keep just soft corals. The spec is fine for saltwater, but the light will have to be upgraded, as with the evo you could use the stock light to grow soft corals and maybe some LPS.