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  1. Not much has changed, seeing some nice growth. Just gotta leave it alone now 🙂
  2. A few new additions
  3. Got home from vacation and decided to add some action to the tank. One clown fish and a tiny fire shrimp. I’d usually go cleaner shrink but here we are. Also added a ric and a frag of blue hornet zoas :)
  4. Heres my booger WWC OG bounce settled in the tank. Also added a digital thermometer, $10 and makes life easier.
  5. I think this is a bit of both. That is a big frag plug too!
  6. So I’m pretty excited about this new coral I won in a raffle. It’s a WC OG bounce mushroom! Apparently it’s a pricey item :)
  7. This torch just keeps growing! I had to move some zoas that kept getting stung. Going to pop into the LFS tomorrow, hoping to find a Pom Pom crab and a anemone crab to add some entertainment. Im going away on a diving trip in March, once I’m back I’ll look into getting one true perc clown fish.
  8. Yeah I think I am done coral shopping for awhile, just watch it grow! I haven't herd of that brand, but I will look into it now. Sounds like a much better option.
  9. its the kessil A150W so there are no adjustments, I'm keeping my eye out for maybe an A160 or something I can adjust a bit more. I find this light a bit too blue. I installed an RO/DI Buddie in my basement, so from now on top offs, and water changes will be with RO/DI water :)
  10. I decided to try a hydro flow, I hear they don’t last long but I wanted to mix up the flow in the tank. It’s a bit big for this tank but the corals love it! The torch and frogspawn are getting way bigger!
  11. Thanks! Now to wait for everything to grow, and resist the urge to add fish. Doing a water change today and then I want to try letting it just run for a month without any maintenance other then the ATO.
  12. I’ll try and get better pictures but I got some purple torch. For sure my favorite coral.
  13. Everything in the tank has been looking great. Added some gsp, frogspawn and Xenia. Not sure what’s next, thinking I might add some Pom Pom crabs for entertainment. Not sure if I like the gsp on top of the rock but I’ll give it a few days i also set up the aqua Xp Duetto ATO system and it’s been great. Awesome system! I have also decided to order an RO/DI system, no problems with tap water yet but I decided I don’t want to chance it.
  14. what about the hydor flo nozzle. Would that work in these tanks?
  15. So I upgraded to the 606 pump that is 156gph which seemed great until I added a frogspawn. No matter where I put it it’s getting blown away. Im thinking of going back to the stock pump, or is there a better way to make the upgraded pump work?
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