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  1. It's at 50? or .5? How is reefing in London? I've been quite a few times, cus my wife is from there, but I have not seen 1 LFS yet. But London is humongous...
  2. Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    Just caught up--this is beautiful! Seems like the leaves grow a lot quicker in fresh water. My mangroves have been stuck at 1 pair of leaves for the last couple months!
  3. 29g Struggling Reef

    Those are valid points. With the sump, it'll only be filled half way so maybe 20gallons of water weight? But yeah, you'll definitely need an ATO if the return chamber is as small as mine. But since you're not running an ATO, your larger return chamber is probably best! Thanks!! I agree about the dimensions! Good luck with yours, and get a build thread going! My new corals lost some colour unfortunately, my system is still unstable. Stupid dinos comes and goes. You know, I literally just saw a picture on instagram from tidalgardens, and they labelled my "teal birds nest" as a stylo! So it may be a stylo? Do stylos have skinny branches? And it's still struggling in the sense that I haven't been able to completely eliminate the dinos. I will hook up the UV again, and maybe let it run permanently in the sump. Not the most effective, but I can't run it in the display--which is a flood waiting to happen! Quick Update: Finally got the hanna URL tester when my Salifert tester ran out. Don't believe how flawed the hanna tester is, because the unit has a 3min auto shut off in the middle of a test!! WTF! Params: PO4 = .034 NO3 = 5 Alk = 6.7 (my dosing container was running dry when I checked last night. I'm trying to get it back above 8)
  4. First off, nice name---My daughter is named Lauren too! Don't worry, I didn't know what GAC is until recently, just a fancy name for carbon. I do agree to run carbon, not sure about the other stuff. What's your nitrates at? Not sure what light you had previously, but the AI Prime will help with the coral colours too. I just upgraded to them as well, and noticed an immediate difference!
  5. Love this!! The sun lit shots are amazing! Do you trim down the branches to keep it smallish? I am wanting to re-create this in my sump!
  6. Mark's Nanobox Powered 40B

    Congrats on TOTM! And the new light...
  7. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - February FTS

    Those single sun blasters are perfect! I am surprised the new aquaticlife hybrid did not come out with a single bulb on each side version!
  8. 4th and Final Fish Suggestion

    Suggest checking out live aquaria and see what fish catches your fancy. And then do research on that fish. It's all personal taste. You can add more than 1 fish too if they stay small. I do not believe you are pushing your limits, with the availability of nutrient exports we have at our disposal nowadays. Add slowly and monitor your nutrients. I have 4 fish in a 29, and feed twice a day, and still have to dose nitrate/phos to keep it from bottoming out (not good for corals).
  9. To drill, or not to drill?

    Good call on having at least 1 fish so your coworkers won't pester you about it. I went thru that when I had my fishless reef jar at work. lol You have too many options. I kinda like the HOB (AC-70), so you can hide the heater and run some carbon. Simple and no fuss.
  10. Let Me See Your Clams

    Those are so dreamy!!
  11. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - February FTS

    Tank looks amazing, despite the "incorrect" colours. Never knew about how trace elements affects colour. And I would also love to find out what gives good PE, because I'm in the same boat! Glad you joined the T5 hybrid club, cus I got my inspiration from Mark too!
  12. Trochus all the way! and some ceriths to stir the sand.
  13. Pom Pom Crab

    Just found this.. Like trying to dig out the meat from snow crab legs, literally!!
  14. Pom Pom Crab

    Just how does a pom pom drag the hermit? Wouldn't its claws be full holding the anemone? Does it put the nem in his pocket? Would love to see the video! Lol
  15. Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    This is much better! Form and function!! You've given me ideas if I ever get a new tank!