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  1. Really? I thought they are all the same, but I've never encountered it, so I'm not speaking from experience. In any case, in a perfect world we would QT everything. I guess it depends on how much patience you have, and if the tank cycles while you QT, it would not be as painful.
  2. Good idea! Also, your first fish may not need QT, since there's nothing to infect in the tank. That's how I look at it. :)
  3. Go for the 20 if you have the space / money. That will hold off the urge to upgrade while you're cycling. lol BTW, welcome to N-R! If you still have problems with your wife, and if she can be bribed easily, just get her a comparatively priced piece of jewellery, the same day you pick up your tank. Gift for her, gift (tank) for you. She can't say anything. Also, don't talk about fish stuff to her 24/7. She will tire of it, and even get jealous. Come to N-R for your fix. Do stuff with her that she likes, that is not fish related. Anyway, that's my experience. Good luck!
  4. Just read the last few pages of your thread, and I need to do what you did to really kick dinos in the ass. Every time I have dinos under control by dosing NO3/PO4, my sump/filtration drops my nutrients to zero and dinos come back! I feed frozen every day too! Will turn off my skimmer, and take out my marine pure (overkill), and hope I get the same results as you.
  5. Nice new mr aqua!! I just checked out the KPA website, and their LR looks amazing! Jealous that you guys get options like that down there! Really think LR is the way to go. My pico contest jar is still running, and I started with LR and it has none of the algae/dino issues, even when I change the water once every 3 months...
  6. Wow sounds like you're going thru everything I am going thru... dinos, bubble algae, vermitid snails (although they don't bother me as much). Even my PSW went thru a health scare! Going with LR is a good start. Look forward to your new tank!
  7. The image you linked looked like what I had in my tank, which I researched to be munnids. The "centipede" appearance and crawling / darting behaviour from OP also matches. 🤔
  8. munnid pods? all good! they are fun to watch.
  9. You give me too much credit! lol because I'm now thinking of pressing the reboot button... The algae (cyano and bubble and bryopsis and diatom) is not getting better, since I don't want to lower my nutrients too much or else dinos will make a comeback. So against my better judgement, I used chemiclean (again!) to battle the cyano, but now I think I see a bit of dinos (without the cyano to compete with). It's a never ending cycle... How do I start over, but save the corals I have on my rocks? Is that possible?
  10. Are those chalk bass? How do you like them? Do they swim out in the open? Always considered getting one...
  11. Baby seahorse still alive and kicking?
  12. I have already sold off or given away a bunch of splits, still left with 2 in my tank, and debating if I should just go without them!! So I feel your pain... Hopefully your system sorts itself out, initially I thought you might not have enough nutrients, but you seem to be ok. ?