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  1. Orangutran

    Chris's "don't call it a comeback" IM30

    +1 to the basement sump if your current setup does not work out. 🙂 Dawn and I are bad influences!
  2. Orangutran

    Muffin's Reef of Love- 30L AIO.

    Great backstory! I think most (if not all) reefers kept some sort of fish as kids, but not piranhas!! The 30L is a nice tank! More pics!
  3. Orangutran


    It's some times in the ceiling panel section, which is not wrong either...
  4. Orangutran

    Anyone use the Aquarium Note app?

    The developer is responsive to feedback too. I actually asked him to allow adding "notes" to the Latest Activities area, before it would just log scheduled activities like water changes. *pat on back* lol I wish I was smart enough to come up with a app like this! lol
  5. Orangutran

    Anyone use the Aquarium Note app?

    +1 Great app! I've been using it for awhile now. It's simple to use, and seems geared towards saltwater too!
  6. Orangutran

    Dawn's SH garden. Yet another new scape!

    I can't remember, what did you make the walls out of? I really like your natural drop off!! Do you think it would work if you put in a tupperware container to contain/elevate the sand? and place rocks around it to hide the container.
  7. Orangutran

    Aesthetically pleasing Overflow

    Have you seen this product? https://www.customaquariums.com/information/h2overflow.html Not sure how well it works, but no overflow box. You'll have to do some research on it.
  8. Orangutran

    Joevember's 65g reef tank

    doing awesome for your first tank! sheesh! but, you gotta cover up that back wall, to hide those pipes. 😉
  9. Orangutran

    Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

    Beauty! Can't wait to see it wet!
  10. Orangutran

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Wow 4-5 days? Do they lay a new batch in a different spot? Btw, do your clowns live in an anemone? I find that mine aren't as bad once they were hosted, because their territory shrunk from the entire tank, to just the rock their nem is on, so they only bite when my hand is close to their rock. But having an anemone is a whole different PITA!
  11. Orangutran

    Patrick's minireef

    Cute cats!!
  12. Orangutran

    29g Struggling Reef

    Hey thanks for the tip. I may have done a 6 day blackout at some point. But I'll take it to 10 if need be. I bet your snails and urchin died from the dino toxins, and not from starving. Yeah, losing my setosa hurt, I grew it from a little nub, and it actually crossed my mind to sell it because it was getting too big for my tank, which would have funded a tank upgrade!
  13. Orangutran

    29g Struggling Reef

    About a month ago, I had my 4th dino outbreak. This time, it was a very toxic strain, cus it killed most my snails and crabs. My duncan got brown jelly, and my humongous setosa (8" across) RTN'ed in 4 days.
  14. Orangutran

    Dawn's SH garden. Yet another new scape!

    Summer was great, tons of fun with the kids, so no complaints. 🙂 Glad to see your tank thriving and maturing!
  15. Orangutran

    Dawn's SH garden. Yet another new scape!

    Yes hard to see the dsb now? Anyway, hope you had a nice summer!