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    Had many interests until kids came along, so now it's just reefing. :)

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  1. Silvertoe's Pico

    btw, looks like a yuma. I never have luck with them, they always shrink and melt away. Good luck in the new tank!
  2. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    Good news bad news. Good news is I got a beautiful pom pom crab! Bad news, he's MIA since I added him last night!! Seriously, it's a 1 gallon jar, how the heck can he be missing? Do pom pom crabs climb out of tanks? I looked around my area, and don't see anything... I feel bad! Here's an updated FTS, finally found some rics and got my airplants glued down! Think I'm gonna add a few more rics next week, loving them so far!
  3. Cephalapico - ajmckay's Creative container

    That's crazy how things like that happen in nature! Like, do these crabs mariculture these nems in the ocean for other crabs to use?
  4. How is this coming along? Are your mangroves doing good in the pico? Btw did your rics come on rock rubble? They look awesome so far! I'm still waiting for a specific LFS to get rics that aren't stuck on plugs, as I'm trying to avoid plugs in my jar.
  5. 29g Reef - video of clowns laying eggs Pg 9

    Day 7: Ok this is pretty cool! Do you think they gonna hatch tonight? I see lotsa silvery eyes!
  6. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    That's a good point. Except I barely have any flow in my jar. Think I'll just stick to acans or blastos! I just hope I can remove them from the frag plugs for the jar! I'm currently feeding my jar reef roids mon/wed/fri each week. No specific reason for reef roids except that I have some at home, and it's the least messy to feed at work. I'm leaning towards a pom pom for the jar now! Maybe I'll add the porcelain at home! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    LOL perfect way to describe it! I guess that's how I have mine too!
  8. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I was JUST going to suggest a top down view (my new favourite) but you beat me to it. Looks great BTW! Damn bubbles, turn off the pump next time.
  9. Cirque Du Reef

    Cool container! Any progress?
  10. Cephalapico - ajmckay's Creative container

    I wonder if they use aiptasia!? First of all, nice to see you join the contest! So do pom pom crabs eat pods? That might be alright, since I've got tons in my pico, then I won't have to feed it daily? Btw, you should leave one of the graduation markings on your container, to use as a water top off point. It'll be better than my ghetto masking tape. (on second thought, I think leaving all the marks would keep the charm of the container! Just keep it on the back side!)
  11. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I find that with the pico, since everything is so up close, I appreciate all the small critters more! This contest has made me feel like a noob again, in a good way! Makes this hobby even more exciting!
  12. Justin's Mixed 17G

    Following! Looking forward to this build.
  13. 29g Reef - video of clowns laying eggs Pg 9

    Thanks dude!!! I have to admit, my clowns were frustrating me when they didn't want the nem, and super aggressive. Since being hosted by the nem, they are more mellow and the spawning part is awesome! I should post a FTS soon, have not done so in awhile.
  14. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    If you ever wonder what mysis shrimps do when they are not frozen in your freezer, here's a video. They are actually swimming slowly here, they can go super fast! Sorry I don't have much else to report with the pico. Just waiting for some rics at the LFS. Will a chalice be too aggressive in a pico, with the limited space? Debating if I should add a porcelain crab? If I do add one, do I feed everyday since they are filter feeders?
  15. 29g Reef - video of clowns laying eggs Pg 9

    Love how nature works! They laid eggs again this past weekend, third batch, again only 2 weeks after the last time--they kinda horny! lol It's always on a Saturday afternoon/evening, which is perfect for me! Anyway, I checked last night and half the eggs are still there! That's day 5, and looks to be maturing! Wonder if this time they will make it to hatch! Here's a video from day 5, eggs are a lot darker! Oh yeah, not sure if it's coincidence, but I increased my tank temp back to 78F to help with the eggs. I was running at 76F the first two times they spawned.