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    Had many interests until kids came along, so now it's just reefing. :)

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  1. Orangutran

    Dinos! Oh no!

    I thought gobies and shrimps are friends! 😄 Did you find your fire shrimp? Not sure how true it is, but as you know, the R2R thread has a theory that dry rock doesn't have all the good stuff to fit dinos. Interesting. Dinos getting better?
  2. Orangutran

    Dinos! Oh no!

    Feed the tank more often while you're doing all this. 🙂 And yeah, I ran my tank too clean as well, and also because my previous tank had algae issues which made me think that all nutrients is bad. I went crazy with the nutrient export, but there must be a balance. And just out of curiosity, did you start this tank with dry rock?
  3. Orangutran

    Dinos! Oh no!

    Keep dosing peroxide? I don't know, never had a BTA and used peroxide at the same time. But you should address your nutrient issue, introduce biodiversity, and manual removal with blackouts. Depending on the type of dinos, they may be toxic too, so change your carbon if needed. 🙂 I haven't mentioned UV because it may not be practical in your tank. I know, the guys there are so helpful in identifying the dinos and providing specific remedies. I just cleared my tank of dinos, but went on vacation and my auto feeder wasn't enough to keep my nutrients from dropping, so a bit of dinos came back. But I am confident they can be defeated with the methods from that thread.
  4. Orangutran

    Dinos! Oh no!

    Don't hit reset yet, you already know the problem--your tank is too clean! Add some no3 and po4 (I used seachem flourish for both) and see where that takes you. Warning: it might be a few weeks to see improvement. What if you restart your tank, and you get dinos again? I'll leave this here for others to read: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/dinoflagellates-–-are-you-tired-of-battling-altogether.293318/
  5. Orangutran

    Dinos! Oh no!

    If you can, please test your phosphate and nitrates. If they are sitting at zero, then believe it or not, it's what dinos thrive on. Also, your chemipure elite may contribute to the dinos by stripping the water of phosphates (it contains GFO i believe). If you need to replace the CP, use plain ol' carbon in a bag, or just regular chemipure (no gfo). You should test the IM 10g and see where your nutrients are. Just for fun. 🙂
  6. Orangutran

    Dinos! Oh no!

    I would do the blackout, in combination with the dirty method and biodiversity. I can't comment on the peroxide. There's a big thread on R2R on dinos, it's a more methodical approach with increasing nutrients. What's your nutrient levels at?
  7. Orangutran

    Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment--dinos :(

    Sorry to hear about the dinos! Odd that you got it in your pico! I think since it is a pico, your job might be easier! I would get rid of the sand, do a few days of lights out, so that the dino cells go into the water column, then do a 100% water change!! Repeat if needed. Then add some live sand from another tank, to add some critters. That's a shotgun approach, without knowing what kind of dinos you are breeding. 🙂 I can't remember if the phytoplankton will help from my research. Just don't let your tank get too clean. Good luck!
  8. Orangutran

    29g Struggling Reef

    Thanks so much!!! I agree, all the other stuff is nothing compared to dinos! Good news is that I've got it on the run, with a 3 day blackout, along with high nutrients, new live rock and sand for new critters to compete against the dinos, and also running UV in my display (an 18w aqua UV unit for those wondering). Throwing everything at it! This weekend I will go in and manually remove what's left. I've learned that you can never really irradicate dinos, just suppress it by creating an environment that it can't thrive in. Bad news is that I lost my big teal birds nest, it RTN'd in 2 days.. the thing was at least 7" across!
  9. Orangutran

    29g Struggling Reef

    UPDATE: I have not posted in awhile, and I haven't even been on N-R very much. Life and work got busy. This tank was doing good, defeated dinos by letting my tank run "dirty" for a couple of months. It was clean for maybe a couple of weeks, before cyano took over. Anyway, I was tired of the cyano (green variety) smothering my zoas, so I did something stupid by using chemiclean, which took out the cyano, but left the door open to allow dinos back in! This time, it's a different strain of dinos that's 10x uglier than previous, and really affecting my SPS. Here are some pics of the ugliness... Anyway, this time around (3rd outbreak), it's very disheartening, and I even considered tearing down! I'm going to use my previous techniques (run tank dirty with elevated nutrients, add biodiversity and possibly UV) in getting rid of it. Hopefully the dinos do not kill all my corals first--the birds nest is in bad shape! I want to find the passion for reefing again, but we all know this hobby is a rollercoaster ride! Wish me luck!
  10. Orangutran

    Soon to be new dad question?

    Wow never knew that velcro can be strong enough to keep a cabinet from toppling over!!
  11. Orangutran

    Soon to be new dad question?

    Great advice from all the parents here! I can only do water changes after the kids are asleep, and I go days without looking at the tank. Hope you have an auto feeder. Here's an article warning about LED streetlights that I just read recently. I am not sure if this holds true for our tank lights though, but it's food for thought... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5571531/Modern-LED-street-lights-damage-peoples-eyesight-dazzle-motorists.html
  12. Orangutran

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Congrats! Btw, I'm pretty sure we got our par16 lights from the same source, and they are crappy! I bought two, and they both stopped working after a couple of months! And it's not a heat issue, because mine were hanging from an open fixture. Anyway, the nano box will be awesome!
  13. Orangutran

    Creative Container Contest - Final Results

    Just voted! Congrats to all! It's a 3 way tie for best overall at this moment, this is gonna be exciting to watch!