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  1. impeccably clean tanks as always. One day when im older and retired, I'd love to have some sort of pony tank. such beautiful and mystical creatures
  2. i wish i could like that picture twice
  3. That most certainly is againts more then just building policy. Probably 2-3 city ordinances and Fire codes
  4. Everyday is a small percentage better then the day prior. Ive managed to get my gha under control, and the sand bed is always clean now. So the sand stays.
  5. All in all @vlangel your absolutely right. We spend so much time and effort keeping these creatures alive. That it's almost always a oversite to keep them safe when the power goes out. Having some sort of plan is key. Winging it is never a option.
  6. I hope there is a atos somewhere in there as well. Generator no, but a sealed 12v battery and a inverter is possible. Even a ups can help.
  7. Remember that? Heres what it looked like this morning
  8. So, as some of you may know. The north east was hit with a snow storm. Nyc specifically was not prepared. I am a emergency response utility mechanic. I was slated to respond to power outages the night of the snow storm. Sadly i never made it into work. I am ok, still sore. But doing ok. Van is totalled.
  9. its not exactly the 220 ive always wanted. But until our living space increases. It's a perfect upgrade, and should allow me to grow whatever i want
  10. currently i have one with the wider optics over my 20 long. I will be forced to use my par 38 temporarily along side the coral moon box until i can acquire a second one to light the 48" span. Ive seen people use 1 coral moon on a 40 breeder, and ive seen people use 3 on a 110 tall.
  11. Went to see my upgrade today. Should be bringing it home next week. 48x24x13
  12. Hey, it's wet. Fabulous
  13. Thats a good possibility that it was older. I bought it from a local forum member that bred clowns. Who knows when he bought it. But with his systems (5 75g breeding racks) i doubt salt was left laying around long. The low boy would end up being my display lagoon. Ive found over the years i like shallow tanks better.