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  1. what is dosing? Is that, like when you drop a entire cube of frozen myssis in the tank and walk away?
  2. I have been keeping a eye on the sand. It does seem to have a wee bit of algae growth. Not sure if that's bc black sand, or bc lack of maintenance. I have been debating adding in some more live rock in the center area, to slow more frag placement
  3. JBM

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    I feel you, I accidentally used to much force to feed two of my acan colonies a week ago (i use a baby medicine dispenser, much like a mini turkey baster) both colonies are still pissy a week later. But the maxima clam i just put in yesterday is chillin and happy
  4. Photo dump of some new additions
  5. It saddens me to report that the cleaner shrimp has passed during a molt. Water parameters check out only thing that's slightly out of range is nitrate, which is currently at 5ppm. Going to do a 3 gallon water change today. Check parameters tomorrow.
  6. JBM


    Nuclear greens are among my favorite zoa/paly aswell. I remember a time when they where 30-40 a poly
  7. JBM

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    That is a Fantastic read. I'm totally saving it, and dialing back my lights as soon as I get home.
  8. tanks alot 😀, New box is only a month old, but things are going well. I'm due for a water change, So, a 3 gallon w/c is on the books for right now. I did get 3 new frags at the lfs today, but sadly my ifail camera is on the fritz and wont focus. It seems as tho the pseudochromis and clown are best buddies. They are seen swimming with each other constantly, well. Until the pseudo notices i'm watching. Then it threatens me (swims right up to the glass and fans both its fins out).. It still wont eat pellets, but eats mysis willingly. Will have to try some clam and squid Cleaner shrimp eats everything, has even been seen noshing on the sand, which is odd to me
  9. JBM

    5.5g of Fun new fts 4/25/18

    click here for new thread
  10. JBM

    Sarah Ann's Fluval Spec III Pico Reef

    Rfa, torches and hammers oh my! sounds like a solid plan. Especially since there are some super pretty hammer and rfa colors
  11. I hope not either, if it does. It'll slowly get vacuumed out
  12. Anything is better then the clown that's in there. She has zero personality. She hides all day, and is a jumper anytime I open the lid. Go to feed? Jumps! Then eats like a pig. Go to move the mag cleaner. Tries to jump I opened the lid lid yesterday to acclimate the cleaner and pseudochromis. She darted right out and into the acclimation bucket.