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  1. After rock and sand. Your looking at 2 gallons of water. A bucket of io should last you a year.
  2. start slowly. you can add coral as long as your readings stay in check. 1 gallon water changes weekly will do it good. I too run blue light. with an hour of white. As for expensive, theres no need. it's a jbj 3g. And your goal is softies. a decent hob filter and a $30 par38 should be all you need.
  3. I always had a soft spot for the jbj picotope. Still have one bnib. Good luck
  4. JBM

    Jbm's 80 deep.

    First 12 gallon water change in the books. Full parameter test tomorrow. I had been toying with the idea of adding a reactor or two since the upgrade. Today confirmed it for me. When siphoning out water, I noticed that it had a yellow ting compared to the new fresh batch I made. That means re-doing my return piping, from flex to ridgid. Adding in two ports for reactors. Why two? Future proofing. And the mag 9.5 is already throttled back to 60-75% as is. Yes i could just toss in a maxijet 400 and a two little fishes reactor. But where is the fun in that?
  5. JBM

    Jbm's 80 deep.

    Some new additions prior to the wc
  6. This. All of it. Every word of it. Go buy your clown and enjoy your clown. Be happy. Clowns grow slowly and adapt very well to captivity. For example, mine eats out of my hand and enjoys belly rubs. Your mileage might vary
  7. JBM

    Jbm's 80 deep.

    Everybody's favorite part of the hobby right? 🤣 Tank has been running for 20 days. No3 hasnt risen above 10ppm. Going to start with bi weekly 12 gallon water changes. See how that works out for a month. Adjust from there. The 20 long really only needed 4 gallons a month to keep no3 bellow 10ppm, and calcium up.
  8. JBM

    Jbm's 80 deep.

    Quick little photo dump.
  9. Fyi, you can also use the mp10 on a upgrade. I went from a 20 long to a 80 lagoon. Granted i went from 20-30% to 80-90% power level. But i didnt need to buy a new powerhead
  10. Be warry of sweeper tentacles. You will need to keep it atleast 4" from anything else