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  1. Well, i certainly think that skimmer will do the job
  2. Well, i got my amazon package in the mail. Ripped it open when i got home and started setting things up. It fits like a glove where i wanted it to go. It's larger then expected (good thing) but man is it terribly loud. The slurping noise is terrible. It's so loud i can hear it over my 18,000 btu in wall ac on high. Yuck! I have to figure out how to quiet this thing down.
  3. That's great news. The expected flow through this refugium is really slow (expected 20-30gph) Plenty of contact time to nearly strip the phosphates away. If it doesnt work out. I can use the light on a ac110 or something else with more flow
  4. In a effort to lower my phosphate even further and grow chaeto/macro algae Im going to be creating a hob reactor. Ive purchased these two items. Along with a air pump. The idea is age old. Slow flow, light in the right spectrum. Lower phosphates, and compete with nuisance algae. I'll be writing a small diy aswell.
  5. 4 gallon water change performed 9/9 water test results as of 9/14 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 0 dKh 10 calcium 500 phosphate .1 temp 76.6
  6. JBM

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Don't temp me, I'd try it for giggles
  7. JBM

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Yup, that be him.
  8. So for kicks and giggles I tested my water parameters. ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate <5ppm calcium 460-480 phosphate .1 Temp 76.7 doing a 4 gallon water change today
  9. JBM

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    I just watched a youtube video yesterday of some coral guy by the name of Jason Fox. He has well over 5,000 gallons of sw in his home. He doesnt dose anything, and only does water changes with Instant ocean, not even Reef crystals. Yep, I'll stick with my water change only method
  10. JBM

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Yes, we severely over complicate everything. Reactor this, best led fixture that. Stupid expensive salt, fancy pants dosing there. TBH, it's not needed, and 99% of it is a genitalia/mammary measuring contest. Yes, my reef has a programmable led fixture (it certainly isnt a popular or expensive brand). Yes I have a vortech mp10 (bough it second hand). I bought those not because i needed them, but because i wanted them & it made my reef keeping simpler & easier. I had a fantastic 5g pico with nothing but a hob & a par38. Still have the hob for water movement
  11. JBM

    1.5 gallon pico invert tank

    I went to lowes, and had them cut 1/8th inch glass to size. That was my lid. It worked wonderfully. There is a great guide in the beginners section about fish and what size tank they are suitable in.
  12. JBM

    Annakim's struggling 20 gallon

    I suspect it's the rodi from the lfs