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  1. I have been traveling a lot, most recently returning from a month long trip to Australia for work. I came home to a tank that was in less that stellar condition. The tank is overrun by various algae that I do not have the time to address. The instructions I had left for the roommates were not followed, most likely the bit about feeding. I am only state side for the holidays and will be heading back to Australia for a couple months starting next week. I have decided that it would be best to hand off the live bits of my tank to a better home. The following corals are available: Lime tip torch - 11-12 heads, 6-7" wide - $180 for the bunch ($20 per branch if I have to bust it up). This guy started as a small 2-head frag. Ricordea - about 17 of various sizes and colors - $10 each or $140 for the lot Acan (pictured) - $30 Purple polyp monti - $40 for as much as I can get off the rock it has grown over. his current size is about 3"x4" Superman monti - found frag half-buried in the sand. small corner sill alive - free with purchase of anything else. Purple Dottyback - Free to good home. I am only at home until Tuesday afternoon (8th of January). I have never shipped live corals or fish. It has also gotten rather cold out and i worry about the animals overnight condition. As such, I would prefer local pickups only. If you decide you want any of these guys, when you come over to pick them up, if any see anything else in the tank you may like which is not listed above, such as any of the snails roaming around, a green acro being over run by a bland looking monti, which has encrusted an entire live rock piece, etc, its yours. Anything that I don't get rid of will probably end up at the local fish shop. Thank you
  2. Anyone buy micro-reefs sump yet?

    maybe a silly question, but how does the system work with interruptions to power? if power is cut and the siphon is broken because the water level drops in the display, what happens when the power comes back on and the return pump starts filling the display tank/draining the sump?
  3. Heater won't shut off with ReefKeeper2

    I'm not sure how a switch will work for some things but not others? On is on and off is off. It's like a switched wall outlet works for my vacuum but not my reading lamp...?
  4. It has been getting hot here, 100 outside with the interior holding at 78. that combined with the tank's halide lamp and several MJ1200 pumps, the tank should not be needing supplemental heating. However, I noticed that my heater has been on all the time. I have my ReefKeeper2 set to cut the heater channel at a given temperature, but its always on, even when its past the max setting. i tired to reset the temperature to something lower, still won't shut off. Plugged in my water mixing pump to the heater's channel to troubleshoot, and it cuts off appropriately. Why would the heater not turn off but other appliances plugged into the same channel would?
  5. Can I save this?

    I left the country for 2 months last summer, to Australia of all places, and left my tank in the care of my roommates. They had specific instructions on what to do, nothing complicated. Well, my guess is they failed to follow directions because I came home to a messy tank I have been struggling to correct the problems ever since. The tank appears to be healthy overall. Even the few SPS I have have good polyp extension and are growing. but something is feeding this algae growth. There appears to be a few types of algae causing me issues. 1) a green hair-like algae that does not grow very long (maybe only a few mm) Growing on some rocks. Grows well on glass. 2) a red twig-like algae that I believe is Chondria. (going by ReefCleaners ID page picture) 3) some sort of green or clear/opaque film growing over top of exiting algae 4) a red slime that I though might be Cyano but its growing where you wouldn't expect it (in densest flow zones) and not in dead zones. it actually waves in the current. The filmy and slimy stuff seems to be prefer the lower/outer areas of the tank and appears to only grow on other macro algae (not on rocks, sand, etc.). I am not sure where this stuff is getting its nutrient to grow so aggressively. I am doing weekly water changes, protein skimmer seems to be working, started running a media reactor with Chemipure Elite in it. Testing for Nitrate and Phosphates shows nothing. Feeding is limited to target feeding specific corals and even hand feeding my one fish. Yes, I am aware of the little brown polyp infestation. Ideas..?
  6. little polyps

    are they going to hinder the growth of other corals in the tank? They cover so much that i don't see a possibility of getting them out. The plays are limited and not doing much. i haven been meaning to address those. my roommate also decided to use the magfloat to scrape all the Xenia off the glass, so now i have those to all over the tank too. but they are loosely attached to rocks thanks to the layer of algae in some areas and these little brown polyps.
  7. little polyps

    so i kinda ignored my tank for a while. added top off water as needed, but thats about it. i finally had some time to take care of it and started cleaning up. surprisingly, it is pretty clean and corals are still full and colorful. upon closer inspection of the rocks however, what i thought was a film of algae in some areas was actually a coating of small ploys. they are a brown with white/blue centers. they have taken up residency on most every rock and even the sand in low current areas. they have grown right up against my monti's and various other colors and don't seem to be harming anything. what i worry about however is how they will effect the future growth of corals now that these things occupy a large area. i am not sure what they are or where they came from. i am guessing they hitched a ride on something to added a while back. thanks for your help.
  8. Nudi ID

    not recently, its been a couple months since my last coral order. no GSPs in the tank. i also do a interceptor dip for all new additions.
  9. Nudi ID

    found this guy on the glass today. hes bright green, kinda pretty. hes confined to a API tube for now.
  10. high PH

    hard to say exactly as the lights come on mid day while i am not home. on the weekends i have spotted it at low 8.3's, it could possibly dip lower to the high 8.2's. just tested my new batch of water i mixed last night, 8.41. should i invest in a new probe? its about a year old?
  11. high PH

    i do twice a day to even out the dose, thought it would be better than all at once. i do about 2ml twice a day. is that a lot? Mag is at about 1200.
  12. high PH

    my PH level has been on the rise recently and is now peaking at about 8.6 at the end of the light cycle. i currently dose Brightwell Code B for Alk, twice a day with my top off water, once in the morning before work and once in the evening after work. i try to keep it at about 9.0 dKH. calcium is fairly stable in the high 400's, only dropping slightly between weekly water changes, i do not dose the Code A for calcium. i run a skimmer 24/7 and have some cheato on the same light cycle as the main lamp. i monitor the PH with a pinpoint probe connected to my RK2. i thought it was just off so i re-calibrated and the readings didnt change. the little API test tube test also shows it to be a bit high at around 8.4 (the dropper test always ran .1 or so less than the probe.) PH use to read about 8.2-8.3. suggestions?
  13. Nano Cube 28g chamber issues

    so i finally got around to clearing out the back and sealing up the partitions. life has been busy. i drained only the return pump chamber and sure enough, the inner chambers also drained, completely. so there is a leak at least at the bottom of the inner chambers. so i dried it out and sealed ever joint. then i noticed a problem. the back is slowly filling up the water water from the display side is leaking through somewhere, i cant see so i am assuming somewhere at the bottom. it is slow, it took me a while to realize water was filling up in the back. when the take is running normally, its prolly a negligible amount. however i have wet silicone in the back and now i have to worry about it getting wet over night and while i am at work tomorrow.
  14. the back chambers of my nano cube leak from the inner chamber directly to the return pump chamber completely bypassing the chamber where the skimmer and cheato are located. so i drained the rear of the tank and cleaned out as much as i could but the chambers are far too small to completely clear off every little bit. i am just sealing the edges of the partitions, its not structural. does it really need to be a completely clean surface to just to get a good seal? there is still a bit of coraline algae and some tube worm remains. i was able to get all the "gunk" out though. thanks!
  15. source of excess nutrients

    tried eXit, doesnt work. tried a 6-line. he only harassed my clowns and stole food from my acans. i was thinking of a blue velvet nudi. i was under the impression that flatworms were only a sign of an underling nutrient problem. my algae issue also leads me to believe there is something off. more like this <click> i got this from reef cleaners, they call it Chondria. its not very pretty, its a red-ish brown stick thing that is growing like a weed completely covering areas.