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  1. Metal halide light cycle

    How many hours per day ideally should a 150w metal halide be lighting the aquarium? Thanks
  2. how to remove nitrate from my tank

    Many zooplankton that is present in aquariums need phytoplankton to survive. Phytoplankton feed soft corals and zooplankton then zooplankton feed LPS and SPS.
  3. My resun dms500pl

    Yeah thanks did a lot of research, too paranoid of anything going wrong haha. Plus it is a very expensive hobby to just jump in at the deep end.
  4. My resun dms500pl

    24g nano Corals GSP Frogspawn pulsing xenia Green mushroom zoas Yellow polyp colony Toadstool leather Candy cane Goniapora CUC 4 Black footed snails 4 Red leg hermits 4 Dwarf hermits 1 Cleaner shrimp Fish 2 ocelleris clowns 1 yellow clown goby Equipment Stock T5 lighting, stock pump replaced for maxijet 1200, Koralia 1, Aqua one 150w heater, Stock sk-05 skimmer which needs upgrading. Have kept original filtration consisting of sponge, ceramic rings, carbon and bio balls. Perams are: SG 1.024 PH 8.4 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 Tank is only 4 months old and is my first time keeping marine.
  5. Check out this monster Frogspawn!

    OMG!!!!!!! That is outrageous.
  6. Mistery Coral

    my fave coral here's mine
  7. Zoo's

    cool colour.
  8. Red Mushroom Shrank

    Is your SG 1.25 or 1.025? I hope the latter.
  9. Retired subject.

    Nice! Cool rockwork. Love the frogspawn, one of my faves. Keep up the good work!
  10. Korali Nano or 1?

    I replaced the stock pump for a maxi jet 1200 and added a koralia 1 in the dispay area. Nice amount of flow in a 24g with lps and a few softies.
  11. Researching...

    RO/DI stands for reverse osmosis/de-ionised water
  12. peaceful clownfish

    My occelaris bite my fingers when I clean the tank!
  13. My fish close up

    Awesome photo's. The striped blenny is cool.
  14. Crab id

    New lighter pics.